Monday, 1 October 2007

Out on the Street with Aberdeen

Aberdeen in action. Well done Scotland

So what is a normal day like promoting the British National Party on the streets of the villages, towns and cities of Our Country? Check out this report from the dynamic Aberdeen Organiser...Yet another Ex-Serviceman still serving His Country, Our Country in the BNP.

Aberdeen held another town centre paper sale on Saturday the 29Th of September. Four members were on duty, Aberdeen Organiser Steven Thomson, Fund Holder Mike Sweet, Bradford refugee, John Shackelton, and photographer Roy Jones.

We started at 09.30 in glorious sunshine that lasted all day. It was dark and cloudy at 09.00. So dressed in our winter warm jackets we set up our stall on the busiest part of Aberdeen town centre.

The day went really well and we sold many VOF newspapers and have sold out of our months supply of Identity's. So it looks like we will be making group development happy by ordering more next month.

The best part of the day was the response we got from the vast majority of people, and a good few new contacts have been made, hopefully follow up action will result in a few new members to our ever growing band of brothers.

As usual we did have the odd Marxist rant. One in particular who was wearing an old Russian CCCP hammer and sickle t-shirt, was accompanied by a lady and a young girl (Wife &Daughter) the daughter must not have been any older than 4 or 5.

He took great delight in shouting words that would have seen him arrested if a policeman had heard. Perhaps the Marxist do have a different point of view "albeit a wrong one" but this does not excuse acting like a animal in-front of young children.

He also took great delight in telling me what he thought of our forces. Something about them deserving to die. This was due to me speaking to a veteran who was on his way to the British Legion, and showing him one of our older VOF papers with our brave forces on the front page.

It later turned out the Veteran I was speaking to had served with the desert Rats during WW2 and had fought right through Africa, Italy, and finished the war in Germany. Its good to know that the Marxist left appreciate the sacrifice that hundreds of thousands of our brave men and woman made to secure us a safe homeland.

I only hope that during our next paper sale which will be soon, that any objectors act in a civilised and respectful manner, and are mindful of who may hear their vile disgusting language.

Well done lads. Us guys in the sticks appreciate these reports from the front line. Feel a bit guilty about letting others fight your battles for you? Easy solution. Join the BNP and join them soon. Your support and assistance is needed.

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Covert Undercover Nuisance Tactics said...

Well done to those folks up their in Aberdeen always working hard.