Thursday, 11 October 2007

What is it to do with the Guardian?

Just what concern of it, is it, to the Guardian , if the colonisers want to drink water laced with arsenic and nitrates that can prove fatal if consumed over time. I don't care and neither does anyone else except Dhimmi politicians who crave their votes.

It seems that not only do the followers of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile have no respect for members of True Religions, but they also have no respect for their fellow cult members.

By all accounts, some moslems in the religion of piss sorry peace have been selling deadly water to the moon bats saying that it is the urine polluted "Zam Zam" water from the well in the capital of hell, Saudi Arabia.

So desperate are its buyers to drink this cancer causing potion, that they are paying £3 or more for a small can of poison. By all account arsenic also affects the brain but so eager are the imams to make a Great British Pound, that they are having shipments delivered to the mosques and ordering their followers to buy the substance. Way to go.

We could have had another Jonestown Massacre on our hands - and how sad would that have been. Then again who reads the Guardian? Other than sad bloggers like myself.

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