Sunday, 14 October 2007

I would rather eat Gorilla excrement than a Cadbury Bar

Cadbury moves 700 jobs to Poland. I'd rather eat gorilla shit than their chocolate now

Blogging, like war, brutalises an individual. You change. You try to retain your standards but after each brutal attack against decency, your feelings are numbed until finally you slip into being crude and as brutal as the enemy. Not on really, but it happens. I have reached that stage.

The fact that Cadbury has just spend almost a million pounds on a 90 second advert of a gorilla playing drums makes me puke. And for why, you ask? Well Cadbury are in the process of closing down factories in Our Country and moving them to Poland where they can make even greater profits. Forget the "Jobs for British Workers" slogan that Brown pinched from the BNP. The Cadbury slogin is "British Jobs for Polish Workers".

You can read the details of the job losses and the history of Cadbury in the UK here, and having read the information posted, I hope like me, you vow never to knowingly buy another product made by Cadbury. If you do, I hope you choke on it. See what I mean about becoming brutalized.

A future British National Party government of the future would soon have them running back home with the jobs after the BNP impose massive import taxes equal to the value of the taxes lost to Our Country. Plus the loss in earning to the workforce Cadbury betrayed. Plus another tax to pay for the unemployment benefit of every Cadbury worker still unemployed. Swallow that Cadbury. For we shall not swallow your chocolate.


Red Squirrel said...

Well said Green Arrow!
Our Nation is being dismantled bit by bit,assets sold off, job losses etc. while 'Pinoccio Nose- Browner' and co feed the public lie after lie.
I am still learning about, and also feeling 'brutalised' as you put it by 'the big picture'. The more I learn about 'multiculturalism' and Islam, the more horrifying it becomes! But despite all that, I vow to soldier on regardless!
All the Best!

SallyB. said...

Multicultural: This means to allow within a nation state an implantation of cultures foreign to the host in order that the latter will break up the existing indigenous monoculture. It does not mean a nation state with several different cultural aspects living in harmony.
The quicker we wake up and realise what the real dangers we face are the better.
Demonizing the BNP is just another part of their game.
They demonized Molosavic. then Saddam. The attention now focused on demonizing Iran!
Everytime they demonize it's to destroy with the ultimate aim of inplanting a regime of their choice.
England with the largest population of the UK are being demonized daily.
The rest would be easy to pick off at a later date.
Down the road already started in the USA.
Psychotic drug treatments not only for chosen adults but infants and school children.
Waiting patiently for these horrors to become a reality here in the UK and across Europe should not even be an option.
Notified of this move direct from an American contact [Documents supplied}
Stop pretending your government and politicians have your interest at heart.
You are the last consideration!