Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Leeds is safe. Honest.

Leeds is safe. By the way. Have you seen these men?

And yes it is. If you live in the castle, have your food delivered, pull the drawbridge up and never venture out.

I quiet like this statement made by Detective Inspector Neil Beatie who seeks to reassure the public of just how safe Leeds is.

"Leeds is a safe place and West Yorkshire Police continue to work towards ensuring that this remains the case. However we would like to remind people, especially the new students in the area, not to walk alone at night. Organise transport to take you home or if you are walking then please walk in groups."

So there you go. Leeds is safe. Just do not walk alone or if you must go out then arrange a gang of your own to ensure your survival. Oh hold on. Sorry I missed out the first part of a request for information taken from their web site.

Police are appealing for information following a robbery that occured just before 2am this morning (Wednesday, October 10) on Woodhouse Lane in Leeds.

An 18 year old woman was returning home from a night out in Leeds when she was approached by four men who took some of her personal belongings including a bank card.

The men then attempted to assault the woman but she managed to escape.

The men are described as asian and age between 18 and early 20s.

Detective Inspector Neil Beattie from North West Leeds division said: "This is a nasty attack which has left a young woman shocked and shaken by what has happened."I would appeal for anyone who may have been in the area at that time and may have information or saw a group of men matching the description to contact the CID office at Weetwood Police Station immediately on 0113 2413459.
For a real indicator to how safe Leeds is, why not check out their request for information here. I see they are still looking for Shahid Mohammed for the murder of 8 people way back in 2002. Boy those Yorkshire cops are on the ball.

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Anonymous said...

'Approached', eh? 'Attempted to assault', did they?

Such passive, non-descript terms. I wonder how the young lady in question would describe the night in question?

And isn't it interesting how prominent the asian copper is in the banner image of the police site?

Ronbo said...

Hey Fellow Infidel!

We done been E-Fatwed!



You gonna hire SECURITY?

Cheers, The Infidel Ronbo