Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Cumbrian BNP and The Zealot

I know we should not mock the afflicted but you just must watch the following clip of some moron by the name of Jenkins from the Urinate Against Freedom Crowd try to prevent British National Party activists in Barrow selling their papers.

Hats of to the Cumbrian BNP guys for showing such patience in putting up with the clowns rantings.

Also of interest is the fact that the public continue to buy the BNP material, accept their leaflets and just carry on as if the clown was absent.

Good stuff hey? And the lads have promised more clips to follow. So bookmark their site and check it regular to see more madness from the maniacs whose hearts still dream of Moscow.


Anonymous said...

One wonders why the UAF cretin had his phone out towards the end of the clip, did he perhaps need to consult his speech notes?

Aberdeen Patriot said...

I think a trip down to help Cumbria may be in order next year.

Anonymous said...

Hats off to you lads well done. Keep up the good work. Love the support you were getting from the public. Sounds like froth mouth has been brain washed!rrrr, i was waiting for his battery to run out must be using duracell.
As for catweasle! Did he come down from the hills for the day, soap and water wouldnt go a miss. Look forward to your next vid.
100% behind you.

Anonymous said...

Well done to them.I could not have put up with those brainwashed morons,my patience would have been sorely tried.Seeing that clip has made me even more determined to keep renewing my membership of the BNP.KEEP FIGHTING LADIES AND GENTS,OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!.(Shieldwall-Plymouth)