Tuesday, 30 October 2007

BNP man accepts invite to become Parish Councillor

The British National Party has gained its first council seat in Cumbria.

Nigel Williamson has been co-opted on to Broughton Moor Parish Council. Nice one Nigel.

Parish council chairwoman Cath Ferguson said she was aware of his political ties before he was invited to take up his seat.

Now the Tri-Axis parties that make up the Lib Lab Con pact will say. "So what. It is just a parish council". But that is because they are stupid.

The message is plain to see in the chairwoman's statement that she was aware of Nigel's political ties and still invited him to take up his seat.

The British People have began to finally realise that the British National Party is not the monster it is made out to be by the globalist controlled main stream media.

What will be even more worrying for the marxists is the feedback they are getting from their more responsible activists that the BNP people are in fact decent people with a genuine care for the communities they live in.

It will not be long now before many decent councillors from the old guard start to realise that their parties no longer speak for them or are even closely related to the parties that they originally joined.

When they do realise the truth, there will homes for them within the growing family of the British National Party.

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