Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Why we need elected Chief Constables

In amongst the excellent policies of the British National Party, is one that I think would not only a sure vote winner but if implemented would improve the sad lot of the besieged British Public overnight.

The BNP would like to copy a system used by our cousins over the pond and that is that our Chief Constables have to stand for election.

But before I expand on the subject lets take a look at a couple of news items that are floating around in cyberspace at the moment.

The first is enough to make any sane person despair at how far down the road we have slipped into becoming a police state.

A policeman was criticised yesterday after he ordered an eight-year-old boy to smash up his toy gun – because it was an "imitation firearm".

The officer confronted Samuel England, of Pinehurst, Swindon, Wilts, as he played with the black and orange plastic toy outside his home. He told the boy to destroy the "weapon" or he would be arrested.

Samuel's stepfather, John Standen, 34, came to his aid but was warned it was an offence to have an imitation firearm in public.

The officer only left when Mr Standen had snapped the toy in half – leaving Samuel in tears. But he returned five minutes later to warn his stepsister Sophie, six, about riding her battery-powered Barbie car on the pavement.

Samuel's mother, Sarah, 30, said: "Samuel was so scared that he would be taken away. I had to explain to him that they can't do that."

Wiltshire Constabulary confirmed the incident took place, but refused to name the officer involved.

Makes you want to strangle someone doesn't it? Now if we had elected Chief Constables, a quick phone call and some protest from the voters he depends on for his salary, would mean that the sad, pathetic milk monitor who persecuted and frightened these children would be putting his warrant card on his bosses desk before being named and shamed, instead of having his identity concealed by his current, politically approved and appointed boss.

The second story is from the BNP news site, where they have just revealed that Corsham, where the BNP regularly have to patrol the streets to protect their fellow citizens is to withdraw the police from the town completely. I hope that the voters of Corsham appreciate the announcement that the BNP are to increase the scale of operations in the area to cover for the absence of the police who still cost the ratepayers a small fortune in rates.

Again, a local protest by the voters to an elected Chief Constable would have bobbies back on the beat quicker than you could say "Robert Peel". Which is pretty quick.

It is enough that we have to protect our children from the sick world created by our Dhimmi masters without having to worry about them being frightened to death by the police.


Anonymous said...

Now come on, we all know that its only gangstas and criminals that are allowed firearms in this country. I mean, we cant have children learning about weapons, they might grow into adults who want to fight back against the villains. The law abiding gun enthusiasts have been deliberately disarmed and restricted, probably for this very reason, hence the Dunblane set-up. Though it would be nice to see a certain Mr Brunstrom having to go out among his motoring victims in North Wales and canvass, though I'm sure he would get many votes from the drug using fraternity :-)

Aberdeen Patriot said...

When I was a kid we always had toy guns, we used to play Cowboys and Indians, but the best was British and Germans, we rolled about the ground hid in bushes and acted like our big screen heros in films like a Bridge too far and where eagles dare, at the same time dreaming of growing up and joining the Army.
Maybe the lefties and their moslem buddies dont want British kids growing up wanting to be squaddies, and being able to fight when the moslem masters try and conquer our lands.

najistani said...

The police would be better spending their time protecting kids from real guns and bombs.

If the vibrant multicultural enrichers are planning 'a perfect day' in the states then there's probably something similar going on in the U.K.

from http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/2007/10/coming-for-children.html

"The Beslan school crisis three years ago, in which hundreds of Russian schoolchildren were held hostage, tortured, raped, and murdered by Islamic terrorists, was not the summit of Al Qaeda’s ambitions for actions against the kuffar. Horrific as it was, the Wahhabists would like to do much more extensive harm to the infidel. No one doubts Osama bin Laden’s intention to inflict even larger damage on the Great Satan, and that he considers our children to be legitimate — and appropriate — targets. He has said that he asked and received permission from Muslim theologians to murder up to two million American children, in what he considers to be a just reprisal for the supposed damage done to Muslim children by the United States.

The extent and imminence of the threat to America’s schoolchildren is not clear, since the Department of Homeland Security releases very little information on the topic to the general public. Not only that, what it does release tends to induce skepticism in all but the most feeble-minded of citizens. No incident perpetrated by a Muslim or Muslims, no matter how violent and deadly, is ever considered to have any connection to “terrorism”.

Yup. Uh-huh. Now go ahead and pull the other one.

In the absence of thorough and credible information, rumors and theories flourish. One of these theories is that of the “Perfect Day”, which posits that Al Qaeda is planning hundreds of simultaneous Beslans for America’s schoolchildren, and that it’s only a matter of time before their plan is executed."

tonydj said...

This buffoon of a copper was acting as a result of new laws restricting "realistic imitation firearms" depicting post 1870 guns.

1) The gun was orange therefore not realistic.

2) Was it a copy of an actual gun, therefore was it post-1870 or realistic?

He should be subject to a complaint because of his ignorance of the law.

By the way. The law only applies to IMITATION guns. Genuine but deactivated guns are not covered.

I reckon it's time we stood up to these creeps in uniform I'm disabled with Parkinson's Disease. If a copper threatens to arrest me I'll let him do it...then claim as much treatment while in custody as I can get. I recall hearing of detained illegals, asylum seekers etc doing the same