Sunday, 28 October 2007

Exeter University and the BNP

Exeter's answer to a counter argument

Exeter University have organised a debate. Well not so much a debate as a kangaroo court for Friday 2nd of Novermber.

The motion of the fake debate is grandly titled "This house believes the BNP should have the right to express their views on university campuses".

Daryl Scatcherd's (Debating Society President) has stated that the event will be a debate on the issue of "Freedom of Speech" but he is hoping you could debate the reasons why people like the BNP should not be given the same rights as others when it comes to university education."

Mike Ions blog contacted Exeter to see which BNP spokesperson has been invited but surprise, surprise. The answer is none. This is Exeter's reply.


No member of the BNP has been invited to speak at any event. We are hosting a debate with the motion "this house believes the bnp should have the right to express their views on university campuses" and we have asked Unite Against Fascism to come and make a case against members of the debating society of whom believe freedom of speech should be absolute in a tolerant and free society such as ours.

Some debate. Some Freedom of Speech.

As we all know, Urinate Against Freedom (UAF) is funded by marxist trade unions, The Respect/SWP Party (now falling apart) and the Muslim Council of Great Britain. They have no official standing and do not put forward candidates in elections. Such is their love of democracy and freedom.

Their other claim to fame is kicking over tables and spending the night in cells. You can identify them by their smell and the frothing of the mouth as seen here.


najistani said...

And problems with free expression on Channel 4 again:


In his latest drama, Peter Kosminsky focuses on disaffected Muslim youth – but has he gone too far by humanising suicide bombers? ........blah...blah.......It’s clear there are second-generation Muslims who are contemplating extreme action who are not monsters. I think the way to do a service to the relatives and friends of those who died on 7/7 is to try to stop it happening again. And the first step is to try to understand how it could have happened in the first place....blah...blah....“I don’t like it, I have to be honest, when our elected representatives are stupid. The way they are behaving seems absolutely guaranteed to generate the reaction that has been generated. If I were a politician, after global warming I would probably make it my No 1 priority to work slowly to undermine the sense of anger and disillusionment a million British Muslims currently feel, because I think we’re sitting on a real powder keg.”

WHAT A MORON! Doesn't he realise that Muslims will always be angry as long as there are kuffars to enrage them. We don't have to do anything, our very existence is an insult to Islam.

But despite all this dhimmitude, the jihadists are still whingeing and complaining...


A controversial Channel 4 drama, which depicts a second-generation British Muslim woman as a suicide bomber, was condemned last night by the British Muslim Forum. Khurshid Ahmed, the chairman of the forum, called on Channel 4 not to air the film, Britz, which is due to be shown in two parts on Wednesday and Thursday nights.....yadda .....yadda .... The Home Office has viewed the film. A government spokesman said: 'Having seen extracts from the film and heard Mr Kosminsky's comments, we can understand the British Muslim Forum's concerns. Given Channel 4's remit as a public service broadcaster, they should listen to the views of moderate Muslims who reject violence and extremism, and they should air those views alongside this film.'

Red Squirrel said...

Hail Green Arrow!
Must admit that I find the UAF and antithesis(antithesis)& co, annoying.
This is not because of WHAT they say (sticks and stones etc) it is the SHEER ignorance that they display in not being able to see the full picture and grow up!
How many of these 'would be revolutionaries',who spew out the brainwashed outdated dogma of marxism, would actually fight in a battle to protect their Kindred?
Because in 'multi-culti world' the Human Race is dumbed down and stupified by recreational drugs, consumerism, telescreens, amorality, banality and bullshit. They remember no past nor can they envisage any future!
Sounds awful, but add Islam to all that and there it is, a total recipie for disaster!
Fortunately, I see a great number of British people waking up, at last!
Just a (rambling) thought:-)

The Green Arrow said...

Hi Red, I hope you are right about our fellow citizens waking up. I have been helping to try and wake them up for the last three decades. lol. They take some waking.

Your site shines by the way.

LionHeart said...

Thanks for the link GA, ive added it to my most recent post.

check out my other blog too:

Luton boxer fighting the poster boy Amir Khan on December 8th

God bless


Yorkielass said...

On 5 August 2005, Prime Minister Tony Blair announced his intention to ban a number of Islamist groups, amongst them Hizb ut-Tahrir (henceforth HT). The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) wasted no time issuing a press release, arguing that such a ban was undemocratic and claiming that HT were non-violent. On Channel 4 News on 8 August 2005, Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary-General of the MCB, were further and stated that:

Hizb ut-Tahrir have not engaged in incitement to hatred.
Rather than take Sacranie’s word for it, let us examine some of HT’s articles, published on their Khilafah.Com website. This will enable us to decide whether they are guilty of incitement to hatred or violence; once we have done that, we can then ask whether the MCB’s stance is legitimate.

(The website is occasionally unreachable. When this occurs, you can use the links marked 'backup source' throughout this article to access a cache of the page in question at Google or MSN).

Who are Hizb ut-Tahrir?

HT are an organisation founded in Palestine in 1951 by Sheikh Taqi-ud-deen Al-Nabahani who believed that the poor state of Muslims worldwide (the Ummah) was due to the destruction of the Caliphate in 1924 (a trans-national Islamic state, ruled by Shariah law). Sheikh Nabahani set up groups throughout the Middle East that aimed to teach and call for the re-establishment of the Caliphate (or Khilafah). Through the 1960’s and 70’s, the group spread to all corners of the Muslim world, although many Muslim countries subsequently banned the organisation, believing it to be dangerous. In their statements to the media, HT members and spokespersons have always claimed the group believes in non-violence. However, when you actually read their literature, things look very different.

The purpose of an Islamic state

We can begin by examining the core aim of HT, namely the re-establishment of an Islamic state, the Caliphate, uniting all Muslims and governed by Islamic law. HT are clear that the aim of the Caliphate is not simply uniting Muslims, the ultimate aim is domination:

Taken from the site MCB WATCH...
That the AFL have to rely on the scum above. says much about them their supporters this includes Cameron also.