Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Austrian billboards display sayings of Dead Paedophile

Austria has always identified with fascist movements

Austria appears to be begging its true citizens to become vandals by allowing the rantings of the Dead Paedophile (may he rot in hell) to be displayed on 426 electronic, lightening and moving billboards in 12 Austrian cities.

This is what some of the dumb Dhimmi morons are saying about the vomit displayed.

"In a world governed my materialism, the needy yearn for someone to extend a caring hand to help make ends meet," Katherina Ladsttter, a student, told IslamOnline.net.
"The spread of good words in society, regardless of their source, promotes social solidarity and helps offer disadvantaged people a chance for a dignified life." said Max Schuler, an academic and asshole.

Austria which has over 400,000 cultist colonisers now firmly embedded in its flesh has acknowledged that Islam is now recognized as the second religion of the their dieing Country.

The rantings are due to stay up on the green background billboards for at least two weeks and cost over e60,000 and was paid from by Moslem groups.

One thing revealed in the article, is the scale of the assault on Western Europe and the forces arraigned against the white, host populations. Consider the next statement that was reported.
pointed out that they received positive responses from all Muslim congregations in the country and particularly received special thanks from Arabs, Bosnians, Macedonians, Bangladeshis, Austrians and Pakistanis.

Well their writings may be on Austrian billboards but the writing is clearly on the wall for us here in Our Country. If the British National Party do not wake the people then the sheep will die in their sleep and take us and Our Children with them.


Anonymous said...

"Austria has always identified with fascist movements"

Have to take issue with you on that, GA. That's simply unfair to the Austrians. Until Hitler came along, Austria wasn't involved in things of that sort.

The Green Arrow said...

MrSmith. Yes you may be correct. I was just a bit disappointed with Austria in their cave into the EU a few years back and their cave in now.

Anonymous said...

Careful what you wish for, GA. If the Germanics regain their old strength, things could change dramatically. :-)