Saturday, 27 October 2007

Brussels Is to Learn the Power of the Turks

The Brussels Journal is advising people to stay away from the Brussels neighbourhoods of St Joost and Schaarbeek today.

They believe that there is going to be a major demonstration by Turks with upwards of 10,000 mad moslems loose on the streets. This demonstration is likely to coincide with another demonstration by their local Kurdish Community. Nothing like importing a war to pass away a quiet weekend.

Both these demonstration have been banned by the police but we shall have to see what notice the followers of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile take of the laws of a country they are in the process of colonising.

Word on the street, it seems, is that Brussels is about to learn the power and discipline of the Turkish people. May God forgive me but I hope the turnips burn the city to the ground. Perhaps then the British people will wake up to the danger that threatens the future of our children from allowing the Cult of Islam to flourish in Our Country.

This is the score so far.

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Anonymous said...

"May God forgive me but I hope the turnips burn the city to the ground." Even if they did, would the BBC report it?