Friday, 26 October 2007

Waltham Abbey Honey Lane ward by-election(epping forest)

Every vote really counts

The rise of the British National Party continues with Peter Cooper and his activists coming a very close second to the bed wetting Tories and thrashing the Lib Dem and Labour parties into 3rd and 4th place respectively over in Epping Forest.

  • Tories 299 (30.4%)
  • BNP 281 (28.5%)
  • Lib Dem 274 (27.8%)
  • Labour 131 (13.3%)
It was a close run thing and there will other close races like Abbey Honey, all over the country in the coming weeks, months and years. That is why it is important for people like you, who care about their country to join the BNP and get the message to those people who still continue to vote for the Tri-Axis of evil parties because they do not yet know the danger their country and future is truly in. We need people like you to tell them.


Anonymous said...

This was a parish seat, Ga, no getting away from that. If we're going to shout about our successes, we should also acknowledge our failures. Sefton Manor ward, the only real council by-election we fought yesterday, was nothing short of humiliating for the BNP.

Still, it's up to the local group to analyse what went wrong and learn to become election savvy.

The Green Arrow said...


Parish or not this was an excellent result that we could have won with more effort. So lessons to be learned.

I wrote about Sefton over on the forums and mentioned it on a couple of sites but then moved onto other posts that took away time.

The real loser at Sefton was Labour and the fact that their man had been charged with fraud.

It was a paper campaign and one that the troops will learn from.