Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Barnsely BNP Attacked - Update

In case you have missed it, there is an update on the disgusting attack by the Urinate Against Freedom mob (two is all they could muster) against the British National Party activists on Saturday.

There are also some links to some very interesting articles that I am sure you will find enlightening.

Well done Barnsely BNP


Mr Fister said...

So two of them took on the might of Barnsley BNP?

The Green Arrow said...

Hello mr fister. Wondered where you were these days. Having seen that photo of you, I am not surprised you hide yourself away.

So those two morons travelled all the way from London to kick over a table.

Dont they know the British way or rather I should say the True British way is to debate.

Why did'nt they question the BNP people and put forward counter arguments and let the watchers make their own minds up?

Or is it that the average Urinate Against Freedom moron is incapable of that?

Well thanks for the increased sales that day and the three new members who joined after seeing your friends perform.

Anonymous said...

Fisters' a comedian,a short one at that.You can't reason with hobbits GA,personally i'd follow the trolls policy,no [platform].

Keep fighting 14.


Mr Fister said...

Except you have got the wrong person in the pictures you're alll tossing over.

BFB said...

Mission: Travel from London to Barnsley and attack a table.

Objective: Eliminate the BNP and escape back to London.

Outcome:Kicked over table, ran into the arms of the police, spent the night in the cells.

Sounds like highly trained militant hit-men to me.


The Green Arrow said...

Sorry guys. Had to delete a comment because it contained a link to a pornographic site.

MrSmith said...

Quite right, too, GA. Thanks for telling us.

Vicky1 said...

So sad to see how the left reacts when they see their agenda being uncovered more and more.
They and their islamist friends can't debate after all what's to debate submission or freedom?
The marx mohammed pact very unhealthy to anyone with half a brain.
Their marxist leaders Brown and co have been found wanting!
Up the BNP!