Monday, 29 October 2007

Campaigners call for closure of detention centre

Yeah right. Do these look like True Brits to you? Deport them as well.

For once I am in agreement with The Voice and Emma Ginn, the co-ordinator of Anti-Deportation Campaigns who want the Yarl's Wood immigration Removal centre closed down.

But for different reasons. They want it closed down because they feel that the people there who are awaiting deportation should actually be allowed to stay in Our County.

I want it closed down because it costs £1230 of taxpayers money to keep each of the 400 inmates per week.

Conditions there are so horrific or so they would have you believe with rapes happening almost daily, lack of expensive interpreters and some of their legal aid solicitors demanding money that you would think they would be pleased to leave this terrible land that is Ours. But no. They want the gravy that you and I pay for.

I wonder what the real cost of running the place actually is with regards to all the extras required to keep them there. As well as the rebuilding of the place after they rioted and burned it down the last time when one of them was physically restrained. For what one wonders?

Yep. Deport them all and close the place down. But DNA them all first so they can never ever return. Don't hold out much hope of that though. They have enlisted the help of our real masters. The European Court of Human Rights.

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