Monday, 8 October 2007



Surprise, surprise. Immigrants are responsible for driving up house prices beyond the reach of the True British first time buyers. This of course means that they are forced onto council house waiting lists.

Where they are then continuously shuffled down the list as more worthy cases, usually immigrants are fast tracked to the top into the new housing. After it has been furnished at our cost of course.

Made ill by stress and worry about the future, they visit their local Doctor for assistance. There their practitioner, now a member of the newly formed Islamic Medical Association refuses to treat them unless they either grow a beard or the young wife wears a veil.

After a few days off work, the young couple return to their jobs only to find that one of their jobs has now gone because the company has relocated to Turkey and the others job has gone because illegal immigrants are cheaper to employ.

Praying to the Lord for guidance they visit their local church only to find it burnt to the ground and a sign saying that planning permission has been granted for the building of a mega mosque.

In despair they slash their wrists in their bedsit where they are discovered bleeding to death by Council workers who were investigating why they had put an empty tin of beans in the refuse bag marked paper.

The plastic police are quickly on the scene but sadly one of the couple dies as the PCSO refuse to stem the flow of blood as they do not have the training.

The remaining partner of the couple eventually arrives at Accident an Emergency where he also bleeds to death as priority treatment is given to immigrants who require the services of a translator.



Anonymous said...

.....and you all though GA had turned to writing fiction.

Anonymous said...


Jihadists breed like rats, get priority housing for their swarms of offspring, import more cousin-wives and breed even more.

Kuffar couples want a decent house before having kids, keep getting pushed to the bottom of the list, can't afford to buy, and even when they can the woman can't afford to stop work.

Result: Kuffar population declines while jihadist infestation spreads like a plague.

Anonymous said...

Anon good point put very well. I think its getting close to the point of positive action, they have flames we have pigs blood. What would happen if we sprayed all of the UK with pigs blood. Would the moslems have to leave.