Friday, 19 October 2007

Church Gresley ward by-election

What a great result for the British National Party in yesterdays council by-election in the Church Gresley ward in the Midlands.

Despite never having stood there before they managed to obtain over 35% of the vote and beat the dying Tory party into third place.

Eating into both the CONservatives and Liebours votes the BNP would have certainly have been in with a chance of winning had the ilLiberal Democrats stood and spit the Tri-Axis votes even further. Is that why they did not? Secret deals perhaps?

The final result was:

  • Lab 639 43.80
  • BNP 516 35.37
  • Con 304 20.84
You can bet the red rubbish and bloated politicians are wetting themselves as they read the results.

The reds, whose numbers are draining away daily as people become aware of the truth, will resort to more and more violent attacks. Such is their way.

And the bloated politicians who have fed off the True British People for so long will seek to destroy or outlaw the British National Party with every weapon of the state. For them the stakes are serious. Not only will many of them lose their place at the public trough of money, but many more WILL be investigated for fraud and if found guilty most certainly face imprisonment.

Well done to the activists, supporters and voters of Church Gresley. Well done for making a stand.


Anonymous said...

well done guys, and keep up the great work green arrow!

Vlad said...


Don't bet on it - I'm already sharpening a new batch of stakes.

Celtic Morning said...

Alongsidethe politicical traitors, will our Queen be also called to account? Will the Royal Family be in line for prosecution? After all the Queen has signed away her rights to the EU and not stood up for her countries independance in any way. And isnt it good to hear that the two royal "soldiers" Princes Harry and Edward are part of "the invasion party" in Paris tomorrow for the World Cup Rugby Final. I'm sure "their men" out in Iraq and Afghanistan will be very pleased to hear these chocolate soldiers will be braving such danger, drinking their beer, eating their fill while "their men" expose themselves to life threatening situations without the dubious benefit of the "leadership" the royal playboys were trained, at vast expense,to provide. What a waste of money.As the Royal Family no longer offer anything remotely resembling value for money, do we really need to fund their lifestyles and put up with them for much longer?

vicky1 said...

Well done BNP great news and thank's to Green Arrow for carrying the story otherwise we'd never know.
Referendum rally 27 October Geordie says NO...we say YES!
This is our country and our fight.
Time is running out the Gulag is being built around us, make your voice heard, from the top down we're on our own and this includes the Queen.

najistani said...


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Anonymous said...

Well done to the BNP! I'm from Gresley and I voted for them!