Monday, 15 October 2007

Online petition in support of Mark Walker

An online petition has been started in support of BNP member Mark Walker. Mark has been suspended on full-pay from his job as a teacher at Sunnydale Community College since March. Ostensibly allegations concern unauthorised use of the Internet but there are also political undertones relating to his membership of our Party. Under pressure Headteacher Sue Byrne is now denying any political motivation. Sue Byrne is clearly worried for her own job and shocked at the public condemnation of her actions but the facts are against her. The text reads as follows:-

"To: Board of Governors Sunnydale Community College

We the undersigned support the right of Mark Walker to join and stand for public office as a member of any lawfully-constituted political party he chooses without it affecting his professional status as a teacher or his employment in Sunnydale Community College. Free speech and Freedom of Association are two of the cornerstones of our democratic society and must be supported without reservation.

We fear that his current suspension from work is politically-motivated rather than as a result of any minor offence he may have committed. We call upon the Board of Governors to reinstate Mr Walker to his position as a teacher in the school as we believe that the stresses and strains in the months since his suspension have been punishment enough for this dedicated and popular teacher. To avoid any suggestion of partiality, we further call upon the Board of Governors to set out staff internet access rights clearly in writing and in a specific school policy to allow for no doubt as to what it is permissible to browse and when; to obtain express consent from staff regarding monitoring of emails and internet use and to be consistent in the application of disciplinary action for all staff. We call for them to work with Solidarity Union representatives to reach an amicable and harmonious settlement of this long-running and acrimonious case.


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najistani said...


Trade Unionists (along with any remaining Christians and Jews) are among the most persecuted sections of society in Islamic countries . The vicious, elitist, sadistic and depraved Ulema - the Muslim priesthood - regard Trades Union organisers as much a threat to their power as the kaffirs and apostates.

Check out Working Class Trades Union rights in such Islamic paradises as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan

So why do Labour politicians and the Trades Union bosses ally themselves with such an oppressive, supremacist ideology as Islam?

Why do leaders like Gordon Brownlips kiss Muslim arse? Aren't these champions of the common man betraying their British Christian Socialist working-class heritage?

Well actually, no. Their heritage is neither British, nor Christian, nor socialist except in the Stalinist sense. And it certainly isn't working class.

It is very true that the original Labour movement owes far more to Methodism than Marxism, to the Sermon on the Mount than Das Kapital. It was a strong Christian faith that nurtured the Tolpuddle Martyrs in their struggle for workers' rights in the face of the bosses' wage cuts to below starvation level. "Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, the labourer is worthy of his reward."

The early history of Trades Unionism in Australia was also inspired by Christianity.

But all that has changed . Since the 1980's, the leadership of the trades union movement and Labour party have been hijacked by European-inspired atheist Marxist functionaries, many of whom have never done a productive day's work in their lives. The career path from University Social Studies department to Westminster or Congress House , with no intervening gainful employment, is all too common .

To paraphrase Gibbon: To the gullible all religions are equally true, to the skeptical all religions are equally false, and to the politicians all religions are equally useful.

So is it any wonder that Marxist Labour neglect and indeed despise the real British working class? With their rapidly multiplying new-found Muslim friends, they have people who share many of their objectives - an unquestionable totalitarian social system, destruction of free expression, control of all aspects of life, and an unnaccountable, undemocratic superstate (Caliphate/EU) . Of course push will eventually come to shove and the Marxists and Muslims will some day be at one anothers' throats in a bloody continent-wide civil war, but by that time most of the rest of us will long since have been
airbrushed out of Orwellian history.