Monday, 15 October 2007

Electoral Fraud in Slough

We should not be surprised that the ruling coalition of Liberals, Tories and Independents on Slough Council have refused a motion by an opposition Councillor, James Swindlehurst to introduce reforms to appoint a monitor and detect improper use of Slough's electoral register. How else are they to get elected without fraud?

A council probe has already uncovered more than 100 names which should not have been on the electoral register. I wonder if they would be "enrichers". In Slough? What do you think?

Now the Police are involved and the High Court is scrutinising the ballot papers from just one of their wards. They should check the lot but never mind for now.

But let us leave the last word with Council Leader, Richard Stokes (Lib). He had this to say:

"While we are very anxious to stamp out voting fraud, the cabinet felt that the appointment of a fraud officer would not deal with the problem.

"The judges who've presided over electoral fraud cases in this country say it's the system itself that needs changing.

"Most fraud cases have come about from postal voting"Postal voting is now open to wide-scale abuse.

It's the Government that introduced the system so it's up to them to sort it out."

Well he would say that wouldn't he? Then again it was nice to see the Labour Party hoisted by their own Petard. They were responsible for creating the Postal Voting rules in the first place.

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