Sunday, 28 October 2007

Pro Referendum Rally and SIOE Reports

Nothing to see here. Move along

Was there a rally? I don't know. I cannot find anything on the news sites, on the blogs or in the forums despite hunting all night.

Wait I tell a lie, I found this snippet over on Brits at their Best, so if you were hoping for a full blown match report, it seems, that like me you will have to wait and depend upon the kindness of strangers to post something in the comments section.

David left his garden and his daughter, and went to Westminster to attend the pro-referendum-pro-freedom rally.

He reported that the numbers were small - educated and aroused citizens apparently being in short supply these days - but the speeches were terrific.

(The speakers included Nigel Farage, Daniel Hannan, and Roger Helmer.)

I guess that the British people will see off the EU, but they have never responded to previous crises with any alacrity, and seem unlikely to make an exception in this case. Whether this languor could be described as a virtue is debatable.May your week be good.

So that is all I could get after hours and hours of surfing the web. Total frustration.

If the main stream news will not disseminate information then it is left to the forums and blog sites to get the information out. And we can only do this if we get information in. So far we have none. If any readers did go could you please post a report on either of the events mentioned.

Those interested in how the SIOE protest went, can read about that thanks to the excellent A Tangled Web.


The following was posted by thetruemerlin over on the SF Forum. He makes a good point.

To answer your question. YES there was a rally but the turn out WAS pathetically small ( about 3 to 400 by my reckoning ). However, despite the low numbers. Never before have I seen such a colusion of differing political agendas coming together under one banner to speak out against a single issue. It really was quite remarkable.

Although the overall afternoon wasn't so bad. I can't help but feel overly disappointed by the whole affair. Simply because of the dismally low turn out. It seems that the EU just isn't an important issue with the British public. Why it isn't? I cannot even begin to guess. My only fear is that most folk will only wake up this very major threat, when it has become far too late to do anything about it. It does seem that intelligent educated people ARE in short supply in this land.

So where were you? Infact, Where were any of you? Out of all the people that come on here and rant their self righteous drivvel. And appear to be oh so concerned about the fate of our nation. That when it comes to a time of need, when numbers DO matter...That only SIX can be bothered to attend! What does that say about the nature of the people that write on here. My apologies if you were unable to attend because of work commitments, illness and such. But to anyone else. YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE!!!!!!

So many thanks to JB, WL, BP, GWS and TT ( The ones who have the courage to back up their words and show true concern for this mess of a country ). I salute you. The rest of you. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER. GET ORGANISED. And when there is a next time, and there will be a next time...BE THERE!

The government must've been p*ssing themselves at us yesterday. Next time that smirk must be wiped from their arrogant faces..... Only increased numbers will do that. So what are you lot going to do?


Ronbo said...

So many!

Good start, patriots!

All revolutions start with only and few good men and women standing up for liberty! The one in this country started when one man, Sam Adams, got fed up with the Establishment.

Keep up the good work, England, and keep waving the red, white and blue!

Cheers, Ronbo

Anonymous said...

heres a video of one of the speeches.