Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Black Awareness Week

Be aware. This man was a liar and the book the work of a white man

Black awareness week is almost upon us and we are all to be informed of the great deeds and achievements made by the black race. A good idea.

I wonder if we could get away with a White Awareness Week. I suspect we would need more than a week to list the achievements of the White Race but a week should see us start at the beginning of the alphabet.

Muslims could have a Muslim Awareness Minute.

The problem we have though is the establishment and their control of the media. These days the truth does not matter. It is the story that suits a certain mindset that becomes the truth and so expect to be swamped with spin and lies.

For example, the truth about Nelson Mandela is that he is a baby murdering bastard who should have been tried and hung for murder. But that "Story" does not fit the liberal mind and so he becomes an hero. Forget the truth. Prepare for more of the same.

Moving on. This morning I saw an item about Alex Haley, the writer of a poisoned piece of fiction called "Roots" that has been passed of as fact. It is supposed to be the history of his ancestors up to modern times and his return to his origins in Africa. Fiction was passed of as fact and the liberal elite loved it and gullible sheep people swallowed the lie and made Haley a wealthy man.

But the truth was different. Haley was nothing but a plagiarist who had stolen huge passages of text directly from The African, a book written by a White Man called Harold Courlander.

When in 1997, the BBC picked up on this (remember this is when they still had some integrity and had not been fully politicized) and made a documentary exposing the hoax, the entire U.S. network refused to show the programme. The story was preferable to the truth. Remember the O.J. Simpson trial?

The last episode in the series of "Roots" shows the author supposedly going back to the village in Africa that his ancestor had been kidnapped from.

But a long-suppressed tape of the famous session in which Haley " found" Kunta Kinte through the recitation of an African "griot" proves that, as BBC producer James Kent noted, "the villagers [were] threatened by members of Haley's party.
These turn out to be senior government officials desperate to ensure that things go

Haley, added Kent, "specifically asks for a story that will fit his predetermined American narrative."

When the Pulizer Prize people were informed of the truth they refused to reconsider the prize the liar had been awarded although a board member later admitted that the prize had been given in a form of "inverse racism" by a bunch of white liberals who were "embarrassed by our makeup".

Finally despite much opposition, Haley was brought to court and agreed to pay substantial damages of $650,000 to the true author of the book he had plagarised.

The judge who presided over Haley's plagiarism case admitted that "I did not want to destroy him" and so allowed him to settle quietly - even though, he acknowledged, Haley had repeatedly perjured himself in court.

What does it matter now though. Haley is dead. He died a wealthy man with a reputation of being great writer and historian instead of being branded a liar and conman. I wonder if he will be brought to the front in Black Awareness Week?

But still the liberal elite attempt to hide the truth about the true origins of the book. But you can read about that here. I have the need for a can of beer.

You see, the story is everything. The truth nothing if it does not suit the establishment.


Here is a user posted link that will be upsetting a lot of the colonisers over the next few days. I wonder if you will believe the words of Keith Vaz or those of a Nobel Prize Winner?

Please also check out these Black Invention Myths.


Ronbo said...

Yes, how about an "White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant (WASP) Awareness Week" in which we remember the Armed Patriots of the English & American Civil Wars whose bloody struggles against Tyranny established Liberty for many a year?

On both sides of the Pond we should think "Revolution" -- We should think seriously of forming once again vast battalions of Armed Patriots before the fall of night destroys over 1,000 of Anglo-Saxon Civilization.

When All Your Options Are Bad


If this be treason then make the most of it.

Cheers, An American cousin

Red Squirrel said...

It was a crap book anyway if I remember.
Glad I dropped by Green Arrow,I was having a look at the 'anti-freedom mob' UAF site and your name came up, as well as the folk at the Covert site.
Hi to Ronbo, I agree with what you say.
I sent a few petitions to number 10, all were rejected, bar one,
http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/Worldpride/, I had to alter some of the wording to suit them, but it was accepted.lol.
I think their e-petitions site are really a distraction to make people 'think' they still have a voice though!

Anonymous said...

Do you think that James Watson will be invited to speak -maybe to spread awareness about blacks??


The Green Arrow said...

Hi guys,
that link anon should really put the cat amoungst the pidgeons.

Thanks for the well found info.

Red. You will be famous soon enough. lol. Go get on their efatwa list. Checking your site out you should not be long. You know your over the target when your taking flack.

You have a good site by the way.

The Green Arrow said...


I think one day we may well have to use other methods but until then we will try the ballot box. Either way the traitors who brought us to this will be brought to justice.

Eddy Morrison said...

I thought black awareness was over now Sharon Ebanks had called it a day.

MrSmith said...

Saw the James Watson thing in the Metro this morning and felt compelled to blog about it. Seems that filthy little labour race agitator Keith Vaz thinks he knows genetics better than Watson of Watson & Crick. The sheer gall of it!

CDH said...

Green Arrow, are you a BNP member or not?

I thought you were but some say not?

Anonymous said...

You said you were not a BNP member on http://cameronforpm.blogspot.com/2007/03/right-wing-clap-trap-from-right-wing.html.

Seems odd though, the way you support them so keenly and will not have anything said against Nick Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Green Arrow's all gob. He's not even a member of the human race, let alone a political numpty party.

Ronbo said...

Green Arrow's all gob. He's not even a member of the human race, let alone a political numpty party.

Interesting how much Hate Speech comes out of the mouths of Leftists for anyone who doesn't follow The Labour Party Line!

Now tell me how much you love the working man...Yeah, you love him when he pays over half his paycheck for your socialist bureaucracies that only serve to promote poverty and illiteracy.

You are a Parasite who are only alive because of the hard work of honest and Productive Britons like the Green Arrow.

You at least tell him, "Thanks!"

The Green Arrow said...


For the record I am not a member of the BNP. The reasons which have been made known to them at local and national level.

Under the Fascist Labour State, people are denied the right to work in certain occupations because of their membership of a political party that "they" deem unsuitable whilst handing over the jobs to the colonisers and I will say no more. If the Party preferred that I join then work the way I do then I would join and damn the state.

Another reason, is that one day I expect to be arrested for what I write. When that happens I do not want them to be able to use the old "BNP Member" slur against the only party that can save Our Country.

I wish I could be a member and I am sure I will be one day but until then I will support them and Nick Griffin 100%

Anonymous said...

How do you find time to "work in certain occupations" when you spend all day blogging?

The Green Arrow said...

Anon. That is one of lives mysterys. I often wonder myself.

But that was not the real question was it Red?

Ronbo said...

Another reason, is that one day I expect to be arrested for what I write. When that happens I do not want them to be able to use the old "BNP Member" slur against the only party that can save Our Country.

I salute you, sir! You are a man of conviction and courage! It is a sad commentary on how low a once proud and free country has fallen, because without freedom of speech Britain as we know it is truely finished.

The late, great philospher Ayn Rand once said that the first sign of an approaching tyranny was when individuals are imprisoned because of their political conviction. In this country we have had a number of people convicted and sent to prison only on the basis something they said, wrote, or because of their political beliefs. I note with sadness the same thing is happening on the other side of the Pond.

johnofgwent said...

Well maybe it's time to blow my cover and this is as good a story as any to do it in.

Before you glorify James Watson you should read this web page


and then this one


James Crick, Francios Watson and Maurice Wilkins were barking all the way up the wrong tree thinking there were THREE strands in the DNA Helix. Then Wilkins took some of the research results and evidence - X Ray crystallographs - from the desk of a fellow worker, Rosalind Franklin, without her knowledge and showed them to Crick.

Franklin was one of the few women working in science at the time. A brilliant woman shunned because science was a male dominated game in an establishment with men only dining rooms.

Exactly what hapenned is hotly disputed.

But the way I heard it Watson basically stole her research findings and took the glory himself. Not that she was able to protest, as she died of ovarian cancer shortly before he got his gong and his prize money.

BFB said...

Black Invention Myths