Monday, 1 October 2007

Will the next General Election be the last?

Your Country needs you now. Fight under The Flag. Our Flag.

Hearing whispers that the people who oversee the polling booths, the Presiding Officers are being contacted with the status of their availability over the next few months, ones thoughts turn towards what may be the last real General Election that we have in our in new Stalinist Country.

The unelected leaders of Eurabia are now almost within an ace of completing the complete destruction of what was a truly Great Britain and then the floodgates of immigration can finally be removed altogether and anything upto 20 million immigrants from Africa and Asia will be brought in to finally exterminate completely the True British Identity and make the native whites a minority in their own land.

And why? So big business will be able to make even larger profits and the new one party state that will govern in the name of Eurabia be rewarded with even larger pay cheques and a blind eye to their corruption.

Haven't you wondered why, with all the fraud being practiced by big business from airlines down to the massive fraud committed by the quiz show companies, why they are only fined peanuts to the amounts stolen? Their Directors should be imprisoned but the brown envelopes to the politicians protects them. In return big business who control the media hides the extent of the fraud committed by the politicians. Each hand washes the other.

Next year, after the General Election, the Queen, who has already signed away her right to rule over us as our representative will complete her treason to her crown and country by signing the final Sixth EU treaty which will complete the abolition of Britain as a nation. Her son and heir to the throne says nothing and lets his birthright be stolen from him as Our Country is stolen from us. He, the wannabee Muslim continues to to talk to the trees, those being the only things that will listen to his nonsense and defends nothing not even our faith.

Remember, it was The Queen who signed the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, which adopted the EU Regionalisation Plan. This will abolish England's 48 counties and replace them with 9 European regions, each with their own Regional Capital, which reports directly to Brussels, not to Westminster. This effectively obliterates the country of England. For example the County of Cornwall is replaced by the South West Region, which stretches from Lands End and includes Gloucestershire and Wiltshire; its regional capital is Exeter. As this move is unpopular it is being kept low-key and will not be implemented until the sixth treaty is signed, when we lose our right to object.

The only party now that can save us is the British National Party. Whether they can alert the sheep people who still continue to vote for the Lib Lab Con pact remains to be seen. I doubt it.

And the future? What future?

But we the True Brits. We will not go to our graves that easy. The British National Party needs money to fight this war to recover Our Country and your children's future. Donate here. Overseas supporters of freedom can also make donations.

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Anonymous said...

That is the very reason I joined the BNP,not just because I am patriotic BUT I worry for my childrens future and what sort of nation they will inherit.Time to make a stand and fight back with all our might.(Shieldwall-Plymouth)