Monday, 22 October 2007

Utter Dhimmitude

I have copied the following from the superb site North East Scotland Nationalists. I copy in full so that in the event of a blog closing the post still lives on. I do so with this post to show how, our so called Leaders of the Church are betraying the Christian Religion.

On Saturday the 20th of October 6 members of Aberdeen BNP attended an open event at Queens Cross Church Hall in the centre of Aberdeen. The event organised by Queens Cross Overseas Committee, was to be an education day, “Examining relations between Islam & Christianity around the World”. The event was publicised in one of the local free newspapers, and invited everyone, from any group to come along and ask questions.

We took our seats at 10 am spreading ourselves out amongst the crowd of over 70 people. It was a good turn out with the makeup of the crowd being in the middle to late age groups.

The event kicked off with an outline in the basic tenets of Christianity & Islam, & their teachings on religious tolerance. Rev Clarence Musgrove (Former minister of St Andrews Church Of Scotland) read some passages from the bible, which outlined the basic meanings of Christianity, and highlighted the need for tolerance. Touching on love thy neighbour, and even our enemies.

We then had Iman Ibrahim Alawawi (Aberdeen Mosque) who started his talk by chanting versus from the Koran, and then redoing them in English. His whole talk never veered far from telling us that Islam was about Peace, Harmony, Tolerance, Integration, the need for us to love each other and the need for co-operation between different faiths’s and cultures.

I am sure that not many of us who take the time to educate ourselves of the finer points of the religion of peace will recognise the version of Islam that Iman Ibrahim Alawawi was trying to portray. Anyway it was now time for the first round of questions.

The questions were chaired by Roy Sutherland, (Chairman of Overseas Committee) and were to be directed to Rev Musgrove & Imam Alawawi. The first question was asked by one of the BNP group, “How can you sit their and preach about tolerance, peace, and love for all, when Muslims all over the world are responsible for killing thousands of innocent Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and people of every other religion, and how can you justify praying to a man that was a paedophile”.

The gasp’s and tut tut’s from the assembled crowd would have drowned out the nosiest part of any football stadium. But give him his due the Imam applauded the questioner for having the guts to be honest.

He passed over the question about the around the world killings and answered the question referring to the Prophet and his relationship with young Aisha. (Aisha was the Prophet Muhammad’s third wife. She married Muhammad at the age of 6 when Muhammad was 53, and they consummated their marriage when she was at the age of 9).

The Imam defended the accusation of the prophet being a paedophile by stating that “Aisha was already engaged before meeting Muhammad, and that she had reached puberty by the time they had sex at 9 years old", he then stated that such practises were normal as girls reached puberty much earlier long ago.

The BNP questioner by this time was quite rightly annoyed by the Imam’s lack of condemnation as regards underage sex and his refusal to answer the question on the lack of tolerance shown around the world by Islam, the discussion was becoming more heated.

At this point one of the elderly ladies in the crowd got up and tried to shout down the BNP questioner, shouting that we should show tolerance and want peace with Muslims, for this she received a rapturous applause.

It was at this point we realised we had stumbled into the land of utter Dhimmitude. A rather flustered Roy Sutherland (chair) stepped in to end the so called question and answer session, it was obvious he did not want any of the crowd asking searching questions about Islam. It was time for a cup of tea, and a welcome break from the all too apparent isn’t Islam great fest that this event was turning into.

Part Two (Further into the Abyss)

The second part of the event (Submission to Islam) consisted of various talks from mainly Muslim’s on different subjects.

The first was by Habib Malik (Islamic relief) who seemed to focus on the colour of a baby’s blood, saying that it did not matter if a baby was black or white the blood was still red. He touched on the various countries around the world that he had visited in his capacity with Islamic relief, obviously most of these countries had sizable Muslim populations, and we did agree with him that hunger was a man made problem, and that it could be solved if man wanted to.

But yet again the gravitas of his speech was on how it did not matter if a man was Muslim or Christian, when he was dieing of starvation he would pray to the same god. It was obvious that he was trying to use disasters to paint Islam and Christianity as the same thing, thus giving us nothing to worry about as the Islamic takeover of our country gathers pace. Of course the liberal Dhimmis in the gathered crowd were lapping it up, how they cooed and aahed at the tales of wonderful Islam rescuing the world.

Next Up was Chahararazed Ahriz from the (Aberdeen Muslim’s Woman’s Association) giving a talk about North Africa. Her barely legible speech focussed on a tape she was sent of Islamic preaching’s from an Islamic country, and how she was amazed that you could hear what she described as church bells in the background. She then spent ages trying to convince us that churches co-exist quite happily alongside mosques in mainly Muslim countries, using the fact that the alleged church bells on the tape had not been edited out as proof. Yet again the liberal Dhimmis cooed and aahed at how wonderfully tolerant Islam is and gave a rapturous round of applause.

We then had the Rev Musgrove back up giving a talk about Israel and Palenstine, pretty standard stuff except the way he mentioned the Jewish people. It was a case of Jew’s, The Jew’s not really endearing terms if you were listening to the way it was coming across, perhaps this was due to the Muslim element in the room.

I think most people will agree with me if you were referring to Israel you would say the Jewish people. Not Jews or The Jews, this reference and tone was carried over from the refreshment break earlier when I was speaking to the Rev Musgrove. This talk finished with the liberal Dhimmis shaking their heads at how terrible the Palestinians suffer at the hands of Israel, yet again they gave a rapturous round of applause.

Abdulai Fofana, Dhimming the Audience

Next we had a talk from Abdulai Fofana, who was speaking about Sierra Leone, his talk was power point based, and went through the demographics of the country.

This led to the continual highlighting of how the country was 70% Muslim and 30% Christian, and the fact that Sierra Leone has a Christian president was also something else that kept getting mentioned, the only conclusion I could bring from this was that the speaker felt that this was an injustice.

He also went into great lengths about the number of Christian-Muslim marriages that there are in that country, and how happy the different partners were going to their separate places of worship. He told us about what a wonderful place Sierra Leone was, and how it was an example of how Islam and Christianity can co-exist. Granted Sierra Leone has been at peace since 2002, but with a 70% Muslim population you wonder how long it will be before the percentage rises. Anyway this talked finished with a rapturous round of applause and the liberal Dhimmis cooed and aahed at how wonderful it must be to live in Sierra Leone. I did wonder if it was so wonderful, why the speaker has not gone back.

Part Three (The Abyss is finalised)

The final part of the event was another question and answer with the above 4 speakers answering questions with Roy Sutherland yet again chairing them.

A couple of the Dhimmis asked none obtrusive questions that gave the speakers the chance to further the Islamic cause, by putting over what a wonderful religion Islam was to the ever eager to lap it up crowd.

That was until one man asked about Shariah law, this then lead to Chahararazed Ahriz from the (Aberdeen Muslim’s Woman’s Association) stating that “we should allow Muslims to practise 100% their beliefs and law’s, anything less is not good”.

At this point the chair knew what was coming and he said that time’s up no more questions.

Their was no way that we could leave an open statement from a Muslim expressing that they did want to see Shariah law in Britain, one of the BNP contingent stood up and asked the question “would this mean that we could except to see some of the more barbaric sentences used in the UK”,

We could not believe when no condemnation was given towards the barbaric use of honour killings, stoning to death of adulterers, limbs being chopped of for what we in the west would regard as minor crimes. We were told that the laws in other countries are different. The chair then stepped in and called an end to the question’s as yet again he could not see any searching questions being asked about Islam.

The BNP contingent left then, we did not want to stay for the closing readings and prayers. We did not want to hear Islamic prayers in a Christian church; we had seen and heard enough and now knew that a good number of the British public are being taken in by the Islamic use of taqiya a form of lying used to further the Islamic takeover of countries.

We came along to this meeting expecting to hear some challenging questions put forward to the panel of speakers but what we found was utter and total Dhimmitude towards Islam.

We felt numb that our own people could be so gullible in the face of these smiling assassins; they heckled and jeered us, while at the same time ignoring the victims of the Twin Towers, the London and Madrid bombings and the almost daily occurrences of Islamic atrocities. And they justify this stance by saying that Christianity was not all good a few hundred years ago and that we are sorry for the atrocities that Christians have carried out.

So here we have it folks Islam has taken a strong foothold into what should be the bastions of our Christian faith and way of life, our churches. Stuck in a perpetual time warp from centauries ago it seems that the majority of church goers in Aberdeen have bought into the wonder’s that Islam has to offer, not only will they stand back and let the takeover happen without a mutter of protest, they will offer apologies on our behalf as it happens.

As the days to remembrance Sunday ticks down, I only hope in-between their self loathing these people can find time to reflect on the sacrifice our brave forces made on our behalf, and ask themselves why they are so happy to see the new Nazism that Islam clearly is take over our country.

Although initially numb and dumbfounded by our fellow citizen’s reaction to Islam, it left the BNP contingent even more determined to safeguard our children’s future in our own country. A future without the fear of everything Islam has to offer the West. Please wake up Britain.


MrSmith said...

"the new Nazism that Islam clearly is"

Really? As bad as they were, I don't remember reading that the Nazis defended paedophilia and the subjugation of women. Surely Islam is worse than Nazism, or did I miss something?

Sir HM said...

Mrsmith, you are correct of course.

And we all know don't we, in our heart of hearts, the only way this business of Islam is going to be sorted out.

Anonymous said...

perhaps these people needs to be shown some pictures and images of Beslam!

muslims murdering children!