Friday, 30 November 2007

You cannot help these people

The Religion of Peace extending the hand of tolerance

They are truly beyond redemption. Their minds are crazed and the actions they carry out in these spontaneous "protests" are on the orders of their Generals, the Imams. The Teddy Bear Fiasco is just their latest excuse to rattle their sabers in the face of the civilized world.

Although wrapped in bin liners outside Sudanese school, Teddy's fate is obvious

There is no reasoning with these people both overseas and the ones our Dhimmi masters have imported in their millions into Our Country. The only solution is remove the head of the Hydra that creates them just as they removed Teddy's head. That last bit is a joke, just in case the tree huggers thought I was being serious about Teddy.

But where is the Hercules we need to slay this monster? Because sooner or later we will have to fight this evil and drive it back to its lair and keep it imprisoned forever.

Let us pray that Our Fellow Citizens wake up soon. God knows what the turnips would do to Loopy Lou if they get their hands on her. Not even Andy Pandy could save her.

Solidarity - Patriotic Trade Union

Solidarity, the only independent, patriotic trade union in our sad land today is on a recruitment drive for new members from British Workers who feel betrayed by their current, marxist led unions. Unions that have stood by whilst British Workers lost their jobs to cheap imported workers and in some cases illegal immigrants. I urge you to support them or even better join them.

Dear Sir or Madam
May I first introduce myself. My name is Graham Williamson and I run a Public Relations company named Accentuate. The patriotic Trade Union Solidarity has engaged me to promote them within the media and to the public in general.
I am delighted to carry out this work because the Union is a refreshing departure from the norm. No cringing defence of migrant labour, any junkets to Cuba, no political levy to the Labour Party (or any Party for that matter), any PC agenda. Sound unfamiliar?
That’s because this Union will not shrink from an uncompromising defence of the rights of its own members and British workers in general.
You may have seen on the BBC or some of the press of the Union’s defence of a Teacher (Mark Walker) suspended from his job after being questioned about his politics. His original Union effectively sided with the management agenda displaying a political bias you won’t find in Solidarity. You can read about his case and the legal fund started by Civil Liberty and Solidarity in the attached pdf magazine. This on-going campaign proves to me that they take their members' rights very seriously.
General Secretary (Patrick Harrington) and President Adam Walker have put together a team representing members at grievance, disciplinary and investigatory meetings e.g. Honda, Legion Security, GNER, Alliance & Leicester etc. Members are pursuing accident at work claims following advice and guidance from Solidarity. This is the bread and butter of any Union and Solidarity have convinced me they are serious!
Take a look at the first issue of British Worker enclosed. You have expressed interest in the past but may have held back to see if the union was a serious project. The range and depth of work undertaken by Solidarity should convince you.
Now is the time to look after yourself and look after your fellow worker by joining the independent Trade Union Solidarity. As the union says, "Together we are Strong".
Membership fees are only £5 per month, and paid via a Standing Order (form is printed in the attached British Worker) or via PayPal at the Union website ( You can also pay by cheque (£30 for 6 Months / £60 for 12 Months).
Cheques should be made payable to 'Solidarity'. We recommend that you use Certificate of Posting or Recorded Delivery. Its address is:
The Secretary, Solidarity, P O Box 93, Spennymoor DL16 9AN. Join now.

Graham Williamson

This cannot be right?

Dog pornography

Lawrence Bailey, the former Labour Leader of Swansea Council has been banned from becoming a councillor for two and half years, after pornographic images were found on his computers. He had continued to download these images despite being warned numerous times over a five years period by council officials. Why wasn't he reported from day one?

Bailey was investigated for three months before being told by the Clown Prosecution Service that no proceedings would be taken against him. However, he fell on his sword and resigned from the council. And quite right to. Sadly it was a virtual sword and not fatal.

Altogether, over 70,000 images were found on his rate payer funded computers and these were described as "hard-core pornography!". One wonders how he had time to serve the people of Swansea, if half the time he was trawling the net for porn and the other half of his time was spent in privacy with a box of tissues... Too much information? Thought so.

Me? I am just pleased that there were no child images discovered, which makes a pleasant change from most of the Lib/Lab/con politicians I add on a regular basis to the Liars, Buggers and Thieves blog.

But what does concern me is something almost as vile as child abuse. The abuse of democracy. The investigation report also found that one laptop also contained 253 letters to the Swansea Evening Post.
"Although the police examination showed Mr Bailey as being the author, the documents purported to have originated from various residents of Swansea,"
stated the report."In some cases the addresses did not exist or the postcodes did not match them, or the true residents had no knowledge of the letters."
Now I do not know about you but I would be very annoyed should someone use my identity to put forward political opinions of any shape or form regardless of whether I agreed with the fraudsters writings or not. Hacked right off to be precise.

Surely those fraudulent letters must be an offence? And if so, Bailey should be dragged before the courts and put on trial. Then, if found guilty he should also feel the full weight of the law and not a slap on the wrist from a friend at the club.

By the way, if ever I appear to be flippant over the seriousness of some of the things that I write about, I can assure that I do take them very seriously but I have become brutalised by the actions of the parasitic politicians that mislead us whilst bleeding us white.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

BNP By-election results 2007/2008

I have decided to try and maintain a list of British National Party by-election results since the May 2007 local elections. For ease of readability it will just be date, Council and percentage won.

Those wishing more information can visit here.

  • 7th Maldon Burnham 10.6%
  • 7th West Sussex CC Petworth 10.6%
  • 14th Newcastle-upon Wingrove 1.7%
  • 14th Torbay Berry Head 5.1%
  • 14th Calderdale Warley 11.6%
  • 14th Havering St Andrew's 18.7%
  • 14th Manchester Charlestown 25%
  • 14th Lincolnshire Brigg & Wolds 4.2%
  • 14th Rochford Hockley North 29.3%
  • 28th Pendle Craven 16.5%
  • 28th Sandwell Charlemont 22.5%
  • 28th Nuneaton Slough 27.3%
  • 28th Barnoldswick Craven 18.1%
  • 5th Oldham Saddleworth 12.2%
  • 5th Gateshead Dunston & Teams 10.2%
  • 12th Rotherham Valley 19.5%
  • 19th Swansea Llansamlet 10.8%
  • 19th Sedgefield 8.9%
  • 30th Loughton Alderton 32.1%
  • 6th York Heworth without 3.2%
  • 13th Rossendale Goodshaw 7.5%
  • 13th Rossendale Irwell 27.5%
  • 13th Rossendale Whitewell 7.2%
  • 13th Conwy Mochdre 5.2%
  • 20th Nuneaton Abbey 21.4%
  • 20th Birmingham Brandwood 6.2%
  • 20th West orcester St Clement 11.6%
  • 20th Wigan West Wigan 13.7%
  • 20th Copeland Harbour 22.7%
  • 20th Southend-on-Sea Shoeburyness 13.9%
  • 27th Northamptonshire CC Lloyds 13.0%
  • 27th Chester Chester Central 9.4%
  • 4th Leices Shepshed 20.0%
  • 11th Horsham Holbrook West 11.9%
  • 18th S.Derbyshire Church Gresley 35.4%
  • 25th Sefton Manor 4.1%
  • 25th Waltham Abbey Honey Lane 28.5%
  • 1st Ashfield Sutton West 13.6%
  • 8th Tamworth Castle 13.6%
  • 15th Lincolnshire Heighington 8.9%
  • 22nd Conwy CbC, Rhiw 4.9%
  • 6th Sandwell 314 18.96%
  • 13th Harrow, Canons 2.6%
  • 20th Castle Point DC, St Marys 20.4%
  • 20th Shepshed TC, East 21.8%
  • 3rd Welwyn Hatfield, 214 16.2%
  • 10th Ibstock & Heather, NWLC, 637 28.2%
  • 31st Calne TC, Lickhill, 84 10.6%

  • 7th Wyre DC, Victoria
Con 769 (51.9;-10.1), Lab 339 (22.9;+1.1), BNP 222 (15.0;+15.0), UKIP 151 (10.2;-6.0).
Majority 430. Turnout not known. Con hold. Last fought 2007.
  • 14th East Staffordshire DC, Stretton
Con 661 (36.9;-11.6), Lab 366 (20.4;-7.2), BNP 327 (18.2;+18.2), Popular Alliance 233 (13.0;-10.9), Lib Dem 205 (11.4;+11.4).
Majority 295. Turnout 28%. Con hold. Last fought 2007.

Lab 724 (33.8;-7.9), Con 723 (33.7;+4.7), BNP 313 (14.6;+14.6), Lib Dem 235 (11.0;-3.3), Green 148 (6.9;+6.9), [Ind (0.0;-15.0)].
Majority 1. Turnout 28.9%. Lab hold. Last fought 2005.

Harrow LBC, Marlborough
Lab 972 (41.4;-2.1), Lib Dem 628 (26.7;+3.1), Con 507 (21.6;-11.3), BNP 97 (4.1;+4.1), Ind 74 (3.2;+3.2), Green 71 (3.0;+3.0)
Majority 344. Turnout 29.6%. Lab hold. Last fought 2006.

Middlesbrough UA, Gresham
Lab 584 (47.9;-1.4), Ind 377 (31.0;+31.0), BNP 135 (11.1;+11.1), Lib Dem 78 (6.4;+6.4), Con 44 (3.6;+3.6) [Middlesbrough Inds (0.0;-50.7)]
Majority 207. Turnout 20.6%. Lab hold. Last fought 2007.

Middlesbrough UA, Marton West
Con 993 (63.0;+13.5), Lab 413 (26.2;-4.5), BNP 170 (10.8;+10.8) [Lib Dem 0.0;-19.8)]
Majority 580. Turnout 39.2%. Con hold. Last fought 2007.

Arun DC, Yapton
Con 620 (59.8;-4.8), Lib Dem 212 (20.4;-2.4), BNP 205 (19.8;+19.8), [Lab (0.0;-12.7)]
Majority 408. Con hold.% change since May 2007.

Havering LBC, Gooshays
BNP 865 (38.0;+9.8), Lab 741 (32.5;+6.6), Con 489 (21.5;-5.5), UKIP 70 (3.1;-7.6), National Liberal Party 62 (2.7;+2.7), Lib Dem 52 (2.3;+2.3) [Residents (0.0;-5.6), Ind (0.0;-2.5)]
Majority 124. Turnout 22.6%. BNP hold.% change since May 2006

Hinckley and Bosworth BC, Hinckley CastleLib Dem 802 (57.0;-10.0), BNP 264 (18.8;+18.8), Con 226 (16.1;-8.7), Lab 116 (8.2;+0.0).
Majority 538. Turnout 29.6%. Lib Dem hold. (Percentage change since May 2007).

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The Red Arrows and UKNDA

Please sign the petition to save them

A quick heads up on two links that I think you should follow up on.

The Red Arrows are under threat from the Governments spending cuts. The government always uses the excuse that money must be found and saved. Saved for what? To build more homes for the colonisers? The Red Arrows are a flag flown round the world and reminds us of the sacrifices made by the The Royal Flying Corp in the First World War and the heroism of "The Few" of the 2nd World War. They also entertain millions of people with their daring displays. There is a petition to retain them here. Please sign it.

The final link is to the website of the United Kingdom National Defence Association (UKNDA) which is an organisation setup on behalf of the Tri-Services of the Royal Navy, British Army and the Royal Air Force. Their Mission Statement is simple:
To campaign for sufficient, appropriate and fully funded Armed Forces that the United Kingdom needs to defend effectively this Country, its people, their vital interests and security at home and throughout the world.
I urge you to support both causes.

The British National Party certainly will. A future BNP Government would restore the Regiments that have been deliberately destroyed by the Lib/Lab/con traitor politicians and ensure that the men of these Regiments have nothing but the best in the way of equipment should they ever be called upon to risk their lives for you, me and Our Country.

They would rebuild the Finest Navy the world has ever seen. A Royal Navy that once again acts as an Ambassador for Our Country around the world and would patrol our recovered Fishing Grounds.

Re-open the historic airfields and bring back the Squadrons of the Royal Air Force that have defended Our Skies and protected Our Ships and men in times of need. The following email were sent and received from UKNDA in response to an enquiry about their stance towards the BNP.

Dear Mr Muxworthy,

I have just visited your website and think it is a wonderful idea.

I run a Blog called The Home of The Green Arrow that has a fairly large readership of ex-servicemen. I know because I served 12 years in the Royal Navy and although not a member of the British National Party , I support them 100%.

I was just about to promote your organisation when I wondered what your views on the BNP were and wondered if you would be kind enough to enlighten me.

Please forgive me for not giving my real name, as you will appreciate from the contents of my site, I have had several threats made against myself and my family from the followers of the Religion of Peace and organisations such as the UAF.

Your reply will not be published without your permission. You have my word.

Yours sincerely,

Green Arrow

Dear "Green Arrow"
The UKNDA's views on any political party is that we are strictly apolitical and, as an Association, have no views on any political party. Our purpose is only as stated on our web-site and we have no party political stance whatsoever.
If you agree with and support the stated purpose of the UKNDA then you would be most welcome to join us - but that decision is yours for you to take.
You may publicise this reply if you wish to do so,
Yours sincerely -
John Muxworthy
Cdr, RN Chairman & CE UKNDA

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Always be an England

I love this song and I am Welsh but at the end of the day. Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland. We make up Great Britain. United we can never be beaten and never be stopped.

And there is only one political party that unites us all these days and that is the British National Party. Join them. Join us. Join your family and help reclaim Our Country for Our Children.

Call me Teddy. Everybody does.

Personally in my opinion, anyone who wants to go work in a country that is ruled by Sharia Law is barking mad and that being the case should not be allowed to teach a parrot let alone children.

So I have no sympathy for the British Teacher facing 40 lashes in Sudan for naming a Teddy bear after some dead paedophile called Mohammad, who used to suffer from hallucinations.

This man named his gerbil Sid

However being reminded of the War of Jenkins Ear, I think we should say to Sudan, you put one hand on that silly woman and we will expel every Sudanese person in Our Country, stop all your foreign aid and generally rain on your parade. But thats just me. Our Dhimmi government will do nothing. Maybe pay for the plasters afterwards.

France on Fire - Again

The poetry of Paris

I am not sure whether anyone in this Country noticed, but France is burning again and as been for several days.

Already, millions of pounds worth of damages have been done and again thousands of cars burnt out. At least two police stations were ransacked and then razed to the ground and countless shops looted. Reportedly, shots were also fired at the police. Many dozens of whom were badly injured.

The riots kicked of in a French Suburb after two "youths", riding a motorcycle without helmets were killed in a collision with a police vehicle and despite assurances the deaths would be investigated, rioting youths took to the streets. Or so the main stream media would have you believe.
Does your car insurance cover riots?

But the truth is different, these men are not rioting youths, they are a part of the Islamic Army that France has allowed to bury itself deep in the French Body. These soldiers of Islam do not riot, they obey orders and their actions can be turned on and off like a tap by their Generals, the Imams, the preachers of hate who control their armies of hatred from within their command centers, the Mosques that have erupted from the soil like weeds on Western Europe.

The army of Islam prepare

The riots over the last few days have spread now into the suburbs Garges-lès-Gonesse, Goussainville, Ermont-Eaubonne, Cergy, Sarcelles et Gonesse and the Islam army loots as it moves. It is their way. The stolen goods they loot is their plunder and reward from the Imams. It is their "religion" and they are following its teachings.

Well, as Le Pen said when he lost the French Presidential elections, "The French must like the riots as they continue to vote for people that won't actually do anything about it." Rather like some of the British.

No, these riots are not because of the deaths of two youths. They are the Shot Across the Bow to Western Europe of what will happen daily, if the demands and wishes of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile are not met. They are a warning that we had better learn "Submission" or expect more of the same. And if you want to know what more of the same is then look at the history of Kosovo.

And over here, in Our Country, the enrichers watch and gloat at the visions of their "brothers" over the channel, and flex their muscles and dream of what they will do when they are ordered onto the streets in your town, my town.

And so, for the sake of the Western World, I hope the tap of violence jams. That the riots increase and spreads, that more shops are looted and then perhaps the anarchy of France will be the un-ignorable alarm bell to the sleeping sheep of Our Country.

You want some of this?

Jean Marie Le Pen, president of the Front National speaking in a discussion at Matignon about the current institutional reforms. A foreign over population

“When these populations mobilize, for whatever reason, they create a public security problem and bear a heavy burden, a burden which will become progressively heavier in proportion, the like of which I deplore, when immigrants become more numerous in our country.”
“There is a foreign over population in our suburbs and there is a shortage of work with the result that too many people have the facility to amble, to play about on motor bikes, or such vehicles, and more often than not in stolen cars.”
"This creates problems and will create more and more unhappiness, as long as no one will have touched upon the fundamental question of, who are the immigrants in France?”

Monday, 26 November 2007

Please Sir!

Would you give this man an apple or the sack?

Well one Moslem child had a lucky escape and a glimpse at the real face of Islam.

The roughie toughie enricher of Our Society brought some of his stone age teaching practices with him when he landed on Our Shores and proceeded to teach Islamic Studies at his local Mosque.

He beat a young child within an inch of his life because the 11 year old pupil made the mistake of trying to help another child who had asked him how to spell a word.

In the child beaters defence it was stated that Hazarvi, who arrived in Our Country several years ago was an highly educated Imam who could recite the Koran word for word.

Had this teacher been other than Muslim, he would have been imprisoned. As it was he received a 12 month community order.

The "community" have stood by this creature and he retains his job teaching at the Mosque where the attack took place. British Justice. Cant beat it. But they can beat a child.

Forty children go to the mosque every evening from 4.30pm to 6.30pm to study the Koran. There is Religious Instruction and then there is plain simple brain washing.

When will we learn? When will we ever learn?

America, Serbia and the EU

Since when has America determined the Foreign Policy for the European Union? In fact what right has the European Union got to determine foreign policy for the United Kingdom?

No right. Neither of them has any right to the above. But we, the sheep people let them.

But if you go read this , then you will see that America is indeed changing the shape of Europe in the globalist plans for the New World Order and makes the following statement:

"The only way for all Serbs to live in one political entity was (the former) Yugoslavia and then Serbian nationalists destroyed it,"

"The question for Serbia is not whether they (its leaders) try to keep a hold on Kosovo because (late president Slobodan) Milosevic lost that,"

Serbia destroyed nothing. We destroyed Serbia and handed over Kosovo to the Cult of the Dead Paedophile (may he rot in hell). Originally Kosovo was a Christian Country and has a brave history of resisting the evil from the east.

During the 2nd World War, when the Serbs supported us, the Moslem population was 10%, during the theft of Kosovo, the Muslims had through birth and illegal immigration risen to 40%. Now they are 90% of the population and are slaughtering Christians daily. Soon they will be 100% and then like rats in a barrel they will turn on each other.

And still we allow our political masters to betray one of our greatest and loyal friends in the history against the war against Islam. Please take the time out to read a previous post and follow the links here. The west demanded an apology from Serbia, you can read a patriots response here. If I was an Aussie I would say; "Good on you mate". Being British a simple; "Well said", will have to suffice.

I have taken the liberty of cut n' pasting the following letter from the British National Party site and have added it below.

I would just like to bring to your attention that within 3 weeks we could well be facing a full blown international crisis with the lib/lab/con as usual supporting islamic terror. So much for the 'war on terror'.
Our Christian allies, the Serbs were brutally attacked in an alliance largely at the instance of Tony Blair and Bill Clinton who between them armed, trained and financed a rabble of islamic terrorists and then mobilised NATO on their behalf. We bombed the Serbs from 30,000 feet for 78 days and nights, destroying the infrastructure of their nation and inflicting cluster bombs and DU ordinance upon them.
Kosovo is the spiritual heartland of Serbia. It has been systematically colonised by islamic Albanians just as Britain is being infiltrated and occupied today.
It is now proposed, largely at the instigation of Britain and the USA, that Kosovo should be, totally illegally under international law, recognised as a separate sovereign state after declaring its own independence. Russia and many EU states are, quite rightly, completely opposed to this, not least because of the international precedent of such a move. How long before an independent islamic state of South Yorkshire is declared? It is madness.
Kosovo under the islamic terror lords who control it, is a criminal state. The European base for the trafficking of drugs from Afghanistan into the Europe and across the world. The hotbed of human trafficking and every sort of criminal activity. It is also Saudi funded with mosques rising everywhere as historic Christian churches are burned and blown up. It is a hardline jihadist state. And this is the State the entire lib/lab/con support being created in the underbelly of Europe. A terrorist base for the wahhabist attack on the largely defenceless european people including Britain. Its recognition is an act of Christian and western suicide and shows how false are the claims of our politicians to be against the islamification of Europe and the creation of Eurabia.
If Kosovo is recognised the Bosnian Serbs will also declare their independence and will probably be bombed 'back into the stone age' by NATO for their trouble. After all they are Christian.
This crisis is set to blow up within the next few weeks with Russia and the USA in direct confrontation. This is a good site to understand the situation. If you can stomach it, just take a look at the beheaded Serbs - beheaded by our islamic 'friends'. This is what NATO acted as the air power for and these are the people we are going to break international law to recognise. And remember the Serbs died in their hundreds of thousands as a front line in the second world war fighting for the allied cause. Both Croatia and Albania were Nazi and even the Germans were sickened by their excesses.
Many Serbs were murdered and beheaded during the war over Kosovo not least in the entire surrounding area of Sebrenica - which was actually an islamic terrorist base. That is why the Serbs over ran it and did indeed kill about one thousand of these terrorists as they fled. The rest, like the mass graves and ethnic cleansing of Kosovo by the SERBS is now proven myth. That is except the 700,000 Serbs ethnically cleansed from their own territories in Kosovo and the Krajina with the collusion of the entire lib/lab/con in Britain.
You know the truth. When you will help make it known?

Sunday, 25 November 2007

End of Islamic Awareness Week

Of course it is.

So it is the end of Islamic Awareness Week. Well it is for the turnips but never for us. The True Owners of this Country. For us it is Islamic Awareness Week, every week of the year. And will be until we make all of our fellow citizens aware of the evil of Islam.

Today is a link day to one particular site that has collected some of the most horrific images and videos that, should you choose to view reveal the truth of Islam.

I warn you that these videos are truly sickening and SHOULD NOT be viewed by children or people with weak stomaches. If you are using Firefox as your brower and have difficulty in viewing some of the clips then switch to Internet Explorer and you should be fine. I suspect you will view only one or two. I managed three but had to stop after Inhumane treatment.

A recent Populus survey showed that an overwhelming 93 percent of British Muslims think that attacks on civilians in the UK cannot be justified and 86 percent rejected targeting military establishments.

Given that there are over 2 million moslems living in Our Country, from those figures, we can extrapolate the following information.

  • 7 % of Muslims think that attacks on civilians in the UK can be justified - 140,000 possible bombers
  • 14 % of Muslims approve of targeting military establishments - 280,00 possible bombers

Frightened? You should be. Do you want an end to this fear? Then do something about it. Join the British National Party. Let them deport the preachers of hatred and the people who wish to kill us in the same way they killed the victims in the gruesome links above.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Beware of cheap foreign imports

A collectors item if we do not halt the Cult of The Dead Paedophile

I am surprised that Jack Straw, a former foreign secretary and currently the Justice Secretary would wish to open the floodgates to Turkey's 70 million population of Muslims fby granting free access to Our Country by letting Turkey join the European Union. Remember when it was only supposed to be be a trading bloc of half a dozen "European Countries"?

You would think that Jack Straw, real name John Straw, being a jew might have learnt some lessons about Islam in his visits to Israel and around the world. No, I am not having a pop at Israel. I leave that to the Muslims.

But no, John, sorry Jack, thinks that by allowing them to flood into Our Country it will prove to the world that a Western Civilised Nation can live in peace with those who follow the Cult of The Dead Paedophile (May he rot in hell).

Why not try a little experiment first Jack. Try putting a fox in a hen house for the night and let us see if they learn to live in peace. Or drop a couple of white people down in the middle of Johannesburg and see how long they survive.

Of course there are some Christians in Turkey(but getting fewer) who are allowed to practice their religion. Right up to the moment they are murdered in fact.

But moving on. It being almost the end of Islam Awareness Week. How are the dealers in death behaving in one of Earth hell holes, Pakistan? Let's have a look here. As I thought. Blowing each others to bits as usual. No wonder their entire population are moving to Our Country. Of course now that it seems most of them are now over here, we can expect them to start blowing each other to bits in our streets anytime now. When they are not blowing us to bits that is.

So lets see what is happening in India. Remember Pakistan was created after a blood bath fermented by Islam in India resulted in the new nation. If India thought that by giving the turnips half their land would keep them quiet for long they were wrong big time.

Of course when they do get their own land, they promptly start killing each other over things like which hand to wipe their bottoms with and we get another new Country like Bangladesh.

No I think it is more than likely that Jack has been watching the Australian Elections where Asians out there now have the voting power to decide who gets to stay on the Gravy Train and who gets thrown off. Jack has a nice seat. He will not give it up easy. It does not matter if the entire land is full of all standing immigrants. He's allright. Right Jack. Sorry John.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Do you think this is just a ploy?

Schoolgirl beheaded for being a Christian - Courtesy of the Religion of Peace

Reposted as part of Islam Awareness Week

Do you think that the daily bombardment you read about on blogs such as this attacking Islam is just a ploy to increase the votes of the British National Party?

Do you think we hate people that much that we attack them at every opportunity for no reason?

Well I can assure you it is not a ploy and hatred is something we cannot afford.

I and thousands of bloggers all over the world are watching and reading everything we can about what this Cult of Evil is doing. We must do it, even when it involves having to watch stomach churning murders by these vultures of death. We bear witness to their crimes against humanity.

If you want to turn a feeling that perhaps Sharia Law might not be quite right for Our Country into an ice cold resolve to prevent that, then go view this video at LiveLeak.

I warn you it is not for the squeamish but it will open your eyes as to what to expect from this Cult Of the Dead Paedophile if it is allowed to dominate our culture. Better still just take my word for it. I would not want to view it, given a choice.

Forget what the "Moderate Moslems" say. They count for nothing in the eyes of the "True Moslems". We are at War. Join the BNP and fight. Fight for your children if not yourself.

Stop these things happening in Our Country. Vote for the British National Party. The only party that will ensure the cancer shown in the video is cut from our nation body.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

UAF - Caught lying again

Always good for a laugh this one

The Urinate Against Freedom mob really are becoming quite a bit of a joke now. A sick joke but a joke none the less.

The foreign owned News & Star carried a report about two violent thugs who were given suspended sentences after a clash with drinkers in the Griffin Pub earlier this year and stated that some of the other group were BNP members.

Carlisle BNP immediately checked the facts and found, unsurprisingly that NO BNP members were involved or indeed had any knowledge of this event and duly informed the rag. But so far no apology has been made. You can read their the Carlisle BNP Press Statement here.
The simple truth is that the BNP have never had a meeting in the Griffin pub, in fact had no meeting at all in Carlisle on the day - indeed the month - in question and no BNP members were involved AT ALL, nor even present , interviewed by the police or linked to this incident in any way.
The Press complaints people, Ofcom, Police and the Cumbria news group have been contacted and legal action may be taken.

But the UAF, slow of the mark as usual, decided to run with the story, even after all their credibility had been lost after their Blackpool fiasco and have now been caught in a lie again.

What is dumber then a UAF Supporter? Give up? Two UAF Supporters.

News Update

Clearly frustrated by the growing support for the British National Party in North Wales, where BNP candidate John Oddy is standing for election in Colwyn Bay today (22nd Nov), far-left thugs, believed to be from Labour’s UAF front group, decided to make their own inimitable contribution to the democratic process yesterday. Two of the “Labour-by-proxy” thugs attempted to physically assault BNP candidate John Oddy and activist James Trueman as they were campaigning for today’s election in Rhiw ward.

Had these thugs, perhaps, bothered to do some homework - before engaging in what (for them) passes for reasoned intellectual debate – then they might have discovered that an ever-increasing number of ex-servicemen are joining the British National Party. John Oddy, BNP candidate and ex-SAS soldier, being one!

John Oddy takes up the story:

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The Asian Paedophile prositution network

This is what you get when you continue to vote for the Lib Lab Con

Reposted as part of Islam Awareness Week

Finally at long last, the main stream media are either waking up to the truth or being forced by the revelations of the British National Party to start reporting on the paedophile networks run by the Asian enrichers of Our Society.

I will not dignify the Asian crimes of abduction, sexual activity with children and turning young white British girls into sex slaves and prostitutes by calling it pimping. Although that word is shameful enough. They are paedophiles. Just as the mad monster whose cult they follow was a sick paedophile who now rots in hell. Any way, read the sick details for yourself and then you dumb, thick stupid labour voting morons who live away from the front line can forget about it. You members of the resistance who already know the truth can read it to reinforce your beliefs in why we fight.

At the crown court in Preston on August 10, a trial involving two Asian men caused unusual interest across a number of cities in the north of England. The defendants, Zulfqar Hussain and Qaiser Naveed, were each sentenced to five years and eight months for abduction, sexual activity with a child, and the supply of a controlled drug.
They had both pleaded guilty, and they were placed on the sex offenders’ register for life.
It seemed a shabby, seedy episode, probably typical of many cases down the years that have involved exploitative men and naive women. Yet, until these convictions, the police in over a dozen towns and cities, including Leeds, Sheffield, Blackburn and Huddersfield, had appeared reluctant to address what many local people had perceived as a growing problem – the groups of men who had been preying on young, vulnerable girls and ensnaring them into prostitution.
It was a very uncomfortable scenario, not least because many of these crimes had an identifiable racial element: the gangs were Asian and the girls were white. The authorities, in the shape of politicians and the police, seemed reluctant to acknowledge this aspect of the crimes; it has been left to the mothers of the victims to speak out.
Maureen’s daughter Jo was one of Hussain and Naveed’s victims, having been groomed by them and a number of other Asian men when she was 14. Jo went missing from her Blackburn home 90 times during the six-month period in 2005 that she was in Hussain and Naveed’s clutches.
“I was told by one police officer that he did not ‘want to start a race riot’ by arresting Pakistani men for sexual offences,” Maureen said. During the six months that Jo was in the clutches of these men, they raped, beat and abused her to the point where, says her mother, she did not even know who she was any more. Eventually, after she was attacked by Hussain and Naveed with an iron bar, Jo somehow found the courage to report them to police, and they were arrested. The case took 16 months to come to court. In the meantime, other pimps, undeterred by the impending trial, continued to go about their business.
So what are the police doing? Lancashire police say that in the past few months they have sent letters to 70 men who were believed to be spending an unusual amount of time with young girls. The letters warn the men that the girls are underage; the men are required to sign the letter, confirming they have received and read it.
The details are left on file – but there is no guarantee that the police will take any further action if the grooming continues.
Blackburn, in common with many northern towns, is experiencing a huge upsurge in pimping, and it is an unpalatable truth for the authorities – and indeed the police – that many of the newest wave of pimps come from within the Asian community. Research, conducted in 2005 and involving 106 families seeking help from the Leeds-based campaigning organisation Coalition for the Removal of Pimping (Crop), found that in Yorkshire alone more than 30 girls were sexually exploited, with some being forced into prostitution, by what Crop says are predominantly Asian networks. As many as 200 families have gone to the organisation for advice.
Many affected parents are unhappy with the police response. As this piece goes to press, the families are meeting lawyers to discuss possible action against the police. This could result in the biggest civil action ever brought against police for failing to protect children from sexual predators.
Alice Knowles, a chief inspector and the officer with responsibility for Operation Engage, set up by the police and the local authority in Blackburn to tackle the sex-grooming problem, insists her force takes a robust approach to tackling the problem of sexual predators such as Hussain and Naveed. “We work very closely with social services and other agencies to educate and prevent young people becoming victims, and to target and arrest offenders,” says Knowles. She believes the recent sentencing of Hussain and Naveed reflects the serious nature of this crime, and that police will “continue to work very hard to demonstrate that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated in Lancashire”.
The Mall in Blackburn is popular as a meeting place for the town’s young men and women. Set on two floors, with over 100 high-street stores, it is brightly lit and usually busy. It teems with young women with pushchairs, elderly people window-shopping, and teenagers meeting up with their friends. The crackle of security guards’ radios mingles with the cheesy piped music.
Not everyone is there to shop. Well-dressed Asian teenage boys can be found on the lookout for young white girls, following them around those stores that sell cheap jewellery and perfume. Meanwhile, older men sit on the benches, watching their workers and potential recruits in action. The older men are “employing” the boys to chat up the girls and eventually hand them over.
The Mall is widely known locally as the Lap because of the way young men and girls circle around the arcade, seeking each other out. The girls, keen to hook up with a boyfriend, call it “doing the Lap”. Young men stop to chat to the giggling girls, teasing and flirting. To many, they look like any other group of teenagers. One security guard, asked if the men are pimps, said he neither knew nor cared. “It’s the girls,” he says, “they love the Pakis. We can’t get a look in.” Nearby, a young man takes two of the girls into a shop, where he buys them make-up and perfume. Later on, the groups of men move on to the Vue cinema complex near Blackburn station. The younger men are on bicycles, the older ones in expensive-looking cars, sound systems blaring out bhangra and gangster rap. Girls begin to approach them, and are soon driven away in cars by the older men. It is possible that they are taken to “slag houses”, where they will be sold for sex.
Meanwhile, at the Lap and the Vue, the young men swagger up and down the road wearing gold chains and diamond earrings, and clicking their fingers at girls hovering close by.
Gemma cannot remember ever being happy, although her mother, Anni, says she was a contented child until she reached the age of 13. That was the day she fell out of puppy love. It was the day that Amir, her 24-year-old boyfriend, chose to brutally rape her.
Gemma had been introduced to Amir by a 15-year-old boy at her Blackburn school. A shy girl with little confidence, she was extremely flattered when she was charmed and actively pursued by the boy, who was thought of by many of the girls at her school as a “dish”. When Gemma became enamoured of her new boyfriend, he introduced her to his 24-year-old “cousin”, who began plying her with cannabis and alcohol. She initially enjoyed feeling “grown-up” and rebelling against her parents. Soon, Anni noticed dramatic changes in Gemma’s behaviour and appearance.
The date Gemma was raped was important – Amir, a seasoned pimp, was well aware of the law. If anyone has sex with a girl under 13, there is a strong risk of being arrested for having sex with a minor. Once they reach 13, however, unless the victim makes a complaint to the police, nothing will happen. Recommendations following the Soham murders clearly state that police should arrest in cases where older males have sex with a child under the age of 16. However, police rarely take action unless the victim complains, thereby allowing the pimps and their customers to act with impunity.

From Gemma, and other girls in her situation, there will be no complaint to the authorities. They are afraid to give evidence, or refuse to.
“That is why I am so proud of Jo,” says Maureen, talking immediately after Hussain and Naveed were sentenced. “Although she had been through the most horrendous physical and mental torture at the hands of those two, she somehow found the courage to go to the police.”
The pimps are, of course, highly manipulative. Ensnaring vulnerable and unconfident girls, they make them dependent by giving expensive gifts and constant compliments. After embarking on a sexual relationship with them, the abusers begin to control them with threats and brutality, before selling them to other men for sex. There are obvious signs for parents to look out for, experts say. Girls transforming from childish and naive to angry, hardened and overtly sexualised, and coming home drunk, smelling of smoke, truanting from school and going missing from home.
The abuse these girls suffer is horrendous,” says Aravinda Kosaraju, a researcher at Crop, which has in the past been funded by the Home Office and has recently received a large lottery grant in order to develop its work. “The pimps even use pregnancy as a form of punishment,” says Kosaraju. “We worked with two girls who were made pregnant by customers and then forced to have backstreet abortions.” Crop was founded by the late Irene Ivison, a mother of three who died during a routine operation. Her daughter Fiona, a bright girl from a happy home in Sheffield, was lured by a pimp masquerading as her boyfriend when she was 14. Having been successfully groomed, by the time she was 17 she was dead, murdered by a customer.
Crop researchers have been tracking the pimping gangs for over a decade, and have built up a valuable database of knowledge about the pimping gangs, based on hundreds of stories from parents and victims. However, the pimps are largely able to operate with impunity. “If we had not pushed and pushed about this issue,” says Anni, “I believe that Hussain and Naveed would still be out there, just like my child’s abusers are.”
Anni, along with other affected mothers, has put pressure on the police to respond by using the local press to back their campaign for justice.
Blackburn is Jack Straw’s constituency, and both Anni and Maureen have visited him to beg for help. “I have had two cases at my constituency surgery over the past two years,” Straw said, “and have discussed this with the police, council, community leaders and the Lancashire Telegraph.” The paper launched the Keep Them Safe campaign last year, following an investigation of several cases of Asian pimping gangs.
Under the control of the pimps, the girls develop something akin to Stockholm syndrome, where they begin to have empathy and sympathy for their abusers. Shirley Gorek, a former social worker employed by Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council to advise on child sexual exploitation, has run support groups for girls caught up with pimps. She found the girls can get completely brainwashed by their abusers. “It is almost as if they are programmed into a cult,” she says. “There is often no getting through to them.”
The pimps’ methods of brainwashing often rely on making the victim feel responsible for their welfare. “Amir got me into prostitution by making me feel sorry for him,” says Gemma. “He said he was in debt to his landlord, and I was the only way he could make money. I would have done anything for him.”
Not all the girls are from disadvantaged backgrounds. A recent national survey by Barnardo’s found that, of underage children selling sex, nearly half still lived with their families, with only 14% being in care.
Pimping is lucrative. According to the Metropolitan Police Vice Squad, a pimp can make £300,000 to £400,000 a year selling a 16-year-old girl. There is, appallingly, no shortage of men who wish to buy them. The criminals often use the girls themselves to recruit their neighbours and school friends into the gangs. One mother, who used to drive around the town looking for her daughter when she went missing, says she once saw an older teenage girl apply make-up to two young girls in the street, while older Asian men, whom she recognised as pimps, waited by their BMWs. “The girls then were told to perform a ‘sexy dance’ for them,” says Jean. “But they were so young! I had watched them skipping earlier.
Despite evidence from rigorous research by organisations such as Crop that the gangs are largely made up of men from the Pakistani Muslim communities, many are determined to downplay this. “What we’re dealing with is gross criminality,” says Kosaraju. “That should be confronted whatever the race of the perpetrator.”
Mike Cunningham, an assistant chief constable with Lancashire police, says he is aware that several recent cases reported to police in Lancashire have involved Asian men, but that the issue of sexual grooming of young girls is not based solely on race or culture.
“Offenders can and do come from a variety of cultural backgrounds,” says Cunningham, “and we deal with each case on its own individual merit.” He says he is not aware of “any accusations of racism from the accused or their respective communities”.
Historically, many of Britain’s pimps have come from immigrant communities – Jews in the early 20th century, Jamaicans and Maltese in the 1950s and ’60s. White, British-born pimps have tended to operate as individuals, rather than within criminal gangs. In recent years, however, young Asian men have been operating in formal, organised networks in the north of England, particularly in the impoverished towns with high unemployment and racial disharmony.
Taxi drivers, shop owners and security guards who work in the shopping arcades where the girls are recruited are also involved, one police officer (who asked not to be named) told me.
“Police seem to be very cautious about this. They fear being branded racist,” says Mohammed Shafiq, the press spokesman for the Ramadhan Foundation, a Muslim youth education charity based in Rochdale. Shafiq recently tried to address some imams and community leaders, but did not get very far. “They all had a ‘no comment’ policy,” says Shafiq, “but our organisation is clear that it is going on, and that it is linked to drug dealing. We can’t simply blame the BNP.
As well as simple opportunism, pimping of white females by black and ethnic-minority men can be a type of revenge against whites. “My parents ran a grocery shop,” says Hussein, who admits to being part of the pimping gangs in the late 1990s. “They had hardly any money, even though they worked their backsides off. White people treated them like shit, like they were their servants.” Hussein says he took “great pleasure” in having young white girls at his beck and call, knowing their parents would be out of their minds with worry. Although Hussein was reported to the police, he was never arrested for any crime, and is now working in Leeds.
The issue of black and Asian men being labelled “pimps” is deeply contentious, but not, say parents, a reason for police to turn a blind eye. It can, and does, however, fuel racism. Black men and pimping are linked through popular culture – from the African American Iceberg Slim’s classic autobiographical novel, Pimp, to the glamorised depictions of pimping by hip hop and rap artists.
In 2004, a controversial documentary on the topic of Asian pimps, Edge of the City, focused on the mothers of two girls being pimped by Pakistani gangs in Bradford, West Yorkshire.
But before it could be screened, a number of black and Asian groups, media such as the newspaper Eastern Eye, and websites including Blink (Black Information Link) organised an e-mail petition to pressurise Channel 4 into pulling the programme, arguing that its makers’ sole purpose was to perpetuate racism against Asian communities. The channel received over 500 e-mails in protest. The BNP capitalised on the row by hinting that all Asian men were a sexual threat to white girls.
Originally due to be screened in May 2004, three years after the Bradford race riots, the documentary was pulled from the schedule at the request of the West Yorkshire Police. A spokesman at the time said police had found no evidence of the alleged systematic exploitation, and the chief constable of West Yorkshire Police warned Channel 4 that he felt the timing of the programme could contribute to community unrest in Bradford and possibly even provoke public disorder in the city.
A number of families affected by Pakistani pimping gangs have said that police inaction and the refusal of white liberals to acknowledge the problem has resulted in more girls being at risk than ever before. “We are still battling to get recognition that what we are dealing with is organised crime against children,” says Kosaraju.
Sunny Hundal, editor of the online magazine Asians in Media, has followed the phenomenon of Asian pimping gangs. “Although it’s obvious that it’s young, lawless Pakistani boys,” says Hundal, “it’s tricky to make this an issue about race or religion when neither are contributing factors.” However, he does believe some young Asian men “hold very disparaging attitudes towards white girls, thinking they’re ‘easy’”.
Jean is a lively woman in her forties, living with two of her three children in a neat terraced house in the east side of Blackburn. Her daughter Sally, coming up to her 16th birthday, is now estranged from her as a result of being brainwashed and abused by men from the Asian pimping gangs. “Sally was a shy girl before this happened,” says Jean, “and dressed fairly demurely, but all of a sudden she was wearing heavy make-up and dressed like a prostitute. At that stage I had no idea what was going on.”
Jean’s eldest daughter, Sally, was targeted at school at 13 by slightly older Asian boys. They were on the payroll of older men who run pimping operations in the town. The modus operandi of the gangs is that pimps employ school-aged boys to make the initial connection with suitable girls and befriend them. The girls are then introduced to men they are told are older relatives of the boys. The older men take them out in flash cars and buy them gifts. Soon, however, it is payback time, and the girls are sold to men from private flats, hotels and cars.
“All of a sudden Sally was only interested in hanging out with Pakistani boys,” says Jean. “She started saying I was racist, and that is why I objected to her hanging out with them”
Jean was soon to find out just how indoctrinated her daughter had become when she discovered Sally’s photographs and profile were posted on a website. She was posing with the flag of Pakistan. There were 97 names of Asian men posted on it who had made contact with her. She was asking for Asian men to “date”. She said she hated white people. There were other girls’ photographs on the site, one of whom Sally had recruited, as were other girls who were being pimped. Jean’s boyfriend went online, pretending to be a girl. One of the men asked: “Are you better than Sally?”
Preying on her shyness and vulnerability, the pimps told Sally she was beautiful and would be treated like a princess if she showed them loyalty. They also convinced her that her family did not care about her, saying her parents would think she was a “slag” for having Pakistani boyfriends. “We parents are doing more to investigate these criminals than the police,” says Jean. “My husband and I have sat for hours outside hot spots, taking down car-registration numbers. I have given the police dozens of names from my daughter’s mobile phone, but they have done nothing.”
The pimps are adept at trading on teenage rebellion and use similar methods, according to Crop, of convincing the girls all white people are racist. This is part of the controlling process, to instil guilt in the girls. “Like most teenagers, I was going through a phase of arguing with my mum,” says Gemma. “Amir told me they didn’t understand me and were racist and ignorant. I believed him.” Gemma was given an Asian name by Amir, and told she had to read the Koran, a story support workers tell me is not uncommon. “They erode the girls’ identities,” says Kosaraju, “to make them more compliant and needy.”
Few of the girls know, or are willing to acknowledge, they are being pimped. Because they claim to love the men, and think of them as their boyfriends, police often see that as an admission from the girls of consent. “As far as I was concerned, Amir was my boyfriend,” says Gemma. “When he told me I had to sleep with his friends, I had no idea he was being paid for it. I was on a lot of drugs and he said I had to pay for them.”
Where there is pimping, there are other forms of serious and organised crime. Some Asian pimps in Rotherham are also involved in drug dealing and gun crime. Although shootings in the town are rare, the girls caught up with the pimps have disclosed that many of them carry guns. Pimps traffic the girls between towns and cities. The United Kingdom Human Trafficking Centre (UKHTC) has appointed Amanda Palmer, a detective sergeant, to investigate trafficking within the UK. “There is no doubt that, according to current law, these girls have been trafficked,” says Palmer, “but to date, there has not been a conviction under this legislation.”
One of the many tragedies resulting from this phenomenon is how it is fuelling racism and mistrust of whites towards Pakistanis where little existed previously. Although racism can be rife in towns such as Blackburn, Jean claims that before her daughter’s life was ruined she bore no animosity towards the Asian community. Things have changed. When ordering a taxi, Jean spends several minutes looking through the telephone directory, explaining she is looking for a “white-run firm”. “If an Asian man came to my door, I might have a flashback, and go mad,” says Jean.
In the meantime, organisations such as Crop continue battling with the police to act on the intelligence they have built up. Progress may be round the corner in the shape of the legal action the parents have started – and many parents I spoke to are feeling cautiously optimistic after the convictions of Hussain and Naveed. “This is just the beginning,” says Maureen, “but I think it will have sent a message to other abusers that the net is closing in on them and they can no longer get away it.”
Gemma’s pimp tired of her when she turned 16, but she still has a drug habit and is irrevocably damaged from the sexual torture and degradation she endured. Although many young women do escape the clutches of these predators and go on to repair their lives, some will be drawn into street prostitution, violent relationships and self-harming lifestyles.
Jean’s daughter Sally is in foster care, but is still being picked up regularly by pimps and raped by men who do not even know her name. She is now totally estranged from her mother, whom she recently threatened to stab. “I keep having nightmares about what they have done to her,” says Jean, “and about what her life has become. I want to kill them. I have told police to go and do something, or I might lose control and do something myself.”
In all of these cities, victims such as Sally are facing an explosive mix of brutality and denial – from the authorities and the Pakistani community. It seems easier for many people to pretend it is not happening. The girls involved just don’t have that choice.
All of the names of victims and their relatives have been changed to protect identities.

If you really want this evil stopped then there is only one political party with the courage to grasp this evil nettle and rip it from the ground and that is the BNP. The British National Party, the true leaders of the resistance.