Friday, 16 November 2007

Heighington and Washingborough by-election results

This is Our Target and we WILL get there

The British National Party were in by-election action again yesterday. This time in Robin Hood country and considering this is the first time they have put up a candidate there, they done very well.

It is a fact that British National Party activists are the most dedicated and hardworking activists of any party. And the reason for that is simple. They are patriots who care about their Country. Not just for themselves but for others not yet born. The children of the their children. Better one volunteer then ten pressed men in the shape of paid trade union activists and the rented rabble of the Urinate Against Freedom mob.

Despite all the negative propaganda put out by the Tri-Axis controlled press and interference from the usual red rabble, Michael Clayton and his troops handled themselves well and have surely made the rotating dictatorship parties start to think about their long term futures or lack of rather.

The result was as follows:-
  1. Tories 877
  2. Lab 206
  3. Lib Dem 137
  4. BNP 126
  5. UKIP 52
  6. Ind 21
  1. Con 61.8% +14.5%
  2. Lab 14.5% -26.9%
  3. Lib Dem 9.7% +9.7%
  4. BNP 8.9% +8.9%
  5. UKIP 3.7% -7.6%
  6. Ind 1.5% +1.5%

Turnout 26.2%

As usual Michael, please convey the thanks of the True Brits around Our Country to the people who campaigned for you and also the voters who took time out to go and vote BNP.


Fidothedog said...

Good result, nice to see Liebour scum losing voters.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous result - hope the knuckles are ok!

Anonymous said...


"The Muslim communities already established in Britain have not integrated
successfully. They are heavily dependent on benefits, hostile to freedom of
expression, prone to political corruption and not accepting of equality for
women. As well as fully-fledged terrorists, they contain many
fundamentalists who wish to destroy our democracy by bringing Britain under
a global Islamic caliphate."

Britlord said...

Women get 'virginity fix' NHS operations in Muslim-driven trend

Britlord said...

Illegal immigrant demands to be flown home because Britons are 'rude and unfriendly'

MississippiMud said...

Very good blog indeed. Hello from across the big pond in America.


BFB said...


Agreed, an excellent blog. Check out Fulham Reactionary as well.