Friday, 30 November 2007

You cannot help these people

The Religion of Peace extending the hand of tolerance

They are truly beyond redemption. Their minds are crazed and the actions they carry out in these spontaneous "protests" are on the orders of their Generals, the Imams. The Teddy Bear Fiasco is just their latest excuse to rattle their sabers in the face of the civilized world.

Although wrapped in bin liners outside Sudanese school, Teddy's fate is obvious

There is no reasoning with these people both overseas and the ones our Dhimmi masters have imported in their millions into Our Country. The only solution is remove the head of the Hydra that creates them just as they removed Teddy's head. That last bit is a joke, just in case the tree huggers thought I was being serious about Teddy.

But where is the Hercules we need to slay this monster? Because sooner or later we will have to fight this evil and drive it back to its lair and keep it imprisoned forever.

Let us pray that Our Fellow Citizens wake up soon. God knows what the turnips would do to Loopy Lou if they get their hands on her. Not even Andy Pandy could save her.


johnoddybnp said...

This Government will go to war at the drop of a hat if the Americans ask them, or if there’s political and financial gain, Iraq is all the proof you need of that.
The United Kingdom is now being ridiculed around the World for it’s lack of response to the injustice shown to Gillian Gibbons. When you see the images of sword and machete wielding, insane maniacs baying for blood, and demanding the death sentence don’t you wonder what our Government is doing? (Most of them are probably in hiding over illegal cash donations)!!
There should be the sternest possible warning given to the Sudanese Government, who are ultimately responsible for Gillian Gibbons safety, in that should any harm come to her, retaliatory strikes will be carried out against them, they should be reminded that with pin-point accuracy we could take out any important military or civilian installation, we could, if we required, target the Government itself (unfortunately theirs, not ours)! There should be no doubt in their minds that not only can we do it, we will do it, and for once our Government would be justified in being the aggressor.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to lay bets she gets a substantial insentive from the Mcb to convert when she returns.Another thing,why are'nt they at work?Silly me i forgot they live off the aid and handouts WE provide don't they.

Tis a good day to be an effigy salesman.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the UAF will bus some of these guys in to make up their depleted numbers in their next demo.

Anonymous said...

I bet their weekly rendition of crimewatch looks similar to ours.

anon1923:Thats a probability ,they incorporate similar tactics and have the same dress sense and bad teeth.We should'nt give them ideas

BFB said...

Did anyone see the BBC report on this demo. Can't remember the exact words verbatim but it was something like: "On the whole it was a peaceful demonstration as the smiling faces show"

I suppose by Muslim standards it was a 'peaceful demo'; after all, no-one was hacked to pieces (according to Al-Beeb).

Anonymous said...

absolutely mental !!!!

A lifetime of following Islam = Frontal labotomy, The DIY way to reduce a population to total robots for ease of use by their masteres, it saves them's a fortune in surgery.

Sir HM said...

I'm with John Oddy on this.

We should advise all British subjects to leave Sudan within a fortnight. We should extend that advice to the citizens of the rest of the world.

Then at the end of that two weeks we should rain all over Khartoum.

They do not understand reason or reasonableness. They do understand, AND RESPECT, being rained on.

najistani said...

If you were the offspring of 20 succesive generations of cousin marriage, and had repeatedly banged your head on the floor five times a day since you were a toddler, then you might behave like that as well.

najistani said...

If you were the offspring of 20 succesive generations of cousin marriage, and had repeatedly banged your head on the floor five times a day since you were a toddler, then you might behave like that as well.

The Spook said...

The problem is that a teddy bear will not grow up, declare jihad, and strap a suicide bomb vest on and go slaughter Jews and assorted infidels like a good human muslim boy would. Not to mention bag a few kafir women.

I agree, bomb Khartoum. The Brit govt. could do it easily if they could just find the grapes. Wouldn't need any help either and get some respect back in the process. This American's on board!!

Sir HM said...

This is worth reading

Spread it around wherever you go.

Mr Edward Behr said...

This insult cannot be forgiven. The woman must be publicly shot or beheaded as an example to others.

I am the secretary of the International Union of Teddy Bears, Fluffy Bunnies, Cuddly Toys and allied operatives.

As you may be aware, our union has millions of members throughout the world and representatives in every child's bedroom.

A major part of our duties consists of sleeping with children in an entirely innocent and comforting manner. For over a century parents have had absolute trust that they could put us to bed with their sons and daughters and they would not be harmed.

Imagine therfore our horror when we found that this 'teacher' had so corrupted her students as to associate one of our members with history's most notorious pedophile.

Off with her head!!!!

- Mr Edward Behr

johnoddybnp said...

Most visitors to this site are fully aware of the evil that is Islam, I, personally, have never hidden my feelings about it, I have said what an evil and dangerous religion it is. It’s a religion based on extremism, oppression and terror, it takes some comprehension to understand the mentality of a religion that holds suicide bombers as martyrs, and glorifies in the death of innocent women and children. What we have seen today, a well organised and planned demonstration calling for the death of Gillian Gibbons, is only part of a master plan put together by a global group of Islamic Extremist who would be prepared to sacrifice the people of Sudan in order to unite all the Muslims from across the world in a holy war against the “infidel”
If, and I still think we should, retaliate if Gillian Gibbons is harmed you can imagine the world press would have a field day “Superpower bombs third world country”. This would bring about a call to arms of all Muslims to rise-up against the West. In my opinion that would be the best thing that could happen, lets have the war now, we will have to go to war against the Muslims at some stage, maybe not today or tomorrow. but eventually a war will be inevitable our cultures cannot co-exist. If the war starts now it would be to our advantage, the Muslims are, not yet, in a position to win “The War of all Wars” but it wont be too long before they are. Already some Islamic based countries have limited nuclear capabilities and are prepared to share these capabilities with other Muslims who would not be scared to use them. We’ve already been warned to expect a “dirty bomb” in the not too distant future.
Of course there will always be those amongst us who disagree with me, one or two are reading this now, and they will whinge and whine about racism, scaremongering and Islam phobia, let them, I have my beliefs they have theirs, I wont try and justify myself to them, if they cannot see the evil in Islam then I can only pity them because they, in their stupidity, will be the first ones to hide away when the war does come. Even now, after seeing the images on TV they will find justification in the actions of mob-rule. May I make a suggestion to those of you that come into that category, find a nice deep bunker, get the rest of your UAF buddies, go sit in your nice, comfortable bunker and hope to God when it’s opened it’s a white man holding the handle!!!!.

BFB said...

Mr Edward Behr,

I had a Teddy when I was young...I knew their was something weird about it (and the sick 'Parents' who gave it to me) so I pulled it's f*****g eyes out!

Never looked at me that way again!

Sir HM said...

Yes John, the sooner the better. Sooner = less of them here on the inside. I've said this repeatedly here there and everywhere.

BTW - I read a little of your background as recently described on the BNP web page. Ever spend any time in Dhofar?

johnoddybnp said...

If I told you I'd Have to shoot you!!!!!!!!

najistani said...

Are the BNP the 'canary in the coalmine' indicating the stifling of free speech for everybody?

Take a look at the comments section in and scroll down until you come to one by 'Baligha' .

Quote "We must indeed prevent Griffin and the BNP from spouting their inflammatory rabble-rousing poison, especially in universities where they may influence immature and gullible minds."

What arrogance! She (according to 'Baligha' is a female Muslim name) is saying that the brightest young adults in the country are incapable of forming their own opinions.

But the most sinister part is...

"We need to be aware of coded messages of racism thinly disguised as theological discussion. If you visit BNP blogs you'll find them full of cut-and-paste quotes from Jihadwatch etc which often themselves consist of quotations from the Koran taken completely out of context, which are used to 'prove' that all Muslims are potential terrorists.

So as well as enforcing 'no platform' for people and parties, we need also to consider imposing 'no platform' for ideologies which seek to maliciously malign Islam with the deliberate intention of inciting quasi-racist hatred of Muslims.

'Counter-jihadists', as they call themselves, are the new Paki-bashers."

In other words, what she is advocating is the complete stifling of any criticism whatsoever of Islam as 'quasi-racist hatred'. So 'No Platform' will not just be applied to the BNP, but will also extend to any Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist etc who might wish to critically examine Islam on university premises.

The UAF do not publish anything on their blog which contradicts their policies (I've tried!), so we can assume this is what they are ultimately intending.

BFB said...

Najistani quoted: "If you visit BNP blogs you'll find them full of cut-and-paste quotes"

As if that makes them invalid! I am an avid 'cut-and-paster'...isn't that how the word spreads?

I've noticed this leftist tendency a lot recently, it's as if they're saying: "If you quote another source that source is invalid and you are thick for quoting it."

And I didn't cut-and-paste that, so it must hold implicitly!