Monday, 19 November 2007

British Taxpayers paying for Schools in Pakistan

Chairs? Who needs chairs?

Strange isn't it that Pakistan can afford to spend billions on its nuclear arsenal and maintain a huge modern army poised on the boarder with India but cannot afford tables and chairs for their school students.

But never mind, the British Taxpayer will sort something out. Why not send them the surplus furniture and equipment from Our Schools that have been paid for with Our Money.

A Dhimmi Lancashire County Councillor decided on return from his all expenses paid trip to Pakistan to arrange the transfer of thousands of chair and tables to Pakistan after visiting two high schools in Jaurah.
Coun Burns said: "We couldn't believe it. The kids didn't have tables or chairs as you'd expect to see in a school."They were using the floor as chairs and their knees as desks.
The "please vote for me turnips", councillor went on to say it will not cast the taxpayers anything. Well no they have already paid.

If there is a surplus of equipment, then those items should be sold at auction and the proceeds use to purchase other items for British Schools.

So the next time your child comes home and asks you to sponsor their school in order to buy new books then remember this post and then come the elections vote for the British National Party.


Fidothedog said...

Another few thousand quid wasted. Well done Labour, least the Pakistanis can spend more on missiles.

Anonymous said...

well done to all the politicians everywhere who would rather buy arms than vaccinations. but watch your hypocrisy because the green arrow just published one story below a man who is advocating arms. weapons are weapons. it matters not who they are used on. it matters not what colour of the skin we have. violence is violence and is not acceptable anwhere.