Friday, 9 November 2007

BNP offer reward for information

The Mosquito

A patriotic British National Party Councillor is offering a £600 reward for information which leads to the conviction of despicable thieves who stole a treasured and irreplaceable part of a war memorial.

The thieves, with no respect for Our History, Culture or the Sacrifices made in the defence of freedom by Our Armed Forces, stole a propeller that was the central part of a memorial at the De Havilland Aircraft Heritage Centre.

The propeller had been salvaged from the remains of a crashed Mosquito plane in which the pilot died and his navigator badly injured. But their memory meant nothing to those who stole something that cannot be replaced. Who will melt down the meaning of the memorial for a pathetic scrap value of just £20 pounds.

And that is the state of our society today. A society deliberately created by the new world order to be base mindless creatures with no history and no honour. Like the vermin who stole the memories of our dead.

Equally as evil are those who desecrate our other war memorials with symbols that are the sign of their true nature. Fascists. The like of Urinate Against Freedom who defile graves and memorials with swastikas and racist statements in the wild hope that the blame for their evil actions will be placed upon the British National Party. The sons and grandsons of those who fought for our freedom and in whose honour we erect our memorials for.

Anyone found guilty of desecrating a memorial should receive a minimum sentence of ten years imprisonment. Let them learn respect the hard way and so to, one day, will the corrupt politicians who have betrayed us. Every single one of them.

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