Monday, 26 November 2007

Please Sir!

Would you give this man an apple or the sack?

Well one Moslem child had a lucky escape and a glimpse at the real face of Islam.

The roughie toughie enricher of Our Society brought some of his stone age teaching practices with him when he landed on Our Shores and proceeded to teach Islamic Studies at his local Mosque.

He beat a young child within an inch of his life because the 11 year old pupil made the mistake of trying to help another child who had asked him how to spell a word.

In the child beaters defence it was stated that Hazarvi, who arrived in Our Country several years ago was an highly educated Imam who could recite the Koran word for word.

Had this teacher been other than Muslim, he would have been imprisoned. As it was he received a 12 month community order.

The "community" have stood by this creature and he retains his job teaching at the Mosque where the attack took place. British Justice. Cant beat it. But they can beat a child.

Forty children go to the mosque every evening from 4.30pm to 6.30pm to study the Koran. There is Religious Instruction and then there is plain simple brain washing.

When will we learn? When will we ever learn?


najistani said...

Had this teacher been other than a Muslim he would also have been banned from working with children for life.

More Islamic chid abuse at

Anonymous said...

He arrived here seven years ago and brought with him his own barbaric principles and methods of teaching,therefore beating a child and causing what were described as horrific injuries is apparently the norm and standard practise in dark age islamic teachings.

God help Britain.........

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. That this dispicable act has been tolerated sickens me. Another act of dhimmitude and another act that shames our society.

The sooner the BNP get in and get rid of Islam the better and safer we'll all be.


Anonymous said...

Abuse of anyone by anyone is unacceptable.

Why did you choose to post this article in particular and yet ommit to post articles that tell the stories of numerous other unacceptable abuses by christians in positions of power (Im sure I dont need to bother citing and handing out web links to those cases in the UK, Southern Ireland, USA). In the UK alone we have engaged in allowing terrible abuses to occur in the Christian faith. Its utterly unacceptable as Im sure you'll agree. Even recently, The Rev David Smith was convicted of perpetrating sexual abuse. I think that everyone agrees that abuse is unacceptable, so why not post stories and make comments about abuses throughout the numerous faiths/religions rather than focus on one (Islam)? Your singular focus only serves to highlight hypocrisy and shoddy reporting. Louise.

Whitelightning said...

Jeez Louise, didnt you realise that you are on a Nationalist website..and you a clever lefty too! If you want to hear how nasty everyone but Islam is, just tune into the BBC, they regularly attack and undermine Christianity. But I guess in the warped mind of the criminal left, thats ok..funny though, as Christianity will probably prove to be more tolerant of the deviant Liberal lifestyles than Islam will be when they take power through their Trojan Horse, Nooo Labour. The Trojan horse has just moved to Australia too, so watch that space.

Anonymous said...

Eighty hours unpaid community work for beating a defenceless child and they're not even going to deport him; instead he's been given the green light to continue his abuse and hold a community to ransom justified by his phd in stort telling.

The boys parents were not even going to report the incident through fear of upsetting community cohesion not to mention fear of reprisal if they did.

Ali Jihadi said...

Ah, brainwashing with violence. This is a man after my own heart.

If this Muslim brother can recite the Koran word for word then he would know that it is a book dedicated to subjugation, destruction and death - all reasonable pursuits I think you'll find.

I want to hear no more of this "Islam means Peace" nonsense. We want to crush the infidels and establish the global Caliphate. Democracy will soon be relegated to history. Then the real fun will begin!

najistani said...

Seems to be standard practice ...

A six year old child was beaten unmercifully after accidently stepping on her teachers prayer rug while he was kneeling. When he finished his prayer he did what every other loving, peaceful, caring teacher of children would do, and beat the hell out of her.

Allah Akhbar!!!

Anonymous said...


you are a prime example of a pig-ignorant, narrow minded buffoon if you truly believe the nonsense you've just posted.

Are you insane woman? If ANYBODY abuses a child they should be severely punished. No apologies, nom excuses. And it doesn'nt matter if other clerics commit abuse IT IN NOW WAY excuses this repties actions.

And let's get something clear you fool: Mohammed raped a 9 year old girl, little girls are being abused LAWFULLY under Islamic sharia and there's also the abuse of boys, "the pearls" of Islam.

It is the fact that Islam legalises the abuse of kids that escapes your tiny, PC multicult omeba of a brain.

WAKE UP. Before your kids are faced with the same fate. That is, if a male is dim enough to copulate with someone as stupidly blind as you are.


najistani said...


Islam Awareness for the liberal/left-wing female:

johnofgwent said...

I won't bother explaining it to louise.

I'll just say for the rest of you that if my daughter lays a finger on any of the kids she teaches it's on her bloody CRB record and that's her out of a job for life.

And that applies to Private Schools too these days. The chance to beat your fag in the prefects bathroom is long gone. More's the pity say some Tory MP's but thee we are.

So can someone please tell me why there is one law for schools in the private and public sector that follow the naional curriculum, and another for schools in a mosque...

Oh yeah I get it sharia law again.

Methinks a chat with the home secretary is needed.

najistani said...


Yes, there are institutionalised privileges for Muslims.

Shariah is being implemented by the setting up of dual standards for Muslims and kuffars. Kuffars are constrained by ever more PC rules and regulations, while Muslims are being given ever more latitude to rape, pillage, murder and lay waste our civilisation.

There is indeed one law for the Muslims and another law for the kuffar. This is explained in an excerpt from a rather long and scholarly article at

Quote: "There is no such thing as a universal statement of ethics in Islam. Muslims are to be treated one way and unbelievers another way. The closest Islam comes to a universal statement of ethics is that the entire world must submit to Islam. After Mohammed became a prophet, he never treated an unbeliever the same as a Muslim. Islam denies the truth of the Golden Rule."

The entire article is worth reading for an in-depth insight into the pathology of the dhimmi mind.

najistani said...


I assume the 'Lionheart' who wrote in a previous comment

"WAKE UP. Before your kids are faced with the same fate. That is, if a male is dim enough to copulate with someone as stupidly blind as you are.

Lionheart." an imposter and not the owner of the Lionheart Blog, who appears to be a Christian gentleman and would be unlikely to address a lady in such terms

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment. Thanks but I wasnt insulted by it (there are bigger issues at stake here and I have always viewed insults on these pages as being a smokescreen to the actual debate and therefore indicative of a problematic or out of control temperament stemming from frustration and inability to be cool in one's arguments rather than anything else). Everyone pops their gasket from time to time but people were doing that with me as their very first reaction - not healthy!

The main reason for my ignoring it was that I already said that abuse 'of' anyone 'by' anyone was unacceptable so the anon lionheart must have missed my first sentence. I dont care who you are, if yorue abusing someone, it aint right! everyone knows that!

The secondary reason was that my actual argument was to criticise GA for not understanding that atrocities occur across the board with some religions/faiths, including christianity.

In my opinion, if a posting only points out what others do as well, then the accusation cannot solely be leveled at Islam. Even further, if the accusation cannot be leveled at all muslims, it loses its validity since EVERY group has indiiduals who take words to an extreme, who act on symbolic metaphor, who act outside of contemporary acceptable practice (eg whensomething stood years ago but isnt acceptable today) and who misinterpret out of context sections of a dogma/faith/religion. It doesnt mean that everyone is like that that also follows x,y or z belief!

I find the hypocrisy that you point the figure so generously to everyone else by ignoring what I have just raised and yet have individuals in your party who have been convicted of crimes against innocent human beings doing nothing wrong but in looking 'wrong' (eg being black, asian, muslim etc) absolutely horrifying.

So, the lionheart character here raises nothing new and does nothing to convince or educate me to his viewpoint. (and who uses words like copulate these days?! My goodness).

Anonymous said...

Yes, people of all religions commit murder, child abuse, mutilation, torture, extortion, wife-beating etc, but only Muslims have divine approval for these actions. That is what makes Islam so dangerous - the Koran is a psychopaths' charter.

Every Muslim must believe that the koran is the literal word of God, otherwise he is an apostate.

najistani said...

Ooops the anon above is me

Anonymous said...


(something ive been meaning to ask for a few weeks now, what is the origin of your screenname?)

Do you think that every muslim would agree with your statement above?

Do you think that all muslims are psychopaths?

Can you point me to the first hand sources in the koran that promote the claims you making above? (i dont mean the fwd'ing of loads of blogs, i mean the chapter/verse references?

Can you point me to the first hand sources in the koran that do not approve of these actions you cite? (again, emphasis on chapter and verse references)

How long have you studied the koran for?

Assuming you have studied the koran and understand its original translation, have you studied other religious texts?

Put simply, if you can address the questions above without going awol from the point, as a reader, I will then be able to assess myself with regards to the validity of your accusations. If you can address these points seriously, I would be hugely grateful. Its more than reasonable to ask you to be accountable and to back up your statements.

Anonymous said...

Anon,Have you read the koran?

Anonymous said...


You should be insulted by it. You and ignorant fools like you enable Islam to flourish. For that, you are my enemy, and I have nothing but contempt for you.

You still don't seem to realize that the abuse of children is fully mandated in the Qu'ran and was practised by mohammed who not only abused a 9 year old, he beheaded young boys too. But here, why listen to an angry guy like me, go read what this corageous woman is doing, standing against the abuse of children and women (you'll also find the Qu'ranic sources there too as asked for by the taqqiya merchant)

The problem you simpleton is that other religions do not approve of child abuse and the absue of women whereas Islam does. Can you get this fact into your little brain?

And Najastani - I refer to myself as Lionheart because I want to. I don't need to be referred to as an impostor and I'll make it clear I am not the christian blogger OK - of whom I know absolutely nothing. And I don't need you to apologize for me to idiots who are abetting the enemy, Islam. This is a fight and if you want to pussy foot around with nicities, do so on your own.

We are at war with Islam an enemy that hates us. The sooner we all wake up to this evil and start fighting it the better. And for doing so in a forthright manner when dealing with "useful idiots" like Lousie I make no apology.


najistani said...

Louise, I'm busy just now so I can't give you Koranic chapter and verse, but KILL THE UNBELIEVERS WHEREVER YOU FIND THEM is a good start.

There's also the Hadith where Mo says something to the effect that "I have been made victorious through terror"

najistani said...

Regarding psychopaths, there is a famous quote regarding SJS by I can't remember who (could probably google for it) to the effect that “Individual Islamists may appear law-abiding and reasonable, but they are part of a totalitarian movement, and as such, all must be considered potential killers.”

Anonymous said...

Anon = (Denise ?) = Louise.
the patronising, self righteous style is unmistakeable.

Liars Buggers & thieves if you want to see condemnation by "whitey" of their own criminals (and others)in office. Proportionally off the scale when compared to any BNP sympathisers or ex members alleged crimes.

The right for ANYONE to protection from physical attack goes without saying, but verbal attack ? forget it! If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Or put another way, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. It's a 2 way street.

najistani said...

Dear Anonymous,
(Is that Louise again or another of the anonymice who seem to be breeding like Muslim cousins. Why can't you choose a unique monniker)


Do you think that every muslim would agree with your statement above?
- No

Do you think that all muslims are psychopaths?
- Depends on the degree of commitment. I'm sure there are many Muslims who are Muslim in the same way that I am CofE and attend Mosque in the same way I attend church. But if you are a REAL muslim you are indeed a psychopath.

Can you point me to the first hand sources in the koran that promote the claims you making above? (i dont mean the fwd'ing of loads of blogs, i mean the chapter/verse references?
- Can't be bothered. Do it yourself by googling for 'koran violent verses'

Can you point me to the first hand sources in the koran that do not approve of these actions you cite? (again, emphasis on chapter and verse references)

- ALL ABROGATED (if you don't understand abrogation, google for the differences betwen the Meccan and Medinan rantings)

How long have you studied the koran for?
- Fifteen minutes (after which I gave up trying to read it and used it as an absorbant beer mat) If it was God's word it would written to be clearly understood by its intended readership.

Assuming you have studied the koran and understand its original translation, have you studied other religious texts?

Four Noble Truths by H.H. the Dalai Lama - makes fare more sense than Mo's rantings.

najistani said...

Anon (is it Louise or another Anon?)

Regarding the 'Najistani' monniker:

Just as a Pakistani is an inhabitant of the 'Land of the Pak',
so a Najistani is an inhabitant of the 'Land of the Najis'

If this explanation is insufficient then google 'najis things'

Anonymous said...


So you have read something for about fifteen minutes and you are an authority on it?...and do so much harm with so little knowledge. Are you not bothered by your lack of education? Is this why humour and satire are your only vechile to demonstrate your fear? No wonder you are scared.

Okay Najistani, the observation of your complete ignorance is an easy conclusion to draw - given your response above.

You have done the work of removing any validity to your points by yourself in your response. This explains much of your infantile style that we spoke about earlier. In the most worrying of ways, I can see why you took that observation as a compliment now! Jeese, I almost feel bad that I stripped you off that perception, given that it was clearly all you had/have.

BFB said...


You don't need to be a Koranic scholar to know that Islam is a 'vicious, wicked faith' anymore than you need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

How long have YOU studied the Koran?

(I suspect Naj is jesting with you: I read the Koran from cover to cover (it took a lot longer than 15 mins) and Naj knows a damn site more about it than I do).

najistani said...

I don't need to wade through all the turgid tripe in 'Das Kapital' and 'Mein Kampf' to know that Stalinism and Nazism are, like Islam, piles of stinking poo.