Monday, 19 November 2007

A letter from America

Dear Green Arrow,

I have a deep love for the UK. Every one on my Mothers side of the family is from Great Britain. I've been there twice. My GrandMother and GrandDad ( RIP ) lived in a flat on Muirhead Avenue in Liverpool.

I still speak with family members in the UK and they have told me that some parts have become horrible because of the large muslim influx into the UK.

Let me tell you that I am sincere when I tell you it breaks my heart to see a great land and a great people being slowly reduced to the 3rd world status that the muslims drecks seem too enjoy so much.

Muslims will have a very hard time with non Muslims in the USA when they really start the jihad here.

What pains me the most is the people of the UK can not own guns. I realize that our culture splits in this issue, but the right too bear arms is what protects us from our own government and those within America that would do us harm. If the Government fails to protect us, we the people will step up and defend ourselves.

I've not lost hope of the great and proud people of the UK. They are and have always been fierce and brave warriors.

My Mother lived through the Blitz, She has told me many accounts of bravery and the power of humour helped her family survive the nazi bastards. Well, we have the new nazis again.
And if our leaders in both our lands believe they will simply hand over the keys to the new nazis, they have got another thing coming.

I honestly almost feel bad for the muslim hordes once the American people really get mad as hell. The majority of us would rather die on our feet, than live like cowards on our knees. You have my deepest respect, my total admiration as a people and a culture.

Great Britain was not named that way without a reason. Chin up mate, it's not over yet.
Americans respect the British people. Yes we don't always agree on all issues, and we should not always agree on everything. Even the best of friends have issues, but at the end of the day, we are all cannon fodder for the jihadist insects that desire us dead.

Any enemy of Great Britain is my enemy. And I would gladly stand by my British brothers and sisters in defense of those that wish too bring the UK down. If you like you can share this with your readers , your family and friends.
Best of wishes too you and yours,


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tude dog said...

I must agree with most of what "A letter from America" wrote".

The cartoon isn't too far off the truth.

Of course Mexico is a long way off to where anybody would want to emigrate to, but the Mexican exodus to the U.S. is dragging us down to their level.

What does it take for regular citizens to make it plain to our reprehensive that enough is enough?

I don't want to live in a third world country, imported from abroad.

We have plenty of problems of our own and don't need somebody else’s.