Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Salford Police

Spot the plain clothes police officer

Salford Police along with the Council's Safety and Refugee action unit have hosted an event to raise awareness of the Hate Crime Reporting Centres they have set up throughout the city. I wonder how much they cost? I wonder if whites are welcome?

The freebee for the brain dead council workers who suck up rate payers money sitting about in these offices, also included entertainment provided by a Kurdish Band. Don't you just love enrichment?

Councillor David Lancaster, Salford City Council’s lead member for community safety, added: “We have a responsibility to protect and support all people in all our communities and we are constantly looking at new ways that will help foster confidence in the authorities.

And that is the reason for this post. I was wondering if PC Bernie Clifton(Race Relations Officer), who is third from left in the image above inspired confidence in you?

I am afraid in me, he just inspired a feeling of nausea and a quick prayer that I never ever need the kiss of life off someone like him.


najistani said...


This Salford hate crime was hushed up. As far as I'm aware the trial (if there was one) was never reported by the MSM.

UK: Woman stabbed to death by man seen reading the Qur'an
Says the police spokesman: "This appears to be a very unusual and untypical incident." Hmm. He seems to have forgotten that the 9/11 hijackers, and the Bali bomber, and killers from the Philippines to Nigeria, have been seen reading the Qur'an. The idea that this is something different from those attacks because there was only one attacker and two victims is unfounded; it is most likely that this man had the same motives that jihadists do around the world. From Manchester Online, with thanks to Susan and Ali Dashti:

A WOMAN was killed and another is fighting for her life after a knifeman went berserk in broad daylight in a Greater Manchester street.
It is believed the woman killed was attacked first by the man, who was carrying what appeared to be a kitchen knife with a six-inch blade and had been seen reading from the Koran....

He said: "We were all chatting in the street and this lad came running around the corner saying `Help me, there is a lad stabbing this girl'.

"When we got round there the girl was lying on the ground. There was this fella and we saw him stab this older lady. We shouted at him `What are you doing?' He then came for us and he was pretty close, then he got hit by a car."

It is understood police were first called to the scene by a man who reported seeing a man with a knife and reading from a book.

Police arrested a man at the scene and officers cordoned off the area, which today remained closed as forensic experts checked for evidence.

Chief Supt Brian Wroe, head of Salford Police, said: "It is a tragic set of circumstances and our thoughts are with the families of the victims at this time. There is a man in custody and at this stage we are not seeking anyone else.

"This appears to be a very unusual and untypical incident. I would like to reassure the local community that officers are working to get to the bottom of the circumstances and that people should continue to go about their daily business."


Anonymous said...

I am sick of this country, when are the sheeple going to wake up?

Fidothedog said...

Ah another multicultural shin-dig, well unless your a white tax payer that is.

How can anyone take that chap seriously when he is dressed up like some piss poor circus act.

najistani said...



Sir Ian Blair was found guilty, in July 2005, of racial discrimination against white Police Officers after his Force was found to have racially discriminated against three white Officers who were disciplined after falsely being alleged to have made racist remarks at a training day.

The Employment Tribunal said Sir Ian Blair, barely five months into his post, had “hung his own Officers out to dry” and was also found guilty of “prejudicing internal disciplinary proceedings against the three CID Officers and of treating them unfavourably”.

Sir Ian Blair, who at the time of the allegations was Scotland Yard's Deputy Commissioner in charge of Diversity, was said to have trusted the word of an female Asian Officer, Detective Sergeant Shabnam Chaudhri, over that of the three white Officers, who were later absolutely and unconditionally cleared of any wrongdoing whatsoever by the force's most senior Asian Officer, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur.

Detective Constable Tom Hassell, 60, Acting Detective Inspector Paul Whatmore, 39, and Detective Sgt Colin Lockwood, 55, won their claim for racial discrimination against the Metropolitan Police. The Tribunal Panel, sitting in Stratford, East London, ruled in favour of all three Officers, saying they had been treated differently and prejudicially because of their white race. The hearing was told that Sir Ian's attempted intervention was made without his having investigated the case or even seeing the evidence used by the Police Investigations Board.

Three white officers who won a claim of race and sex discrimination against the Metropolitan Police have been awarded a total of £90,000 compensation.
Scotland Yard confirmed Det Con Tom Hassell will receive £25,000 while Det Insp Paul Whatmore, 39, and Det Sgt Colin Lockwood will get £32,500 each.

The trio faced disciplinary action after remarks made during a police training session on Islam.

They won their case at an employment tribunal in east London on Monday.

A complaint was made after Mr Hassell mispronounced "Shi'ites", referred to Muslim headwear as "tea cosies" and said he felt sorry for anyone fasting during Ramadan, at the presentation in 1999.

'Decision challenged'

Det Sgt Shabnam Chaudhri, who made the complaint, also criticised the other two officers for not taking appropriate action.

Mr Hassell apologized but Det Sgt Chaudhri said he had been racist.

They were found partly guilty of misconduct at a hearing in 2001 which recommended no further action should be taken.

But Sir Ian Blair, the now Metropolitan Police Commissioner, called for the decision to be challenged.

The men argued that the matter would not have got beyond an informal complaint, had it not been for Det Sgt Chaudhri's race, sex and religious background.