Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Call me Teddy. Everybody does.

Personally in my opinion, anyone who wants to go work in a country that is ruled by Sharia Law is barking mad and that being the case should not be allowed to teach a parrot let alone children.

So I have no sympathy for the British Teacher facing 40 lashes in Sudan for naming a Teddy bear after some dead paedophile called Mohammad, who used to suffer from hallucinations.

This man named his gerbil Sid

However being reminded of the War of Jenkins Ear, I think we should say to Sudan, you put one hand on that silly woman and we will expel every Sudanese person in Our Country, stop all your foreign aid and generally rain on your parade. But thats just me. Our Dhimmi government will do nothing. Maybe pay for the plasters afterwards.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the most annoying part of this story for me was how this woman was said to love the culture and people of this place-I take it she means those same people who are now demonstrating outside the jail and calling for her punishment?. We have become a nation of dhimmis, havent we?, and I'm sorry to say this, but the Brits deserve the contempt they are receiving from these backward countries. If we had leaders who put our own people first as well as citizens who gave their time to helping kids here instead of countries that think we owe it to them, then maybe we wouldnt become the victims of crime and bullying abroad, which seems to be a pastime for every other country to practice on our tourists. Because we have no national pride, other nations pick up on this and treat us accordingly.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi Anon 09:20

It is true that some of our fellow citizens let us down. But remember most of them have been subjected to Big Brother brainwashing for many years. Our traitor Leaders know that. That is why they fear the BNP wakening the people. These leaders do not just wish to rule, they wish to humiliate.

najistani said...

Flog the kuffar slut then publicly behead the bear and it's owner!

There is nothing in common between the Prophet Mohammed and this Teddy Bear apart from heads full of cotton wool and the habit of going to bed with children.

Allah Akbear !!!

The Green Arrow said...

Cotton wool, bed with children

Allah Akbear !!!


Glad to see you have a sense of humour as well as a serious side najistani.

johnoddybnp said...

GA, I must disagree with you on this issue Gillian Gibbons was/is working at the International School, teaching English children, not some backward school for muslims. I do agree, however, that should they flog her or even imprison her we should come down on them like a ton of bricks!. When you see muslims, on the streets of the UK burning our flags and calling for the death of all infidels and they get away with it it just infuriates me.
When will this religion “wake-up and smell the coffee”?. It will only take an issue, such as this one, to make a difference between peace and a Holy war, The British people will only be pushed so far and then, regardless of our nanny Governments call for calm, will come-out fighting and the frustration of years of muslims taking the piss out of us will lead to Enoch Powell’s prophesy coming true. Civil unrest, that’s what it will be, will see all Asians persecuted, muslim or not, they will be held accountable for all the crimes committed against us by the muslims who flaunt our laws and openly call for our death. This religion is not just dangerous it is evil!.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi John, it is ok to disagree on here. Sometimes I write something, publish it and then disagree with some part of it myself.

I think the point I was trying to make is why should someone wish to work in a country ruled by Sharia Law . Remember when South Africa was the pariah of the world because of apartheid? To me sexual apartheid is as bad as racial.

At least we agree we should nuke them:)

paul said...

it´s the fault of the parents/teachers association?
they should have more contact!
but i think after this the bear is the only winner!

johnoddybnp said...

My wife just had a brilliant idea and theres still time to get it into the shops.It could be a best seller...."A Christmas bear called Mohammed".Please remember you saw it here first!!!!

The Green Arrow said...

Or you could have two pet pigs and call them Allah and Mohammad but the bear is a good idea. You could put him in pyjamas and he could also be a gay bear and the box he comes in could be a little closset.

johnoddybnp said...

The de-lux bear comes with a grainy video camera,a sharpe knife and fake blood....tea towel optional

johnoddybnp said...

Or a new stall at the CHRISTMAS fair..."Stone Mohammed (the bear)" Anyone caught cheating gets their hands chopped-off!.

Anonymous said...

No jokes about names for pet pigs please!!!!

Anonymous said...

My oh My, your collective comments are full of contradictions!

GA, if you cannot work out if you agree or disagree with your own postings, my advice is to take a little time to think them through before posting. At least have the decency to be consistent in your thoughts and beliefs!

Do you who have commented so far:

1. believe that the action taken towards this woman is a. fair or b. unfair?

2. consider it appropriate or inappropriate to make fun about homosexuality?

3. consider it appropriate or inappropriate to make fun about paedophilia?

GA, last week you said that you dont think that youre a violent person yet you suggest that "we" "nuke" "them".

You folks arent clear on your ideas and the ideas you do have are nothing more than poor taste and offensive humour (do you think that paedophilia is a laughing matter because i think its incredibly serious). If your cause is so urgent, there is no time to make fun and have a laugh and come up with ridiculous ideas like those suggested by the immature and completely unfunny mrs johnoddybnp. Perhaps you should work on the more serious BNP policies that you are meant to uphold. You wont get taken seriously and you put the worse possible foot forward in representing your cause.


johnoddybnp said...

Hi Louise.
Okay girl take the feather out of your bum, the English are renowned for making light of serious situations it’s what makes us who we are.
There is not a person here who would disagree with you over your concerns, but you must admit the bear was funny!. Before you say it I know it’s not funny for Gillian Gibbons. As far as taking the BNP policies seriously, this is a Nationalist web-site, we all know the policies. If I am going to discuss these policies with you, then yes I will be serious but please don’t berate other users just because they possess a sense of humour. Would I be forward in thinking that you often have a giggle with the girls over a glass of plonk or two?. Do we hold that against you?, no so please offer the same degree of decorum to other users of this site.

The Green Arrow said...

Hello Louise,

The statement that I sometimes I disagreed with what I write was that sometimes I do not express myself as clear or as well as I should. Not with the overall content.

The bit about nuke had a smilie and was to meant to provoke this kind of reaction.

However if Israel were to Nuke Mecca, millions of people who have suffered because of Islam would no doubt be pleased.

Did you view any of the clips in awareness week? If not why not?

Anonymous said...

Louise/Fred/abdul whoever?Feel free to comment on the article?

No platform GA.

johnoddybnp said...

Mohammed the CHRISTMAS bear.........it blows itself up when you unwrap it

Anonymous said...


I have a sense of humour when its appropriate. I dont need "plonk" to have a laugh! But, I dont make light of serious matters IF there is a victim involved as a direct result of my "fun". Its one thing to lighten a mood and granted, everyone does that. Humour can be healthy - no one denies that. Its when humour is destructive that its not appropriate.

To give you an example, I went on the UAF website recently and they were taking the piss out of you lot big time. They had good grounds to make you all look quite stupid and scarey at the same time. They achieved it too - you dont make it hard for them. The problem is that getting to grips and arguing against the BNP stance is a more serious matter than a crass opportunity to take the piss. They could make their points more productively and still suceed.

In EXACTLY the same way, you are extremely offensive to the UAF and in this case today, to the woman concerned AND to muslims on a daily basis. Then you wonder why people dislike you so intensely.

If you have something serious to say, lets hear it but if youre wrapping up racism in your nicely christmassy packaging, dont expect everyone to find it or you funny.

Where is your wife's sense of sisterhood to the woman under arrest? Will she feel proud of her stupid humour if anything bad happens to the teacher? Actually, for that matter, where is your so-called protection towards her as well - is she one of your indigenous brits?! Shouldnt you stop slapping each other on the back in this self absorbed way and be canning the humour and backing her up in a HELPFUL way?

A huge misunderstanding has occurred here and a clash of practices and beliefs. Tempers are edgy in part because of the terrible and harmful and unjustified stereotyping of religion and these are clashing with an event (the teddy bear) that was in no way meant to harm muslims.

Your humour goes too far my fellow human beings. Why dont you do something productive and start acting decently? Maybe then, as an organisation, you'll get even better election results than the dreadful performance exampled last week! I thought you are on record for saying that youre not extreme?! Would you make these same jokes in public on a platform with Nick Griffin? I wonder if you'll answer that one!

I recommend that you fire your comedian consultant and buy her a book on feminisms for christmas! (oh, here we go, a slither of information for you! load up all barrels for the feminism insults.... how predictable are you all!)

Lets see if you can even answer the earlier questions that were raised instead.

GA: Thanks for earlier links. Yes, they have been read.


Anonymous said...

Funny thing is, I work with a young woman called Louise and she is zero tolerant political correct, she has no humour, no charisma, no anything in fact. She is one of Mr bliars darlings I suppose, ultra competitive, especially against men, almost hating them, and there is nothing sexual about her whatsoever, neither the men or the women can pick up anything which would portray her gender to a blind person... is that you Louise?. What will the world do with all the androgenous robots that seem to be having their day, along with the deviants and the left wing bullies, those that at one time would have been considered outside society, the misfits, but now thanks to a media that has a fascination in all things bizarre, seem to be in control and terrorising those who are decent and striving to bring up their families in the correct way.

Anonymous said...

BYE BYE Garside.lol

najistani said...

Regarding the use of humour. Ridicule and satire are our most powerful non-violent weapons against Islam. Ali Sina wrote an excellent article in response to the Motoons affair arguing that turning Islam into a laughing stock is the best way to destroy it

see http://ibloga.blogspot.com/2006/02/some-very-enlightening-thoughts-from.html

The Spook said...

Now, behead me if I'm wrong, but isn't Mohammad the most popular boys name in Great Britain now? It's ok to blaspheme your prophet by naming boys after him but not okay to name a teddy bear after him?
Oh, I think I get it, teddy bears won't grow up one day to declare jihad and strap suicide vests on themselves so they can go an slaughter Jews and other infidels, therefore, boys are legitimate.

If these are not the stupidest, most backward people on planet earth, I don't know who is (except maybe libtards). And they bitch and complain that no one respects them. Piss off Hadji I'm real tired of you!

bernard said...

Cheer-up folks; I hear that the 1950s Elvis hit: 'I just want to beat your teddy bear' has just entered the Sudan hit parade.

Anonymous said...


your personalised blurting about your insecurities about the louise that you know has nothing to do with me. I wonder if she was so disgusted with your political style that she acted in that way to distance herself from you? but who cares? I mean...really?!? It aint me. Im not a labour supporter and I have only been acquainted with men who are nothing like the blokes that frequent these sites. I celebrate the existance of men as much as I do women. Both genders are essential to the planet. Similarly, as with any other personal details, my hormonal persuasion should not be of interest to you (regarding androgenous release or any other aspect of chromosomal makeup) and frankly, your posting is totally irrelevant as are my clear points to demonstrate my seperation from any hint that i might know you, let alone be anywhere near the same work space as you! Your nasty little ranting about a colleagues shows that you wouldnt be able to cope with the sorts of work that I do!

Najistani: Thanks for your comments but do you really believe that humour and satire is your strongest weapon?

1. I was told it was just letting off steam (not a weapon) by the failed candidate namesake johnoddybnp.

2. Humour and satire should not be your strongest weapon...having a justified point of view is any campaigns stongest weapon...humour and satire are just possible vechicles....do you know NOTHING about education and affiliation?!

3. If you get to use your "weapon" (eg humour and satire), why are you getting bent out of shape when others use theirs against you?

4. If you are using humour and satire as a "weapon", arent the muslims who are offended by you personally justified in doing so, since youre "jokes" are not so innocent afterall?

Oh my goodness, do you not spot the glaring inconsistencies in all of your collective and contradictory points?

Is this ALL you folks have? Is this as good as you get? Is this it? You are a sorry bunch! John Oddybnp, I can see that you might have been slightly more engaging than Naj, BFB and the crew but is there anyone else slightly more senior or even successfully elected who can do better than you folks?

Regardless actually as to whether its letting off steam, or the opposite, a serious display of your finest weaponary (humour and satire), you have got to shape up folks!


najistani said...

You're right! Why should the Jews have all the best religious jokes?

I searched for Muslim jokes and this is about as good as it gets:

Q: What do you ask a man who's just converted to Islam?
A: Have you started beating your wife?

Q How many Muslims does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None, they prefer to sit in the dark and blame it on the Jews.

Q: How do you get a Muslim woman pregnant?
A: Dress her up as a goat.

Q: Did you hear the one about the Muslim who won a Nobel Prize in Mathematics?
A:Neither did I.

Q. How many muslims does it take to change a roll of toilet paper?
A. What's toilet paper?

Q How can you recognise a well-balanced Muslim?
A He's got chips on both shoulders.

Q: What do you say to a Muslim woman with two black eyes?
A: Nothing! You told her twice already!

Q: What do you call a first-time offender in Saudi Arabia?
A: Lefty!

Q: What's the difference between Dar al-Islam and a pot of bio-yogurt?
A: The yogurt has a living culture.

Q: What do you call a drunk Muslim?
A: Hamed.
Q: What do you call a very drunk Muslim?
A: Mohammed.

Q: What has long blonde hair, huge tits, and is currently living in a cave in Greenland?
A: Salman Rushdie.

- Nine year old Aisha and her kid brother Ahmed are talking about Mohammed. Aisha said "Last night Uncle Mo came to me and told me I had the gates of paradise between my legs and he had the key between his"
"That's funny" Ahmed replied. "For the last two years he's been telling me it's Gabriel's trumpet and I've got to learn how to play it"

- Guy goes into sex shop and asks for an inflatable doll. Assistant asks him whether he wants a Christian one or a Muslim one. Customer asks what's the difference. Assistant explains that you need a pump for the Christian doll, but the Muslim one blows itself up.

Obviously room for improvement. Anybody out there got any more 'innappropriate' jokes?

only asking. said...

Well I DO feel sorry for the poor bloke who's been beaten.

How about a photo of THE TWO SERGEANTS, just for old times' sake?
Nick USED to call for the banning of Kosher meat as well as of Halal...Ho Hum.

Anonymous said...

Najistani: Why are you referring to Jewish people?

BFB said...

Louise said:"Both genders are essential to the planet"

Guys, it look like we have a true genius on our hands! Tell us,Louise, how many genders are their on planet 'Man-hating Troll?' I can smell a chip-on-the shoulder lesbian a mile off.

Louise (Louise,Anon, Another Anon, or whatever...)do you really think we are all stupid? You are deliberately trying to cause confusion by (a) posting as several different people, and (b) avoiding rational, intelligent debate.

OK, you condescending little irrelevant bitch-troll, lets have a discussion about the perfectly natural phenomenon of 'human tribalism.'

I say that tribalism among human beings is perfectly normal.

Tell me I'm wrong in your typically childish, patronizing little way!

johnoddybnp said...

You surprise me, I had you down as an intellectual, what were you doing on a UAF site?, be careful you’ll get yourself a reputation and we wouldn’t want that, would we!. When you went onto that nasty site what did you expect?, surely you are not naive enough to think they would have anything nice to say about the BNP are you?, besides that’s not what Labour pay them for!. The UAF are employed by Labour to disrupt and shambles any law abiding public meeting that may show Labour out to be the corrupt and greedy party that it so obviously is. The BNP do this daily, although, just recently Labour need no assistance from us, they are doing a perfectly good job all on their own. This, in the eyes of the UAF, makes us legitimate targets.
What is it that makes you scared of the BNP?, could it be you are scared of the truth?. Louise, I would not lie to you, I have no reason to lie, I am, by nature, honest, if I get too much change in a shop I always give it back, I cannot help it. I truly believe that this Country is full, our infrastructure will not take the strain much longer, do you agree with me so far?, the only solution is to close our borders, for the time being, sort out what we have in the way of illegal immigrants, failed asylum seekers and applications still in the pipeline. Once that’s done and only then will we know what we have as regards numbers in this Country. Not even the Government knows what we have numbers wise and I’m sure you, like me, think that to be a very sad state of affairs.
When you say “the teacher” I presume you mean Gillian Gibbons, well it was I who first defended her on this web-site, as I’m sure you are well aware. I, personally, am not in a position to help this woman and nor are the BNP but, I’m sure, our Government is, that is if they are not too scared to step on some toes and shake a stick. Remember one thing though, Sudan has nothing of value within it’s borders so why should our greedy Government get involved?. That is not to say they wont, they will have to bow to public pressure. The jokes about the “bear” came as an after thought about a situation that were it not serious would be downright farcical.
As far as my wife is concerned, she works with autistic children and young adults of all nationalities, races and religions and I’m very proud of her for being able to do a job that I could not. The fact that she can maintain a sense of humour is an added bonus and she would not wish a hair of Gillian Gibbons’s head to be harmed.
Louise, we all have to survive on this tiny island but if we continue at the rate we are going we will not have anything left. I do not like the UAF, I do not like Islam, in fact I think it to be a dangerous religion, but these are my opinions and I am entitled to my opinions, if I say something that you don’t like, then you don’t have to listen it doesn’t give you, or anyone else, the right to try and silence me. That happened Monday night with the Oxford Debating Society and Nick Griffin when the UAF demonstrated outside and then stormed the hall. They didn’t want to hear what was to be said but they didn’t want others to hear it either, why? Louise do you think they maybe scared of the truth also?.

Anonymous said...

BFB: I dont know about your ability to smell but its not correct so why dont you visit a neurologist and have them check out your olfactory nerve innervation and associated sensory perception? Theyll tell you whats wrong with your sense of smell.

Likewise, your accusations of left-wing, lesbian, troll and bitch and so on are also incorrect (and already boring). It doesnt matter at all as to what my sexuality is but given that I am heterosexual - is your anger simply because I refused the invitation to suck your member last week? come come...you should have known better...a woman like me would never ever be attracted to a person like you! BFB, you can take this opportunity to apologise if you want. I'll let the other accusations go.

BFB: I have used anon and I have used Louise as my screen names (but not louise in italics, another anon or any other posting). My style is quite obvious and you should know who I am. I follow by my own clear guidelines that I have had to develop quickly so that I can respond to the comments and postings on this site without getting lost in the panic and fear that you seek to inspire by example. Im not seeking to confuse you (and the contraditions between you provide enough confusion already but more importantly, confusion is not something that I seek to create beause Im trying to understand you and confusion would be counter productive to that aim).

You are a human being so I try to be polite out of respect. I also think (and hope) that if I model respect to you, you would reciprocate (if not to me, then at least to yourself and possibly to others too). Its quite easy for me to do this under normaly daily circumstances. In the event of being attacked here on these sites, it can be a tiny bit of a challenge but is manageable.

In a way, I think that you folks could adopt some of these stances. It provides you with space and clarity and when the stupid racist jokes are gone and when the attempts to name call are removed, the forum is a lot wider for clear debate to take place. It matters not whether we agree with each other because your only aim is to support the campaign of the BNP and to talk amongst yourselves. My only aim is to try to understand where you are coming from. If its just insults and fear, fair enough but I think you think theres something more to your cause than that, and thats what I am trying to understand.

I'll be back to Johnoddybnp later.

johnoddybnp said...

Please call me John,I feel like I know you well enough by now.

BFB said...


Yadda, yadda, yadda! What about 'tribalism' is it perfectly normal or what?

johnoddybnp said...

I've just been looking through a few topics and you have a distinct form of writing which I seemed to come across quite often in various posts.Louise, you are an antagonistic little minx,you use the "anon" but thers is no denying it's you, do you enjoy "baiting" the lads on here?,if I did'nt know you better I'd say you were naughty xxx

BFB said...

"naughty xxx""

So that's what she does for a living!

I knew I'd encountered this particular troll before....(ooops, slipped up there didn't I....GA, how do I delete this post?)

johnoddybnp said...

Whats keeping you my little minx, you're normally quicker off the mark than this, I have'nt given you too much to chew on have I?

BFB said...


Two timing b**ch! You said you only had eyes for me. Who's this 'John' bloke? Anyone I know?


(Bet you've never been sacked on a blog before...I'll send you a txt ltr)

Anonymous said...

Please come back, some of the boys are getting out of order and need their bottoms spanking.

Anonymous said...


I am going to reply to the 02:42 posting. I am going to highlight some incorrect assumptions that you made before addressing some of your other points. You may have had me down as an intellectual but I can assure you that I am not! So forget that assumption! Ordinary people do not make claims to be “intellectuals”. However, I can assure you that your colleagues on this site will disagree with you and have called me stupid, ignorant, hopeless and so on. Importantly, my intellectual acumen is of no concern to you or to the other commenters.

It appears that the UAF make you a legitimate target because your points and policies align themselves to fascism. As you know, their campaign is against fascism. How they go about challenging the BNP is questionable to me. But to think about it from their perspective for a moment, I expect that they feel that your freedom of speech rights are in question since your exercising of them necessarily involves discriminatory behaviours and reduces other people’s access to their human rights. As you will know, the spirit of having a human right is not meant to exist at the exclusion of other people’s ability to practice their human rights. These are my thoughts, but ultimately the UAF must speak for themselves.

No one has questioned your entitlement to your opinions. If you read over my other comments, you will see that I have been a strong advocate of freedom of speech and even though I dislike racism I have not sought to silence you. This is your laziest assumption to date. If you are into politics, you jolly well should start paying attention to what people are saying!

Now, onto address your points:

I do not agree with you that this country is full, and that the infrastructure will not take the strain for much longer. Nor do I agree that if we continue at this rate, we will have nothing left (using your wording, not mine). Of course, you need to define the following words:

“Full, infrastructure, strain, much longer, rate, not have anything left”

I think that these words should be easy enough for you to define in a meaningfully and contextually relevant way.

To date, I see that other people on these pages are frustrated, angry, scared and inflexible. Their various reactions to postings and comments suggest that this is an issue that stems from worry about UK resources and the intense dislike of non-white indigenous people (whatever is meant by that).

The BNP appears to practice the denial of the accurate view of ethnic, religious, colour and cultural complexity of peoples of the UK that have existed for hundreds of years. This in itself makes this “white indigenous people” flag that the BNP waves about its scrotum not only a mythical farce but utter fantasy given our far more complex history and demographic than suggested on the BNP website.

Nevertheless, as far as your message and the BNP goes, closing borders, acting upon your policies, and thus halting movement in and out of this country would be a violation of human rights. The international declaration of human rights stipulates our freedom to move about the world (a right that I enjoy), it also offers people the right to seek asylum. Previous comments and your own talk about fullness, strain and there being “nothing left” implies that there is some sort of swamping of ‘them’ into ‘our’ country. Indeed, in a panicked looking statement, GA notes that the existence of “white” children must be secured. We have not been convinced of the accurate statistics but even if we doubled or trebled the 2001 census data, the “swamping” of immigrants and the current make up of non-white British would STILL NOT represent a majority in the UK.

Moreover, even if the ethnicities, religions and cultures of our demographic make-up shifted more than that, what is your problem? I am not being flippant….You can protect and nurture your identity without destroying the identities of others! I live my life and practice my culture alongside other human beings who are totally different to me. We don’t just tolerate each other, we engage in a peaceful life alongside each other. The purity argument that you present is problematic because it will involve forcing people who do not want to leave this country and forcing people who have the perfect right to be here!

With regards to resources…Where they are limited, it is a global issue. People are not coming here and stealing your things! (Lets ignore the fact that imperialism did just that for decades. Conveniently, for us British, we deny all responsibility of the ways that we affected those foreign lands forever. In fact, we have forgotten that we might just owe these people something in today’s climate).

Multiculturalism can survive without ethnic, religious or racial conflict. The BNP policies regarding migration and demographics are forceful, racist and extreme. The BNP policies deny the rights of others. The BNP is unpopular and has no majority. Democracy IS speaking every time you fail to win a seat in a given area. Despite this, you can still preserve your whiteness and culture alongside others.

Now then, with regards to your wife’s racist jokes: Her profession and her working with people of all nationalities, races and religions makes it even worse! It is a complete privilege to work with vulnerable and/or talented populations. Has your wife no respect for these people or for herself? Likewise, your position in the BNP should be met with behaviour that is more responsible. Didn’t you once go on record saying that you were not extreme? I would like to hear her apologise and to hear you apologise too! Mr Oddy, would you tell your racist jokes in a public forum or at an election campaign? Would your wife tell jokes to these children and young people’s parents as an icebreaker at a parent’s meeting or in consultation?

My point is that if these jokes are harmless efforts to let off steam, surely, they would be appropriate for everyone – they wouldn’t need hiding away in your racist BNP forums would they? And you think you defended the teacher…you need a lesson in how to defend someone! You do not defend a person by insulting them. Do you think that for one second, the teacher who meant no offence to Muslims would appreciate you folks taking the piss so outrageously? Do you think you have helped her cause? This isn’t a joke! The teddy bear scenario was a genuine mistake. The racist jokes you have all engaged with were genuine and wilful attempts to offend others. The Muslim Council of Britain has reacted far more supportively of Mrs Gibbons. Why don’t you take a leaf out of their book?!

Mr Oddy, the truth is that you wont scare me into supporting you based on a racist set of fears. It is one thing to intensely dislike an individual human being but I will not engage in racism, discriminatory behaviours or hatred of people based on their ethnic, cultural, racial or religious identity AND neither should you!

najistani said...

Which part of KILL THE UNBELIEVERS WHEREVER YOU FIND THEM do you not understand?

or are you a Muslim?

Anonymous said...


Amazingly, you already told us all that you spent "about" 15 minutes studying the Koran. You cannot blame me for taking you at your word and understanding therefore that you are utterly ignorant and nothing more than a 'search', 'copy', and 'paste' kinda person. Any fool can conduct a narrow keyword google search as I have suggested previously. To be a scholar in the koran takes more than 15 minutes. I have already wasted more than 15 seconds in responding to you. I think that we can safely conclude that your hatred based on the absense of knowledge about the phenomena that you hate so much is fairly meaningless panic. I will let your colleagues speak for you whilst you get busy and do your google searches.

and no, i am not a muslim. you should have guessed this by now.

najistani said...

The phenomena I hate are having my children raped and my own head chopped off.

I repeat, which part of KILL THE UNBELIEVERS WHEREVER YOU FIND THEM do you not understand?

Koranic verses justify the legitimacy of taking as possessions and sex objects any non-Muslim women "that your right-arm possesses", as is happening in Bradford, Bolton, Blackpool, Blackburn etc and will spread to the rest of our formerly 'green and pleasant land ' in the next few years.

johnoddybnp said...

It’s always nice to hear from you, how’s your day been?, quite stressful from the tone of your posting, nothing too serious I hope.
Of course your intellectual acumen is of concern to me, everything you say and do is of concern to me, but please call me John, I like it when you call me John. Who cares what the UAF think or say? It IS your thoughts I’m interested in, and you’re right, I should listen to what people say.
I apologise for my lazy assumption, it was very wrong of me, and I promise not to do it again, honest. I’m sorry you don’t agree with me about the state of the country, but you’re probably right, and who cares what a lot of words mean, well, apart from “scrotum”, I liked it when you used “scrotum”…. can you use it again?
Your are right about the borders too, we’ll let everyone in, then nobody will be lonely, you’re not lonely are you Louise? I liked that bit about “peaceful life alongside each other” and yes the BNP are naughty for being unpopular.
My wife sends her love and says she’d like to meet you to discuss your points of view about her, Oh, you girls!!!!
Louise, I don’t want to scare the pants off you just to get you to support me, I don’t need any help in the support department.
I take it from what you say that you don’t want a “Mohammed Christmas Beat” in your stocking, in that case, Louise, what would you like in it? You let me know the next time you post.

BFB said...


Get your knickers off, girl, coz I do love a 'troll brain' with my bacon and eggs.

Anonymous said...

Johnoddybnp and BFB:

So you two dont actually have a point then? Is this the best you can do to explain and support the BNP. Is this your most productive way to support the preservation of the British? Your blatant (and pathetic) attempts to goad an angry response are not effective. Clearly BFB's attempts for coherent debate ended the day he completed his last google search regarding the Arab's fantastic contributions to mathematics but you johnoddybnp are suprising. Your emotional-confessional style and psuedo-attempts of 'honesty' yesterday are now obvious. Is this what you did last week after your appalling results? Did you offer this sort of response to the media folks when they asked you questions and could this be why the media and the public have the measure of you already and maybe are no longer all that interested in even considering whether you have a justified point or not? I am left with all of these questions but most of all, your stunning disrepect for this precious opportunity to pedal your policies is being massively wasted. If you really care about mobilising as a political party, why dont you both hang up your boots and ask Mr Griffin for his help in taking over where you two have clearly just left off? NEXT!!!!

BFB said...

Re: Knickers!

Gonna get 'em off or what?

BFB said...

Post 'em on YouTube!

Now, there's a thought!

John, leave her a lone..she's my 6-year-old sister!


Anonymous said...

Najistani: You are clearly scared - this could be based on the fact that you allegedly take out of context sections of the Koran and freak out from a literal point of view. The problem as you have clearly pointed out in your messages the day before yesterday , is that you cannot espouse knowledge of the Koran since you spent 15 minutes reading it. I suggest that you go and educate yourself before being part of an organisation that espouses discriminatory acts. Presumably your children have not been raped by muslims? Likewise, unless you are a marvel of modern medicine, you have not had your head chopped off either......YET you must have at least walked past these muslims that you claim are ALL that violent. If Islam was indeed the sort of faith that you suggest it is, there wouldnt be anything but muslims left on this planet. But luckily for the rest of us , we do have people like you on the planet, and living in the UK. And what a beautiful thing that is:) Ah, the rich and diverse tapestry of life.

BFB said...

Hello, guys:

Do Muslims wear black stockings and suspenders?

Only I like the "rich and diverse tapestry of life" that anon appears to be addicted to...and that involves SILK!

Troll, where's the 'SILK STOCKINGS' that are part of the tapestry?

I've seen a few female Muslim eyes, but where are the stockinged legs?

Diversity...shove it!

BFB said...

NO STOCKINGS (and suspenders,naturally) NO PLATFORM!

Your call, TROLL!

Anonymous said...

BFB: Can you say more clearly what you mean? None of this makes sense and is not relevant to the BNP cause OR even to justifying or adding to racist jokes! Why are you wasting GAs forum opportunities? Cant you do this sort of stuff on your own website? You might have a more appropriate audience who are receptive to whatever you are driving at.

BFB said...

BFB: "Can you say more clearly what you mean?"

No. I can't be bothered...I AM A TROLL!

Pissing you off is what I do!

BFB said...

Wanna be pissed off some more?

BFB said...

Coz this could go on forever...

BFB said...

Know what I mean?


BFB said...


Are you capable of that, TROLL?

Here's a plain and simple question: "Are human beings tribal?"

A 'yes' or 'no' will suffice!

johnoddybnp said...

You're not really angry at me, are you?.........I thought so you did'nt say "scrotum"

Anonymous said...

Your point is what exactly? Have you thought about any of the questions I asked you about the political party that you are meant to be representing?

In a way, its fortunate that you werent elected beause you have a whole year to practice your skills so that you dont react in emotionally immature ways when the people speak next year (and dont vote for you again). Your career is relevant for consideration precisely because you are meant to be representing the BNP.

Mind you, I expect that you will have a relatively short lived political career. Perhaps you can switch career and be a comedian by taking to the stage as the apologetic puppetear (sp) telling your wife's racist jokes. It appears that you have an audience of about 20 different commenters who will laugh with you. The rest of us can laugh at you. In the meantime, lets hear from others about the real basis behind the policies and how they might best be improved for a better UK.

Anonymous said...

Troll:Multiculturalism can survive without ethnic, religious or racial conflict.

Please provide an example where this has actually happened?

I'll ask you again convince me beyond doubt moslem intentions are not long term creation of an islamic state?


johnoddybnp said...

As far as you are concerned I don’t have a point, up to now I have merely tolerated your pathetic attempts of insulting me, my wife, the other users of this site and the BNP.
I do, however, feel slight sorrow for you. As one of life’s failures, be that of your own making or as a victim of society in general, I don’t know, I do know that a man of your age should be out looking for a job and not spending his time sitting at a computer, sponging off the benefit system and pretending to be a woman, maybe you have gay tendencies and that is why you feel it necessary to hid away in your bed-sit, don’t, being gay is acceptable to-day or is it the fear of your parents finding out?. I suggest you have a bath, shave, comb your hair and go see them, they really do still love you.
Perhaps afterwards you wont feel too bad about your social failings and you’ll be able to mix with other people again. Your lose of purpose, is only a stage you are going through and it will pass but you must try to curtail your angry-side, it will only eat away at you, making you even more twisted and bitter than you already are. If you don’t feel able to face your parents Social Services will be able to help, they are in place to help people like you and could put you in touch with a Psychiatrist who will be able to find out the cause of your inner anger.
Good luck, I hope it all goes well for you……..now bugger off and stop bothering me!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"I expect that they feel that your freedom of speech rights are in question since your exercising of them necessarily involves discriminatory behaviours and reduces other people’s access to their human rights."

."“POLICE have been criticised for allowing protesters to invade the Oxford Union, attack union members and hurl death threats . . . Union president Luke Tryl and Oxford MP Evan Harris said officers should have stopped the protesters storming the gate to the Union building and disrupting the debate

Who are discriminating here and denying exercise of Human Rights..Were these violent people by any chance BNP supporters ? NO

"I do not agree with you that this country is full, and that the infrastructure will not take the strain for much longer"

Are you totally off your trolley, which rare, idyllic backwater are you living in. Are you not old enough to have seen water rationing in this country, when we have had more than a couple of weeks continuous sunshine and no rain, and at times when the population was far less than it is now.
How much farmland do you think is needed to feed 60+ millions people. We already rely on 40% foreign imports, how much of the UK is mountain and moorlands not suitable for agriculture or habitation.
We are on borrowed time now, our livestock, agriculture and fishing industries are being systematically destroyed, deliberately, thanks to Brussels. We have very little manufacturing industry left, an essential for the sustainability of an economy, as China has discovered in more recent years.
Simple common sense.. More people = more land grabbed for housing = less land to produce food = even less food for the ever increasing population. and that doesn't include land grabbed for roads in an attempt to alleviate the ever increasing, gross traffic congestion and gridlock

I urge you to watch this video and then compare our land mass/population density with that that of America and then go do the maths.


USA 3,717,811 square miles... population 303+ millions ..density per Sq mile 79.55 not including illegals
U.K. 94,525 square miles ...population 60+ millions ....density per Sq mile 639.42 not including illegals

"closing borders, acting upon your policies, and thus halting movement in and out of this country would be a violation of human rights."

What right do you or anyone else have to colonise someone else's land. TOTAL RUBBISH !! The bureaucrats (the few) who concocted the human rights act, giving the right to move and settle (not as in tourism) do not have the right to do that, it is not their land it belongs to native peoples of each and every country not just the UK and they alone have the right to decide who does or does not enter their homeland to live and work.


Anonymous said...


If I react against you and your wife's racist jokes (which have now been removed) it is because I have the right to do so. You want the liberal ideal of practising your freedom of speech like the rest of us. GA has quite bravely shown that freedom of speech is not a right that gets pulled each time someone doesnt like what they hear! Take a leaf out of his book! But when you exercise your right understand that you CAN tell jokes all day long. But, when you make them racist and therefore engage in discrimination through harrassement, you can bet your bottom dollar that a non-racist will react to you. If you cannot understand that not everyone engages in racism, then frankly you have failed to "listen to the people". Your jokes were extreme. Previously I understand (though correct me if Im wrong and that will be fair enough) that youre down on record as denying that you are an extreme supporter of the BNP. You did not get elected. Your career appears to be washed up based on your 1. ineffective campaign 2. your insensitivies towards other people in your dangerous attempt to "let off steam". This will not make you popular with the public.

You deal with YOUR racism and allow others their right to disagree with you. If you cant handle a challenge, you shouldnt be in your job. You put the BNP to shame! Similarly, your wife puts her profession to shame - she should respect her pupils, not wage racist jokes against them behind their backs. Its disgusting.

I shall ignore your other personal quips and blatantly insecure ramblings about who i am and what my sexual or mental health status is like. As usual, its irrelevant and a pathetic ploy to divert attention away from your shoddy style and racist policies. However, as a parting question to you, what makes you think that a woman like me couldnt possibly challenge an insecure man like you? Is this the best you can do? Yesterday you and BFB made all sorts of sexualised suggestions to me. Is sexism your only "weapon"? Before you answer that one and dig a deeper hole for yourself, GA: is there anyway you can get someone more serious and senior on this site to smarten this website up? Youll have a much better chance of furthering your cause.

BFB said...


Tribalism. Is it perfectly natural, yes or no?

Why are you afraid to answer this question?

The Green Arrow said...

I would just like to point out that Moslems Joke Page has been assigned a permanent link on the right.

I will be going through the comments when I get time to remove some comments so the jokes are not buried in "debate" but additional jokes are more than welcome.

There is nothing racist in making jokes against the Islamic Cult. Islam is not a race, it is a cancer that is consuming the world.

Anonymous said...

BFB: I would like to answer your question(s) but you appear to be asking several at once and I am not sure which one is most important to you (though your efforts to use my response to justify your racism are blatant).

In your black and white world BFB, singular yes and no responses clearly exist.

From your inability to deal coherently (and politely) with questions, I am assuming that your brain is wired with a tendancy for binary responses. Examples of binary responses are: yes, no / black, white / wrong, right / sexual advancement, sexual repulsion and so on.

So, take time to think carefully about your question and then ask me again (politely) and dont use the addressee line 'troll'. I am going to take you back to basics because you cant operate unless you call people names and it isnt getting you very far is it? The problem is that I simply skip over your comments now that you cant even begin politely. This means that your potentially decent comments are missed altogether.

As an advance warning, your question may not be simply answered with your yes or no response. Moreover, questions like is tribalism wright/wrong/acceptable/unaccaptable/perfectly natural/not perfectly natural are all quite different things. So, you REALLY need to think carefully on this one before asking me again. Over to you. Keep it polite.

najistani said...

Binary responses:

Dar al-Islam/Dar al-Harb

BFB said...


Okay, forget the Yes/No bit and use as many words as you want but just answer the question.

And don't pretend that you won't answer it because I address you Troll because that hasn't stopped you from responding to others who address you that way.

Is tribalism perfectly natural?

Anonymous said...

BFB: See above.

Anonymous said...

Wellsaid, anoymous. Only a brain dead leftie could think that migration shouldn't be controlled. These are the sort of people who complain vociferously when the government builds over our countryside for more and more houses, motorways ect but they are so stupid they can't see the connection between this and no real control over immigration to Britain! Have a look here; www.optimumpopulation.org and learn!

johnoddybnp said...

Extremism= Wanting to kill someone for naming a teddy-bear Mohammed