Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Introducing the new Madman of the Week post

Who lives on this island?

Drifting around the net, I land on many strange islands. Some of the natives are friendly and hold views similar to my own and hopefully yours. And other islands are peopled by madmen who in their isolation have gone insane and seem to live in a different dimension, where black is white and up is down.

Normally I leave as soon as possible but not until after leaving a comment with a link that will guide other travelers back to Islands inhabited by normal people with undamaged minds.

Sometimes the owners of these mad lands follow me back to my own island and attack me but they are easily beaten off. The truth is a fearsome weapon of blinding light when it is unleashed against ignorant savages who worship darkness and who feed only on a diet of disinformation.

But knowing the dangers, should we visit these mad lands? Well the answer is yes. Because if we only visit the Islands of Truth we will never discover enough about the Islands of Deceit to enable us to one day land on them in comment force and educate the inhabitants and help them return to normality. We must at least try to save them.

Besides there may be information and ideas on these islands that can be of use to us, in first waking up our sleeping citizens and then finally taking back, Our Home, Our Land, Our Country from the physical invaders.

So today, I am starting a new weekly post which will give you the directions to one of these islands where you can wander around and check out their different worlds like some modern day Gulliver.

The first, for no particular reason, is Obsolete. You will not be surprised that the Chief of this island is a young 22 year old, Guardian reader whose mind has already been badly damaged.

And because he seems only to visit Islands that have also been contaminated, there is little hope of saving him but who can tell. I warn you. Reading his writings is like wandering around in the mind of Edgar Allan Poe. Dark and depressing.

Safe Journey.


Anonymous said...

"Obsolete" contains a little known fact of great interest (to me anyway) ...

"It took the violent death of Giovanni Reggiani for the centre-left government of Romano Prodi to pass [...] legislation which allows for the deportation of any other EU national judged to pose a "threat to public security".

So the ITALIANS can shove 'em on the next boat home and sod the human rights act. Sounds bloody good to me. How can I apply to become an italian citizen ....

septicisle. said...

Actually JohnofGwent, I suspect that the there will be a legal challenge to the decision under the European Convention of Human Rights. I wouldn't book the plane tickets just yet.

The fact that I've been called a madman by a supporter of the British National Party must mean I'm doing something right.

Dylan said...

"Neighbours said he did not work and described the family as 'quite religious', with his wife wearing a burkha."
"He's a nice man and people around here like him. We're stunned he has been arrested."

They're all nice really.