Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Conwy County Borough Council - November 22, 2007

A couple of interesting things about this by-election up in North Wales. The first is the reason.

The Tri-Axis parties are always banging on about British National Party Councillors and making wild allegations about attendance records. Well they cannot use that one anymore.

The reason is that Conservative Councillor, Steven Woolfe resigned after claiming an estimated £20,000 in allowances, despite not attending a single council meeting since March.

The Manchester-born councillor won a by-election in March 2006 and pledged to help transform the Bay, which he claimed was perceived as dirty and unsafe.

Cllr Woolfe is a member of the council’s audit committee as well as the environmental and community wellbeing scrutiny committees.

Fellow Colwyn Bay member Bob Squire was furious that much needed funds had lined Cllr Woolfe’s pockets while other projects went without.

“The money could have been used in the community, so much is required in that ward, there are lots of worthy causes,” he said. “There are an awful lot of problems and the money could be better spent.”
Having to update The Liars, Bugger and Thieves blog almost daily, it seems that there is something about the Lib/Lab/con parties that is some kind of super magnet to thieves, perverts and carpetbaggers. The people of Conwy deserve better but will only get better if they put their X alongside of John Oddy, the BNP candidate.

The other interesting thing are the comments made by Dhimmi Labour Councillor Chris Hughes who compares the British National Party to Nazis. He went on to say that the BNP had no place in politics. One wonders why then, why the Labour Party are not putting up a candidate to take on the BNP? Are Labour frightened or have they done a dodgy deal with the Conservatives and the Lib Dems in order to keep the BNP out?

Well it is going to be a tough fight, because word on the street is that the Lib Dems have been busing in people for the last few weeks and so we will see what we will see.

Good luck John. We know you will do your best and so will your team.


Anonymous said...

GA, I have been reading your site for a few days now. I know you are really busy but I wondered if you or one of your commenters could clear something up for me? Would you consider that the GA website represents an extreme viewpoint regarding the BNP cause? This is an incredibly serious question. Its inspired by reading John Oddy's transcript interview. He suggests that he wouldnt align himself with the BNP if extreme views were the mainstream. Putting aside my dislike of your views for a minute, I dont think I have actually asked you if you consider them extreme or not? I know that yesterday, BFB did admit that the South Africa comparison you were drawing was a little extreme but how does GA website identify itself on the possible spectrum?

Anonymous said...

Yesterday you accused najastani of going off topic with his posts,then what do you do.Here's an idea why don't you email GA instead of this pointless rambling loaded with accusations. LLAMEDOS14

Joe Llywelyn Griffith said...

One wonders why then, why the Labour Party are not putting up a candidate to take on the BNP?

I very much doubt Labour were aware you were going to stand Oddy. It is, of course, possible that (in the world outside The Green Arrow) all the other parties don't base their decisions and policies on what the BNP are doing (particularly as you lack any serious policies on most issues and are basically just a protest vote, so it is difficult for others to steal your votes with reasoned argument).

They might not have stood for the same reason they haven't stood in the past in this ward: it is a strong Tory area and they don't have much chance (or many members here).

Joe Ll. G. Blakesley
(Green candidate)

The Green Arrow said...

Thank you Joe for your comments.

If we assume what you say is right about Labour not standing because they knew they could not win then surely by that logic, you yourself would not be standing.

If you have read the BNP policies, they what is your opinion of the statements on Peak Oil. They were warning about this years before most people were even aware of it.

The BNP believes in no building on Green Field sites, we have more than enough Brown Field sites for any future development.

What is your stance on Halal meat and the way animials are tortured before death.

Good Luck today and lets keep it decent.

Anonymous said...


Did you read my post carefully? There is absolutely nothing off topic about my question. In fact, it is rather succint and concise. There is no loading, it is simply a question.

Would you like to answer it? It was perfectly serious and a reasonable question to ask so that I can understand whether or not GAs website considers itself to be extreme or not.

Oddy suggests that he doesnt support extremism as a norm. He implies that the BNP isnt about extremism. Could you answer the question?!

Anonymous said...

Dear GA
Dont you eat meat or animal products then? Please dont insult animals by suggesting that giving them a stroke and raising them in a nice green field is any different from a quick slash of the neck and straight on the table. For animals, all options that end in death are hideous im sure! I expect that if animals could talk, NONE of them would like to find themselves shrink wrapped and on display in any supermarket, including a halal prepped area. So its a bit pathetic that youre having a pop at a bloke who is clearly dedicated to environmental issues and trying to drag him into a stupid point about meat if its raised by anyone other than a vegan. En masse disgusting abatoirs are no less totorous places than a halal butchers. If youre standing up for the rights of animals, I can only assume you are vegan. If youre not, your argument is on very thin ice indeed!

Joe Ll. G. Blakesley is standing here in his own right to make a point. He did it politely and articulately. Surely thats allowed!?

GA you also have a cheek to ask posters to 'keep it decent'. Look at the disparity in the decency between your fear driven crazed rants and the content of any challenging comments!

The Green Arrow said...


Could you click on the Post Asda and Halal on the right. Watch the video and then tell me again about the quick slice to the throat.

And of course Joe has the right to stand for office and I admire the fact that he is prepared to have a go. Even if I disagree with him. Do you accord the same rights to the BNP?

Also point out to me where I had a pop at your placenta eating friend.

0k the placenta bit then was a pop but that is my sense of humour

Yorkielass said...


Some environmentalists, such as Britain’s Prince Phillip, formerly the president of the World Wildlife Fund, are showing us the hidden hand behind the eco-environmental movement.

When asked what he would be were he to be reincarnated, he said he would wish to return as “a killer virus to lower human population levels.” Unfortunately, as a longtime proponent of population control, he was not kidding.

To find out about the “Greens,” we have to pay attention to what those who purport to be its leaders are saying. Does this movement to save the planet have another, darker agenda such as population control?

Everyone wants clean air and water. Everyone is for not trashing our planet. Not everyone, however, is of the extreme opinion that in order to accomplish these things, we must drastically reduce human population levels.

Mikhail Gorbachev, former Russian president, founder of the Gorbachev Foundation and head of Green Cross International, claims the environment crisis is the cornerstone of the new world order. He is also co-author, along with Steven Rockefeller, of the United Nations Earth Charter.

The Earth Charter is a kind of environmental Ten Commandments intended to become a universally adopted creed that will prepare the world’s children to accept the necessity of world government to save the planet.

At Gorbachev’s State of the World Forum in 1995, philosopher and author Sam Keen told the gathering elites that the ecological crisis is the population crisis, while urging them to promote sexuality, contraception and abortion.

He further suggested, “Cut the population by 90 percent and there aren’t enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage. Scary, isn’t it? And who decides on the 10 percent who get to stay?

Consider oceanographer Jacques Costeau’s article in a United Nations 1991 UNESCO Courier, whereby he called for the elimination of 350,000 people per day in order to “stabilize world population.” These people are serious. What lengths will they go to in order to accomplish their goal?

Experts publishing dissenting views to global warming and the facts verifying their views get no media attention.

Paul Erhlich’s hysterical “Population Bomb” was a success in sales but a failure with the crystal ball. His predictions of global famine and millions of starving people were all wrong. Yet, his way of solving all these ills was all too familiar — “population control is the answer.”

Joseph D’Alea, director of meteorology for the Weather Channel, claims that “we are responsible for just .001 percent of this atmosphere.” If the atmosphere was a 100-story building, our anthropogenic (generated by man) CO2 contribution today would be equivalent to the linoleum on the first floor.

Straight talk

We get some straight talk from S. Fred Singer, a climate physicist, who co-wrote the book “Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1500 Years.” In it he writes “We’ve had greenhouse theory with no evidence to support it — except for a moderate warming turned into a scare by computer models whose results have never been verified with real world events.”

Samantha Smith, author of the 1993 book “Goddess Earth,” writes that world socialism is the primary goal of the environmental movement and to achieve it, “independent Americans have to be scared, as well as shamed into conforming to an international agenda calling for Earth stewardship, simple lifestyle and the redistribution of the world’s wealth.”

Look closely behind the environmental scare and at things like war, famine, abortion and euthanasia. Are your children being schooled on the Earth Charter?


Anonymous said...

GA: If I need to tell you when you are having pops, then you cannot be paying attention to what you write! I think that BFB has already suggested my utter ignorance in all things to do with writing and spelling so I would rather you read over your posting to look yourself! But if you your post you suggest that Joe is not logical and does not know the BNP policy. I suspect though cannot speak for him that Joe knows all about BNP policies! Clearly he knows that youre not the majority party there!

I think it was unfair of you to point to halal meat and not to include all meat. Its not a religious point that animals are "tortured". Have you heard of the nasty things that those kids in the USA did to the kentuckyfriend chickens? Did you know that in Britain we still raise hens in cages in some parts of the country? How do get on with good old british veal? GA its really lazy of you to find the halal story and then act like "they" do this and we do not! We may do it differently but we engage in torture of animals too.

I didnt understand your double joke about my placenta eating friend. I dont know what OR who you are referring to!

Finally, yes I do afford you the same rights to stand for election. Have you not read my comments about freedom of speech? I do think you should be allowed to stand so that we can see what it is you are standing for and how many people feel like you. Presumably if you stand and youre not elected, we can see that there isnt enough support for you to claim youre the majority (if such an event occurred). On the other hand, you may get voted and then the people have spoken.

You still didnt answer my questions about extemeism (are you or not? and what would you consider to be extreme regarding potential BNP activities?).

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that you can looking into anything and find what every need to!


The race hate party will never be answer!!

Another anon

The Green Arrow said...

Anons. All anons, could you please put an identifier in your post. Anything will do.

Green Guy.

I do not have much time for debate but will answer yours but might miss bits as I am busy.

Veal should be banned. Battery farming is wrong and should be outlawed - I think those are both BNP policies but cannot be sure.
Patte voix grasse or whatever it is called should not be allowed.

I do not like the idea of using animals for testing makeup on or smoking beagles or any of those kind of things.

I am against Whale hunting but have no strong feelings on fox hunting and hunting with hounds.

Right thats those out of the way.

Elections. It is clear from the last 10 or so by-elections that the greens have had their day. Those who care about the environment should really read the BNP policies and see if there is common ground.

Extremism. We are most certainly not extreme. We are ordinary people who are worried about the future, more so then the greens because we know what is happening in the world.

Other Anon.
No I would not report anyone making threats on this site, I would remove them as I did the ones made to me. Whether those threats to me were serious - only time will tell.

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Hi Green if they want to look for extreme parties they may want to have a look at Labour and the Cons. They are the most extreme parties going. Look at what’s happening ref immigration if that’s not extreme and nation destroying what is.
I think the anon poster is just trying to make you slip up, built the BNP policies are their for everyone to see, perhaps for the few changes that were made at the conference, these may still need updating.
The BNP have the best Green policies going, the sheer common sense policies to such things as motoring, green belts, sustainable energy, housing, immigration, farming etc makes the BNP by default the best Green party.
I must take up Greens/Anon point on halal meat, the way the animals are tortured and face a long terrifying death has no place in the UK. We British people like to think that the animals we eat do not suffer and are quickly killed. Its unfortunate we are living animals ourselves who need to eat, but the BNP would ensure that animals did not suffer, I am sure if you look at Greens videos you will see the difference between halal slaughter and British abattoirs.
And with the rise in Muslim numbers in this country this barbaric practise is growing.
Ref the Kentucky chicken incident if the BNP were in government the sentences passed for animal cruelty would be harsh and lengthy.
Someone who gets pleasure from torturing animals is one sick cookie and should be dealt with accordingly.

The BNP are not extreme, we are principled, our guiding light is common sense not political correctness, and our end game is the preservation of Britain, not the destruction of it.

BFB said...

Anon said:"yesterday, BFB did admit that the South Africa comparison you were drawing was a little extreme"

Bullshit! I said no such thing.

Get your facts straight or I won't even bother to read your comments, let alone respond to them.

Anonymous said...


Your comments arent actually addressing any points or questions that I am raising anyway. In addition, your use of foul language is slipping into frequent useage with alarming pace.

To be frank, I dont mind if you dont read my comments because others will. Moreover, its fine with me if you dont respond to them because your answers were pointless anyway. They just peddled hatred of muslims, hatred of me, hatred of absolutely anyone that even disagrees with you. Your sexualised suggestion to me about sucking your m*****r was totally out of order. You know it. This makes your stance very hypocritical.

You clearly dont know the definitions of:

1. racism
2. extremism
3. hatred

So, if youre packing up yer bags this easily, good luck to you and yours. On the other hand, if you want to put your rattle back in your pram and engage in a healthy non-name calling debate, be my guest.

Anonymous said...

About the killing of animals, every one that eats meat is part of the torturing. The only diffrence is that halal meat is killed by people (in the most part)with diffrent colour skin, and that is your only concern. If you had concern for the animals you would be vegan, how many vegans members are there in NAZI party sorry NF sorry what are you calling yourselves nowerdays, the BNP, people are there?

To say that you will kill better than the other gang will never be an electon winner, uhmm ??!!???!!

Another anon

Anonymous said...

Dear Another Anon

You make the point clearly. It does just point out their ridiculous hypocrisy to anyone that eats meat, though GA does admit that some forms of animal treatment and killing are higher than other forms of treatment and killing. Otherwise he would have fairly shown all forms of torture rather than simply defended all forms of torture only when challenged. It doesnt get any more depth than that.

BFB said...


When I'm not playing with my rattle I like to state the bleedin' obvious; namely that carnivores (like humans) are quite partial to the occasional bacon sandwich.

Since when was it wrong for a carnivorous organism (like humans)to eat meat?

You really must up your game...I mean, this is getting beyond a joke!

Oh, I almost forgot. Tomato's SCREAM when you cut's true, I've heard them!

Anonymous said...


Not all humans are partial to the occasional bacon sandwich, or a pork sausage as i sure you are.

Killing is not and will never be humane.

When playing with my rattle bfb be carefull you may go blind.!!!

BFB said...

Okay, let me spell it out for you.

Killing is - and always has been - an integral part of life...said the spider to the fly.

Live with it (geddit, there's a pun there!)

I went blind at a very early age, when I realized that no-one knows how to manipulate my rattle better than I do.

Do you have a rattle, or are you a member (another pun) of the weaker sex?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes the Greens, those who would ban everyone (but themselves of course) from driving or even heating their house. Remind you of another political ideology that exempts itself from the dictates it imposes on others?... I think the average "Joe" is tuning into the BNP song more than you realise fellow Welshman, and certainly views the greens as just another bunch of lackeys carrying out the con of global warming (and all its taxes and restrictions for western mankind) for their marxist masters. ask yourself why the establishment and media spend so much time deriding the BNP. Get real.
Not a Red or Green anonymous comment leaver!

AgainsTTheWall said...

Is the BNP extreme? All depends on where your standing I guess. To a cultural Marxist I guess they seem a long way off. To me the BNP are occupying ground that would have seemed pretty middle ground to many 50 or 60 years ago. My take is that British politics and its elite have moved so sharply leftward/globalist that ordinary British folk are left on the extremities of polite society.

Anon 15:45. I would like to have your definitions of racism, extremism and hatred. Perhaps you could also enlighten me as to why the first and last are unhealthy?

johnoddybnp said...

Hi,Considering that this all started with me I'll try to make things clearer.To Anon(1)I actually said "Like any party there are some people, on the fringe, with extreme views but these are not in the mainstream of the party otherwise I would'nt be involved".Left or Right there are extremists,their choice,I personally dont agree with extremism

johnoddybnp said...

Having read some of your views, comments and observations I realise it would take too long to answer you all individually so I’ll post this and await your response, if you have a question please put a number or ID with it, that way I can personalise my reply.
I’m 51, ex-army, ex-prison officer I have medals, commendations and I have worked in Africa (for a democratically elected President). I have spent 20 years of my life defending this, once, great country. Like many ex and serving soldiers I have put my life on the line to protect this Country, I am not looking for any gratitude by saying that, it’s simply for background info. I have been to many Countries, in defence of this realm, most of them I would not be able to mention here, I have shed blood, given blood and fought tooth and nail. I have lost some good friends, who were better men than I could ever aspire to be, all for this Country.
I would like to think of myself as a fairly intelligent individual who is also street-wise and gifted with common sense (I know intelligent people with no common sense).Do you think I would put my name to the BNP if I wasn’t sure of what it stood for?. The BNP are prepared to talk about issues (that affect all of us) that the main parties shy away from, we say things, not to get votes, because we believe in what we say. I am not a racist just because I, personally, think the country is full, it is, and if you are true to yourself you’ll probably agree with me. The one thing you could disagree with me on is that I believe Islam to be a dangerous religion but Christians have thought that for centuries, the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world are Muslim, as we have found out to our cost.
I have got nothing to hide, I have no hidden agenda and you have nothing to fear of me, I have proven that to my comrades, to my Country and to my God.

Anonymous said...

Like most of us John, we have nothing but the best interests of this country at heart-no hidden agendas, just a wish to see our culture, our children survive. I am proud to tell the world I am BNP, and wont rest until those who have destroyed all that my father's generation fought hard to protect have been punished for their actions. This is why the forces of darkness which oppose us will also stop at nothing to defeat our mission. Living amid our people are many foes, those who have designs on our very land, those that wish to eradicate our laws, our religion and our love of decency, and those misguided souls who lack the wisdom to seek the truth, perhaps prefering to bury their heads for fear of realisation or antagonising their masters-though gradually these citizens are waking up, which again frightens the enemy. It is true that a few good men (and women) are the essence for change, and as more and more quality people join our movement, we will one day win back our island. We stand side by side.

Anonymous for a reason and not for stealth!

johnoddybnp said...

Hi Not Stealth,
Your comments are noted and I realise I would be preaching to the converted in giving you my views. I am a great believer in education and that is what we must do, once a month I hold a meeting where, invited, non-members may come along listen to a talk, usually by a speaker and after that we have a questions and answer session the questions can be on any subject and are chosen by the audience, the main questions are on immigration every time. I find that most people are ignorant of the dilemma that faces us and are shocked when given the facts.
The other object of this exercise is to show people that the BNP are not the mindless, racist yobs that a bias media make us out to be, we are, in fact, normal, ordinary people like them. The last meeting resulted in 8 new members, 1 Candidate and 2 paper candidates. When I’m asked “Why the BNP?” (referring to why I joined) I always give the same answer “Because the BNP care what happens to this Country”. Another fact that surprises people is that 87% of the BNP membership are ex-services and, even though we’re in civvy-street we are still serving our Country, the only difference is this time we are fighting an evil that is supported by our present Government, a Government that wants to, also, hand control of us over to the EU. We have to unify against this and I hope we are getting the message across.