Monday, 5 November 2007

Turnips unable to sleep because of - guess what.

This image for all the meat beating Muslim men out there

We have misjudged Moslem men. It seems that they are not the aggressors but the victims. How wrong can we have been? Perhaps we should fall to our knees and express our regret for not realising the fact that they are just poor misunderstood, emotionally abused creatures who need our understanding.

Discounting the cruelty Muslim men inflict on any animal, child or wife that they consider their possessions, Nik Abdul Azik Nik Mat (did I spell that right?) a spiritual Leader in the Malaysian Islamic Party had this to say:
"We always [hear about] the abuse of children and wives in households, which is easily perceived by the eye, but the emotional abuse of men cannot be seen," Nik Abdul Aziz said. "Our prayers become unfocused and our sleep is often disturbed."
And what is giving the Male Turnips sleepless nights and preventing them from praying? Why, it is women in sexy clothes that they sometimes see on the street.

Perhaps they should remember what their Hitchhikers Guide to the Muslim World recommends. Avert the gaze in the presence of unveiled women who are not their property or family. Mental that one.

But no they peek. And the sight of young girls (how young?) in jeans and T shirts is driving them insane - even more than they usually are that is. So much so, that they cannot sleep or pray. And of course for those of us in the know, they are forbidden to practice the Secret Sin to gain relief, because a Dead Paedophile from long ago, once said it would make them go blind. No wonder they commit so many rapes.

Old Nik Abdul, you remember, is the one who said that women should not wear lipstick or perfume as it encourages rape. Silly old moon bat.

Well those poor men might get some sleep soon. They have started fining Muslim women for not wearing the veil or head scarves and have started separate check-out lines in places like supermarkets. Failing that, they can always fall back on their infamous acid attacks but beware, even the boys have to be careful.


And here is a classic example taken from here.

In the dock at Bradford Crown Court is Ebrahim Bismillah, 24, who is accused by the prosecution of being desperate to have sex with any woman.

Whether they want it not is it Ebrabim?

Hat tip: Fire Base America


Anonymous said...

help shut up this anti bnp fool

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what their problem is... absolutely no self control whatsoever and far too much testosterone.

Recommended cure: chemical or actual castration .. That'll sort em !


najistani said...

"And the sight of young girls (how young?) in jeans and T shirts is driving them insane.."

How young?

This young!

The Green Arrow said...

najistani, cheers. I have added that link to the main post.

I see your work was mentioned over on UK Tabloids. Nice one.

Keep it coming.