Monday, 19 November 2007

Islam awareness week

How aware do you have to be to see the evil in this cult?

OK. It has arrived. This week as been designated as Islamic Awareness Week. During the following few days, there will be much publicity and numerous events taking place all over the country in one of the biggest spin operations ever.

All the usual Dhimmi suspects like the BBC and the government controlled media will be trying to convince you and all those that have suffered at the hands of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile that the Moslems are just misunderstood and really just a bunch of regular guys.

A bunch of regular guys who just happen to be into slaughtering anyone who does not submit to their insane ideas of how the world should be run. But they have gone quiet lately and they will for the next few days at least.

They may also have listened to their wiser leaders and decided that with their huge birthrate and constant reinforcing from overseas that they only have to wait to steal Our Country by the democratic process. One man, one vote, once.

And the Dhimmi leaders are content to see this slow growth. Just as the original trading block of the EEC as slowly overtime continued the planned, long slow growth into the creation of a unwanted and undemocratic Eurabia, over which they mistakenly believe that they and their offspring will rule. So naive are they, that they think that the Moslems will allow this.

In preparation for the future Caliphate of Great Britain, they have put in place their parallel government. They have their regional councils, their own parliament, medical associations and now their own semi-secret courts of law. Just use your fingers on the keyboard to find the truth in what I write. Already in place, their government, come the not too distant day when they really do have the whip hand over us, the True Brits.

Starting today, November the 19th, the B.B.C. will be amoung those Dhimmi oranisations supporting the now annual Islam Awareness week. You can check on the theme and the planned events yourself. You can also follow links to see some of our leading Dhimmi traitors, including the Prince who once wished to be a tampon and read their comments on why they love the cult of the dead paedophile.

On their site you might also like to see and read how they are providing the information to re-educate our children by providing "information" packs to our Dhimmi teachers showing how Islam invented everything from flying through to the first hospital. All lies of course but an innocent child will believe what a teacher says. However, future courts may not believe what the teachers say in their defence.

Two other interesting items also worth viewing are first, a Powerpoint presentation for the Muslim Scouts (maximum age is 25) who seem to be more like a new Hitler Youth. Pay particular attention to their main scouting principle.

The second is a pdf file on how to organise an Islam Awareness evening. Do try not to thrown up over your keyboard as there images of young white children being taught on how great their Dead Paedophile is. And dont the little white kids look cute in those robes and painted in henna? Do the quiz and see how you you rate?

And the Home of The Green Arrow, falling in line with the rest of the Nation will also be playing its part during the planned Islam Awareness Week. Expect loads of posts showing the true nature and meaning of Islam. Expect lots of reposts on subjects such as the differences between the Sunny Turnips and the Shite Turnips. The torture of the grave, beheadings, stonings, rape, torture, slavery and religious tolerance and ending on a happy note. Hegira. That is the one where they all bugger off and leave us in real peace.

If your a blogger why not join in helping the turnips raise awareness and do something similar that week. And while your here. How about a link and also one for The Uk Enrichment News which as started to gather a fairly decent readership in such a short time.


najistani said...

Here's a new PDF publication for Islamic Awareness Week - the violent oppression of women in Islam:

Anonymous said...

Thats a great idea! An awareness week. Bravo to the muslims for coming up with such an idea. If you can all open your minds for a second, put your fears behind you, why dont you go along and see what it has to offer. Whilst youre there, you can plan the BNP awareness week when people can see what the BNP is really about. There should be a good justification as to why so many people are shit scared of the BNP too. One possible reason might be the same unhelpful departure from humility that other extreme groups (mirror anyone?) use and thats based in your language and stance. BNP discourse is so incredibly stacked with negative expression that it removes the likelihood of ever being taken seriously. The presentation style is so scarey to people who might agree wtih some points but find themselves suspisious of huge huge overuse of words like "spread", "cancer", "evil" etc adnauseum. The reason why you keep getting called fascist and nazi is precisely because that is the way you present yourselves. The reason why people question you is because your quest for the whiteness is as unlikely as it is dishonest to the heritage of our country. And whilst you seek the white white white and bang on about british jobs, you all (and every last one of you) profits and benefits at the hands of exploitation and use of those very same black hands that you dislike so much. If they are that bad , dont use them. Dont buy cheap products, dont wear the clothes they made in sweat shops, dont buy those unfairly traded coffee beans, dont drive those cars, dont fill them with your filthy oil that was purchased with british american and muslim blood. You see an awareness week would tell the world why the BNP is so perfect and how there is no basis for any of the common british persons thoughts such as these! raise awareness and tell us who you are and what your agenda is!

The Green Arrow said...

Well anon, anyone interested in what the BNP has to say can view their website and read their manifesto and there you will find their agenda.

The BNP does not hate anyone. The import of cheap goods made by slave labour is disgusting. The only one's who really profit are the global capitalists.

But Moslems are a different kettle of fish. They bring death wherever they go as you will see if you return here on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your link. I have visited the site and am still reading and absorbing the information. I thank you for your response GA but can we be honest here? Its okay to be afraid and your fear is so blatantly wheeled out as hatred. If you read over the entirity of the site you can see it. fear everywhere. I am also challenging this notion that the global capitalists are the only ones who benefit from slave labour. I agree that its disgusting (though for very different reasons to you i expect!) Everything around us in our homes, our gardens etc is made and produced almost exclusively on unfair wages and products and shipping etc. Unfortunately we profit big time. Its dreadful. And finally...the they bring death everywhere they go? all muslims? everywhere? absolute rubbish! if your point was correct, taken to its logical conclusion, there woudl only be muslims! doh. but wait...we have the crusades and the BNP to name two examples....presumably not linked to death anywhere eh?

Anonymous said...

Who is this idiot? You want BNP members to stop buying or using any product made in the "Third" or "Developing" world? Is that a practical suggestion? How would we know what has been made abroad or contains components that had been made abroad?

BNP policy is to make the UK as self sufficent as possible, creating a balanced sustainable economy which does not rely on the exploitation of the poor. What more can you ask if your concerned about African/Far Eastern Sweat Shops?

As for the comments on Islam. Jesus what do these people have to do before people realise that Islam is not compatible with western values? Or anything other than itself for that matter. How do you make a Nazi invisible? Give it black skin.