Sunday, 18 November 2007

Gang raped - Flog her

I fail to understand how any woman in the world with access to the Internet or half decent news media, can ever make a voluntary choice to become a Moslem and reduce her role in life to that of a piece of property.

And yet despite all the documented evidence of the mistreatment of their sisters in Islam, some do. For crazy, they are up there with the mad baggages that write to convicted murdering paedophiles like Ian Huntley professing un-dieing love.

Over in Jeddah, a woman who was gang raped 14 times by seven men was sentenced to 90 lashes. The rapists were sentenced from between just 10 months and five years in prison.

This as you will agree was a disgusting verdict and so did her lawyer who appealed the verdict.

The judge agreed. It was a disgustingly lenient sentence. He promptly suspended the lawyer and increased the number of lashes the raped victim was to receive from the original 90 to 200. Then for good measure he sentenced her to six months imprisonment.

Only in Islam. Want justice like that here sister? Then wipe the muck out of your eyes and start voting for your enslaved sisters and start voting British National Party.


Anonymous said...

Green you forgot to mention that the ninety lashes were for being in the car of a man she didn't know. The car belonged to one of the gang-bangers.

And the inrease in sentence was for trying to bring media attention to the fact that you get 90 lashes for allowing a gang-banger to drag you into his car to get a little privacy.

Now wasn't their king over here hob-nobbing with our royalty the other day ?

Pity no-one took the opportunity to take him aside and have a chat.

Anonymous said...

Yes,you also convieniently forget how many of our lovely white and "true brit" (ho ho like such a thing exists) systematically knock the living daylights out of their white female counterparts every single day of the week in england and the uk. How many of you "men" are up in arms about that eh?! precisely. dont you think that the bigger issue is why men get to cause so much damage all across the world far more in excess than women? stop focusing on colour of skin and religion and start focusing on why men are the source of so many problems! OR if youre going to insist on focusing on skin colour and religion get it right...more white western christian males are responsible for more harm to women than any muslim. I say all this as a white western female. i wont be so stupid as to claim that im a true brit. i can trace my family back 450 years with records but i am not dumb enough to think that constitutes me being idigenous because the history of our land is ebb and flow and change of kin. okay, over to you! lets keep it nice eh? dont want any of them black muslims having cause to think youre aggressive now do we?

Anonymous said...

Anon, when domestic assaults against women occur in this country they are - at least - firmly against the law. Yet the article states that 'three judges from the Qatif General Court sentenced the rape victim to 90 lashes for being in the car of an unrelated male at the time of the rape.' The victim's sentence was more severe still because she had attempted to publicise the case through the media.

This discussion isn't in any way about differences of skin colour; it's about an Islamic legal system which oppresses women to an extent that you just cannot compare with in this country. And where do you get your information from that more assaults on women are committed by Western Christian males? I happen to live in the vicinity of the London Hospital in the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets: virtually every night you watch battered and injured Muslim wives being helped into the A & E by their sisters or daughters. Islamic culture deals viciously with women, both officially, through its legal system, and unofficially, in the way domestic assaults on women are countenanced.

But I do agree in a way - all assaults on women are terrible and I am as 'up in arms' about such attacks when they are committed by our people as when they are carried out by theirs.