Saturday, 3 November 2007

Pakistan slips closer to the edge of madness

The Religion of Peace, like a mad rat eats itself alive

Those people who think that Our Country can ever co-exist with the Islamic colonisers that mainly originate from Pakistan are madder than the Moslems that are attempting to plunge Pakistan back into the dark ages.

The Pakistani leader declared the state of emergency before a crucial Supreme Court ruling on his future as president. The move thrusts his country deeper into political turmoil as it struggles to contain spreading Islamic militancy.

Pakistan is ruled with an Iron Fist and needs to be just to keep a lid on the maniacs from hell. But like all pressure cooker with no safety valve it will blow. Whether their government tries to create a safety valve by starting a war with India or something equally insane remains to be seen.

And when anarchy does descent on the country that has nuclear weapons, what then. Where will the millions of "moderate" Muslims head for? Thats right. Your street.

Allowing Islam to continue to spread in Our Land is like watering and feeding weeds in a part of your garden. They will spread everywhere.

Nuclear-armed Pakistan's internal security has deteriorated sharply in the past few months with a wave of suicide attacks by al Qa'eda-inspired militants, including one last month that killed 139 people.

And what about our home grown maniacs who want Sharia Law? Will they return to Pakistan to fight for the moonbats? Oh no. They will start the war here and we have no one to blame but ourselves for electing politicians who ignored the wishes of the people.

Image from In The Name of Allah.


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