Thursday, 8 November 2007

Lord Levy and Stephen Lawrence

Lord Levy likes to work with young people

So what have a former pop impresario - who can forget Bad Manners, and an alleged drug dealer got in common? No not drugs. Although pop music and drugs usually do go together.

No, it is the abolition of the "Double Jeopardy Rule" two years ago. Which means that the Crown Persecution Service can keep on bringing to trial people they think are guilty of a crime until they get the result they want. It doesnt matter how many trials. They will keep on spending money until they win.

So far over £30 million pounds has been spend on trying to prosecute people they think are the killers of Stephen Lawrence 10 years ago. No need to mention the fact that Lawrence was black. Everyone knows. They wont let us forget. Different if he had been white. Stephen who? Nah, never heard of him. Be honest. From the image, you thought I was going to bang on about Pete "the rent boy" Doherty again didn't you? Got ya.

Well after 10 years the establishment have found (code for planted?) new evidence that they say proves that the original defendants who have already twice before been acquitted should face trial again. No doubt the jury will be relatives of the alleged drug dealer so they should get the verdict they want.

But what has this got to do with Tony Blair's "brother", Lord Levy? Well the ignoble Lord has managed to evade justice for quite a long while. But he will not forever.

Apart from the Honours List scandal in which he sold Titles like some barrow boy from the east end, there is also the business of his own finances. For example his tax bill for 1999 was just a mere £5,000. Equivalent to a man on a salary of £21,000. Needs looking into I think.

Now thanks to the removal of the Double Jeopardy rule, a future British National Party government will be able to drag him and others before the courts again and again and again.

And whilst there why not dig a bit deeper into the affairs of Peter Mandelson, currently on the run in Eurabia. Look forward to seeing him having his neck stretched. Oh. How could I. I almost forgot Tonie. Illegal wars and responsible for the deaths of hundreds of British Servicemen. Yep. Him also.

Hoist by their own petard. Fantastic.

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