Saturday, 17 November 2007

No Respect

You remember George. He was on Big Brother.

Well our way in politics may not be perfect but it is much preferable to the third world way of doing business that has been imported into Our Country along with the colonisers who do so enrich our way of living and sometimes help us into the other world.

Now those of us with no real life, will know about about the split in Gorgeous George Galloways total lack of Respect Party. An alliance between the Socialist Workers Party and the Cult of the Dead Paedophile was always going to fail.

But for those of you did not know about the split, all you need to know about the Respect Party and the breakaway Respect Party is that neither of them speak for the True British People and neither of them conduct their affairs in a lawful manner.
Respect (Independent) Cllr Oliur Rahman feared for his life when he was kicked and punched on a path between Gill Street-Beccles Street, Limehouse, on Sunday night (November 11).
The assault follows Respect nationally splitting into rival factions. Cllr Rahman - who became Respect's first councillor in the country - is among four rebels to resign the party's Group Whip on the council.

Hardly the British Way of conducting politics but sadly one, I, you, all of us are going to have to get used to until the British National Party forms a government and cleans up not just politics but Our Country as well.

Why not go check out Liars, Buggers and Thieves to find out what the Lib/Lab/con pact politicians have been up to lately. Especially those politicians we have imported.

On a more happy note, the mad moonbat who made the death threat video to a Christian councillor who objected to the building of a Mega Mosque has been caught.


Sir HM said...

I recognise the pretty one, but who's the ugly one in blue?

The Green Arrow said...

The other "gentleman" was another contestant called Pete Burns. Who he is, I have no idea.

Respect. You just gotta laugh.

Anonymous said...

Will they now be collectively known as Mutual Respect? :-)