Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Always be an England

I love this song and I am Welsh but at the end of the day. Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland. We make up Great Britain. United we can never be beaten and never be stopped.

And there is only one political party that unites us all these days and that is the British National Party. Join them. Join us. Join your family and help reclaim Our Country for Our Children.


Anonymous said...

That clip is brilliant
Thanks for that G.A.

najistani said...

The Greatest Generation! Makes you realise anything the peroxide blond Muzzies can do in terms of conventional attacks can't compare with what our grandparents and parents had to put up with.

Of course the murderous paedo-worshippers could get us with nukes, but the gravest threat is subversion.

World War III will be very different from WWII because it will begin by fighting within, rather than between, European states, before it goes worldwide.

Enoch was right on that one.

Anonymous said...

Please take that video down GA,i'm completely shocked at your utter contempt for your ethnic readers.Pray tell me what has this got to do with party policy,what were you thinking?

This is blatent propaganda and you know it.It serves no purpose whatsoever.I'm shocked! yet again you continue to peddle your repugnant vile agenda by reverting to irrelevent issues completely ignoring the fact that visitors to this site maybe offended by your selfish misguided rhetoric.

I realise that perhaps you and your readers may perceive me as a self righteous,patronising troll ,an unhealthy irascible personality perhaps but bear with me i'm lonely and Kelans driving me mad!!


The Green Arrow said...

You guys. ROFL.

Kelan is a classic case of why care in the community does not work.

najistani said...


We seem to have several anonomice sniffing around at the moment. Unfortunately here in Najistan it's the school drama department's production week and I'll be too busy to communicate either via the school's computer network or my home PC.

So could the anonomice please wait for replies to any further questions until the weekend.

- Najistani

Anonymous said...

GA: I didnt send the post above which is signed off in italics. If it helps, I'll stop signing Louise and go back to anon.

Anonymous said...

GA: Having cleared up the person who signed off in my name (but is clearly different given the content of their message and style of writing - derrrrr), I will make my point. Do you know that the countries that you list do not constitute Great Britain? The countries you listed constitute the United Kingdom. It is shocking to see that an advocate for the BNP doesn't even link the correct label to describe the countries within the UK! My goodness, is there anything that is factually correct on your website?! This is fairly central to your cause, no excuse really.

The Green Arrow said...

You really are hopeless.
The United Kingdom is the short name for the The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

We are not yet a republic.

No wonder others lose patience with you.

Anonymous said...

GA: Go and read what I said.

Anonymous said...

GA have you seen the latest attempt to drive a wedge between those who are proud to hold passports showing them to be citizens of the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland ?

Pissed off that the Union Flag has no distinct 'welsh' component (and of you pop over to wikipedia you'll see this is because england and wales were united when the flag was created) the cottage burners are demanding the welsh dragon be plastered across the flag.

They'll be demanding writing in it next.

Hey I have a bloody good idea for that.

How about the Norse Runes for There Is But One God Worth Worshipping And Mjollnir Is His Hammer ?

Anonymous said...

GA: Griffin states that he has concern for "the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish ethnic nations that compose the United Kingdom". May I suggest that you contact Nick Griffin to challenge his understanding of the countries that comprise the common term the "UK".

Anonymous said...

The United Kingdom is made up of:

England - The capital is London.
Scotland - The capital is Edinburgh .
Wales - The capital is Cardiff.
Northern Ireland - The capital is Belfast

Anonymous said...

North Devon: Precisely! So why did GA think that those countries constituted Great Britain?!

(Re top story header :"Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland. We make up Great Britain" - GA, 2007).

BFB said...


UK/GB...what difference does it make?

We are all the same tribe.

Which brings me back to the question you seem reluctant to answer.

Tribalism. Perfectly normal, or what?

Anonymous said...

BFB: I am glad you are now implying that its a question as to whether there is a difference between GB or the UK rather than trying to pretend that GA didnt get it wrong regarding his understanding of the countries that comprise GB!

Now, onto one of your points......as far as each country that constitutes the UK goes, there is a big difference between GB and the UK. The difference is that GB does not include one of the countries that the UK does include!

Do you think that the UK is some homogenous make up of one singular culture and identity? Goodness (and there is is - just for you;)), how simplistic of you. We are united but there is a lot of comparison AND contrast in our respective histories and current positions. I expect that Wales, Scotland, and North Ireland would have something to say about that! However, united we are so lets call it that can get on with the debate regarding your policies!

Anonymous said...

To our resident troll.

I have a suggestion for you. Being as comments on this blog leave you frustrated due to the inferior intelligence of the authors, why don't you try this blog which is open to comments..


You should find his ability to communicate at the higher level you desire and thus fulfil your aims to debate the policies of the of the BNP.

I'm sure he will answer every single one of your probing questions with honesty and respect, he may even convert you and bring you back to the real world, the one where human nature resides in all it's glory and not Cinderella and Prince Charming.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon 17:06

You are a true hero. There you go anon troll. Follow the link and then you will be able to debate with someone more able and more senior.

I for one will be glad to see the back of you. Boring, repetitive comments really do test freedom of speech.

Good bye.

Anonymous said...

"Do you think that the UK is some homogenous make up of one singular culture and identity?"

Is that supposed to be your answer to the question, is tribalism perfecctly normal, because if that's your answer, I've changed my mind about your job... You're a bloody politician... lol

BFB said...


It's a perfectly simple question, why won't you answer it?

Anonymous said...


You bring them here onto your blog to address my questions! Send the emails and invite them to your site. Youre a tiny community, Im sure it will be easy to communicate with them. Invite them here and lets have the debate!;)

So, GA: A few days worth of challenges to the BNPs position and youre already feeling that my comments and questions are testing the right to freedom of speech? A few days?! This is a human right, not an entitlement offered out by the BNP. How long will you last with years and years worth of less polite reaction to your racist policies if you ever get into power if you cant cope with one woman on a blog page? You already have to deal with hundreds of thousands of white british people who simply do not want you.

The reason for the repeated questions is attibuted to the fact that you can never answer the questions. You bully, you call me names, you engage in back slapping, guess work....and racism...but you never get to the point. You may have some points to make but you runing these by universally applying your fear of 'some' violence onto all people in a group. And yet, you are unable to cope with a response about your own parties violent history to justify yourselves. I have never engaged in racism so I dont have to answer to anyone. And yes, it does give me the right to take a moral high ground. You folks have engaged in racism and then you become outraged against other people when they engage in racism. Violence is wrong. End of story.

Now then, you can get someone more senior here to take my questions seriously or you can continue to allow me to metaphorically and quite successfully break down all of your friends comments and inaccurate arguments. Racism is not excusable so stop trying to excuse it. No one is justifying the behaviour of radical and extreme groups who engage in violence. But as you should know, the extreme behaviour of a few does not make all the same.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon, I have come to the conclusion that your are completely and utterly barking mad.

You make threats about how YOU could have this blog closed down but in the interests of free speech you kindly allow me to continue. If you could close me down I would not be posting now.

You then make demands that I get someone more senior to respond to you. Get this into your skull. I am the Green Arrow. Me. Not the BNP. People who visit this site speak only for themselves.

You talk about bullying when it is your UAF that attacks people, on the street, that brags about slashing the tyres of BNP activists cars, that attempt to stab their candidates.

Anonymous said...

Racism/Nazis ...Timeout REQUIRED GA ,THE TROLL is seriously one dimensional and burdened with subjective analy retentative claptrap.
Implement GODWINSLAW and a cooling off period for overuse of derogatory remarks and bs.