Wednesday, 21 November 2007

'Torture of the grave' haunts many Muslims

Exploding turnips fear death by natural causes

Reposted as part of Islam Awareness Week

Hmm. I had often wondered why Moslems would choose to blow themselves to bits all over various parts of the world. I always thought there was a bit more to it than the 72 virgins but in my ignorance of Islam, I wrongly assumed that it was just the brain washing of the Cult that turned them into exploding turnips.

And to a certain extent it is. But it is not the desire to get a girl that makes them into self destroying monsters of evil. It is the fear of dieing a natural death. Yep. Their fear of dieing makes them blow themselves up. Sounds crazy I know but all will become clear.

Leor Halevi as written an excellent article on what happens to the majority of Muslims who do not blow themselves to pieces. So what do Moslems think happens after death? Read on and you will understand why the fruit bats act like something out of Mission Impossible and self destruct.

Hardly a week goes by without front page news of Muslims dying somewhere in the world in a violent way.

Despite all the media attention, there is little understanding among non-Muslims of Islamic views of death and the afterlife.

Everyone knows, of course, that after death martyrs go straight to the Garden of Eden, where they recline on couches, savour meats and fruits and enjoy the company of dark-eyed "houris" while listening to the sound of flowing rivers.

But what happens to the vast majority of Muslims, those who do not die as martyrs?

According to Islamic doctrine, between the moment of death and the burial ceremony, the spirit of a deceased Muslim takes a quick journey to Heaven and Hell, where it beholds visions of the bliss and torture awaiting humanity at the end of days.

By the time corpse handlers are ready to wash the body, the spirit returns to Earth to observe the preparations for burial and to accompany the procession toward the cemetery. But then, before earth is piled upon the freshly dug grave, an unusual reunion takes place: The spirit returns to dwell within the body.

In the grave, the deceased Muslim -- this composite of spirit and corpse -- encounters two terrifying angels, Munkar and Nakir, recognized by their bluish faces, their huge teeth and their wild hair.

These angels carry out a trial to probe the soundness of a Muslim's faith. If the dead Muslim answers their questions convincingly, and if he has no sin on record, then the grave is transformed into a luxurious space that makes bearable the long wait until the final judgment.

But if a Muslim's faith is imperfect or if he has sinned during life by, for example, failing repeatedly to undertake purity rituals before prayer, then the grave is transformed into an oppressive, constricting space.

The earth begins to weigh down heavily upon the sentient corpse, until the rib cage collapses; worms begin to nibble away at the flesh, causing horrible pain.

This torture does not continue indefinitely. It occurs intermittently and ends at the very last with the resurrection -- when God may well forgive Muslims who have endured the punishment. Surely this violence sounds medieval. Belief in "the torture of the grave" indeed stretches way back in history. It appears in eighth-century epitaphs and in early Islamic traditions, which elevated this belief to the status of dogma.

But pious Muslims today continue to adhere to this belief. In invocations, funeral prayers, sermons and popular literature, Muslims are frequently reminded to heed this punishment.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that many of them take it seriously.

The psychologist Ahmed M. Abdel-Khalek, who has studied anxieties about death among Arab youth, has found that preoccupation with the torture of the grave remains acute.

Egyptians and Kuwaitis he polled worried about this torture more than they feared losing a dear relative or succumbing to a serious, fatal disease.

Recently, an Islamist website posted a picture of an 18-year-old man exhumed by the order of his father. Only three hours had passed since his burial, but already his corpse appeared aged and bruised.

Scientists, according to the story, affirmed that this was caused by the torture of the grave; and the father explained that his son had been a sinner.

Many Muslims commenting on the picture took it as a sign from God to stop sinning, and as a reminder to pray assiduously for relief from the punishment of the tomb.

Several doubted the reality of the picture, prompting the author of the website to remove the posting and to apologize for it.

But even a skeptic who challenged the "scientific" evidence, professed in this public forum his belief in the reality of the torture of the grave.

Muslims can escape the torture of the grave by dying as martyrs. In Islam the category of martyr does not belong exclusively to those who die fighting in God's path.

According to Islamic tradition, Muslims who die in a fire, by drowning, in the collapse of a building or in some other way involving great physical suffering, merit the rank of martyrs in the afterlife.

This means that immediately after death, their spirits do not return to dwell within mutilated or burned corpses. Instead they enter the Garden of Eden, where they receive new bodies, perfectly reformed, so as to enjoy the rewards of martyrdom until the resurrection.

Those who have lost a relative in a violent and shocking death -- in the bombings in Baghdad, for instance -- may find some consolation in this belief.

Leor Halevi, a professor of history at Texas A&M University, is the author of Muhammad's Grave: Death Rites and the Making of Islamic Society.

So now we know. They take the cowards way out because they cannot face their imagined judgment. Crazy cult - crazy people, who will kill a lot of us because of their fear of death. Not brave at all. Cowards.

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Torture of the Grave - A loving God , the Bogeyman or Satan himself? Meanwhile, in Dar al-Islam...


"Whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make Muslim. "
Fresh clashes on Karachi streets , from

"At least 34 people died on Saturday in street battles
Seven people have been killed in Karachi in fresh clashes one day after major political violence hit Pakistan.
Troops were deployed across the city, but gunfire was heard in several areas, shops and vehicles were set alight and police were pelted with stones.

Correspondents say there is also a growing ethnic tone to the violence.

At least 34 people died on Saturday in street battles in the city between supporters of the country's president and those of its suspended top judge.

President Pervez Musharraf suspended judge Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry in March, but he has since become a focus for protesters trying to end military rule.

Opposition groups blamed the pro-Musharraf MQM party of organising the unrest, but it denied the claim.

Early on Sunday, Karachi police chief Azhar Farooqi described the situation in the city as "very tense".

If you really feel sorry over what has happened in Karachi, then stop these protests

Pakistan's government on Sunday authorised paramilitary troops to shoot anyone involved in serious violence, Reuters quoted Interior Secretary Syed Kamal Shah as saying.

And the provincial government in Sindh province banned political gatherings, imposing a so-called Section 144 order in an effort to restore order.

The BBC's Shoaib Hassan, in Karachi, says five of those killed on Sunday were kidnapped, then executed. One of them was an MQM worker.

Another two people were tortured and then shot in the head, our correspondent says.

In at least three incidents, Pashtun businesses and shops were targeted, allegedly by the MQM, according to the owners.

The situation on Karachi's streets is said to be "tense"

Meanwhile, in a Pashtun-dominated area in north Karachi, locals attacked vehicles or people dressed in the urban style of the Mohajirs who dominate the MQM.

Opposition groups have called a strike for Monday, against what they describe as the MQM's "terrorist tactics", our correspondent adds.

Meanwhile, the casualty toll from Saturday's violence rose overnight to 39 dead and about 150 wounded, many from gunshots, the Associated Press reported. "

We've got 3 million of these murderous inbred death-robots in this country.

Allah F***ing Akhbar!!!!!!!!

najistani said...


"Torture of the grave" is obviously the sadistic fantasy of a sick pychopathic satanic control freak.

I'm not very religious, but as a child I was always taught that recitation of the Lord's Prayer was absolute protection against all such fears and morbid imaginings. Maybe
we ought to try to convert them to CofE.

More tea Vicar?

More TNT Imam?

Anonymous said...

Dear najistani

What points are you making exactly?! Lots of quotes and acronymns that ordinary folks like me dont recognise (and thus cannot appraise) but no real substance except fear and meaningless rant and and hatred! I cant even be clear as to whether its you thats spouting or someone else. Cant you reference your points a little more clearly so we can read the substance from the rant?

To cite some of your examples:

You accuse muslims of being 'Nuke armed' and 'baby shaggers' !! I would take a moment or two to consider the hypocrisy of a westerner, presumably from the UK such as yourself to say something like that! Lest us not forget that Christian America spends more on arms than it does on healthcare. Our military budget to fight in Iraq is actively taking money out of more important national enterprises too. To conclude , we too are rather well armed with arms, including nuclear weaponary when you consider our alliance with USA. If you go to the governmental website, you can get details to elucidate my point if you want to. The Labour party, like the tories provide a terrible justification for this, but the info is there.

Next, baby shaggers. It may come as a shock to you and its certainly disgusting but some folks in our proud little nation (and theyre predominately white brits on the child protection register) have also engaged in acts like sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse of children, and usually, every hour in the UK, a woman is being beaten up by her partner as a result of domestic violence. Of course, most people in the UK are not engaging in abuse, neglect or domestic violence. But some are. Some muslims engage in these acts but like us, most arent! So dont lie! If you cannot make your point with honest information, dont bother! It reduces any validity to anything that might actually be reasonable.

My point? My point is that if an act is engaged in by "your people" (lets say non muslim brits), then you should be mindful of that terrible act when you are accusing "other people" (lets say muslims). Otherwise, you are engaging in hypocrisy. It is unfortunate and terrible that people abuse their kids, cause violence and hold nuclear weapons. I dont like any of these regardless as to who is doing it. But the problem with your ignorance is that you cannot see that your point falls apart the second you look in the mirror that your fellow BNP members are also staring in when you shout your obsenities out.

Its even more ridiculous that your points dont even give GA the same respect that he deserves by making them relevant or a commentary on what he is actually saying!

Whilst I dont like the way that GA actively manipulates information, nor the responses of BFB yesterday, I massively respect their clearer presentation styles. And in the end, both were succint. Why dont you take a leaf out of their books? Your inconsistent and factually incorrect rants put you to shame!

BFB said...

Anon:"acts like sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse of children, and usually, every hour in the UK, a woman is being beaten up by her partner as a result of domestic violence"

But not as the result of the Koran! I can't speak for Najistani, but I suspect that is the point he/she is making.

Is it not a simple fact of life that all of the above crimes you mention are by no means unique to 'bigoted Britons', as I believe your are intending to imply?

Najistani provides URL's to back his/her comments, your sources comes from ...where, exactly?

And here's the cherry on the cake: "(and theyre predominately white brits on the child protection register)"...not surprising, considering that 'white Brits' still constitute some 90% of the population!

I notice you don't make the same point about gun crime!

Any particular reason why?

najistani said...

Wife beating and child abuse do indeed occur in all societies, but only in Islamic societies are they institutionalised and sanctioned by religion. Only in Islamic societies can you perform wife beating and child-abuse on the same person.

Try googling for 'koran wife beating'

and 'mufa khathat' or 'Islam thighing'

najistani said...

Returning the BNP's celebration of 'Islam Awareness Week', there seems to be a slight problem with promoting Islamic awareness among our artistic community:

"Britain’s contemporary artists are fêted around the world for their willingness to shock but fear is preventing them from tackling Islamic fundamentalism. Grayson Perry, the cross-dressing potter, Turner Prize winner and former Times columnist, said that he had consciously avoided commenting on radical Islam in his otherwise highly provocative body of work because of the threat of reprisals.

Perry also believes that many of his fellow visual artists have also ducked the issue, and one leading British gallery director told The Times that few major venues would be prepared to show potentially inflammatory works.
“I’ve censored myself,” Perry said at a discussion on art and politics organised by the Art Fund. “The reason I haven’t gone all out attacking Islamism in my art is because I feel real fear that someone will slit my throat.”


Scope here for the BNP to give some direction to Arts Council grants once they come to power.

Red Squirrel said...

Hi GA,
Mad Mo really did made sure that his ravings covered all aspects of life, death and beyond!
No wonder the deluded defeated and repressed victims of his disgusting fantasies are so keen to die by violent means! It really is the stuff of 'Hammer House of Horrors!'
For a devout Muslim even going for a sh-ite is bound by rules and taboos.
This I found very amusing:-!

najistani is a mine of information, on all aspects of Islam, I for one appreciate very much all the work he puts in to teach us of the real dangers posed by this death-cult!

najistani said...

Hi Red Squirrel,

Thanks for the link

These weird Islamic superstitions seem to be a kind of contagious Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. If your mind is full of this sort of crap it's no wonder you don't have the capacity for rational thought.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon!

Red Squirrel, I couldnt really make sense of your fearful and passive aggressive comments. Can you explain more succintly please?

Is najistani a mine of information or just a mindless mind of misinformation? All najistani does is conduct copious amounts of narrow keyword searches on the internet. Then a few rants are placed at the start and end of the link and then its posted. Theres no real substance and like a newspaper, its easy to read and easy to fall into the trap of thinking that it contains 'everything youd ever need to know'. There are no clear arguments there, just more and more information to manipulate and impose statements of hatred. Any person that gets on these pages can do that! You probably just appreciate all the work najistani puts in because you havent been doing it yourself. Shame on you! Its just laziness on your part!

Who is the death-cult? how are you defining such a group?

Anonymous said...

Anon:The links provided are based on facts which you conveniently ignore.

Who is the death cult?You obviously believe it irrational to fear and dislike a group who blow up buildings,buses and wish death on those that fail to embrace their beliefs?

There are apparently a largish body of the MUSLIM persuasion who see nothing wrong with blowing up INNOCENT people in order to advance the cause of their creed armed with this evidence do you see Islam as having my/your best interests at heart?

Convince me beyond doubt muslim intentions are not to create an islamic state?

I could go on but tis a fruitless task i fear.


Anonymous said...


Who is the death cult?You obviously believe it irrational to fear and dislike a group who blow up buildings,buses and wish death on those that fail to embrace their beliefs?

There are apparently a largish body of the CHRISTIAN persuasion who see nothing wrong with blowing up INNOCENT people in order to advance the cause of their creed armed with this evidence do you see CHRISTIANITY as having my/your best interests at heart?

Convince me beyond doubt CHRISTIAN intentions are not to create an CHRISTIAN state?

I could go on but tis a fruitless task i fear.

How dose this make you feel!!!

Another Anon

BFB said...

Muslims slam planes into buildings killing thousands. NO MUSLIM OUTRAGE!

A Danish newspaper publishes a few 'toons' of Mo. MUSLIMS ARE OUTRAGED!

Sums it up, really!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon, good point and beautifully made!

Dear BFB, Americans and Brits slam planes into buildings in Iraq and Afghanistan. Were you horrified by that?! But let me tell you that there was muslim outrage. Clearly there were also individuals and numerous other groupings (and I was NOT one of them) who thought it was justifiable or that if USA was outraged, then maybe they need to address their even more harmful policies and practices elsewhere. BUT: There were also muslims who died working and moving through those towers that day. You probably werent there were you? Were you living in New York at the time? Did you see how many muslims in mosques were absolutely distraught at the events? Did you see how the entire town of new york pulled together and how they broke down boundaries to support each other? were you there BFB? Dont you think that some muslims were as worried about how people would interpret them ? Because I really do worry as to how others will intrepret me when they see a Brit and might have met someone like you ahead of time.

Jokes do not make racist commentary acceptable. I appreciate that your personal control over your own frustration is very very limited given your responses even to me. Thus, you may not understand the harm to people's that are caused by jokes. But if you want to know about humour let me know and I can point you to an excellent writer on the subject of humour (he writes in teh context of the royal family and it might be a bit beyond your level but makes a fascinating read if you can manage it).

BFB said...

Are there lots of pictures? Otherwise I'm not interested!