Thursday, 1 November 2007

Christmas, Eid and the Madrid Bombings

Stop the Eurabian Clock - Vote British National Party

We should not be surprised by the recommendations of the Labour Parties think-tank that they wish to "expunge" Christmas from the True British mind set. As Marxists they have always hated and sought to destroy anything that stands in the way of their wet dream of a Marxist one world government and Christianity, like Nationalism is another one of their main obstacles.

And now that they have reached an agreement with the global capitalists about the way labour is to be divided across the world once Nationalism has been destroyed, they feel that they can really start to force their views onto the uneducated masses they have deliberately been creating since the early 60's.

This is the same Labour (and their views are also the views of the Liberals and conservatives) think-tank that came up with id cards, charging us to drive into our cities and now planning to charge us to drive between the towns and cities. Effectively restricting the movements of the population and pricing them out of jobs. They are also the ones who decided on leaving rubbish to rot on our streets to fund their jobs and pensions whilst the old die of hypothermia and our sick die in their thousands in dirty stinking hospitals staffed by immigrants who cannot even be bothered to wash their hands.

This is also the same think-tank that was responsible for removing the rights of parents to bring up their children they way they see fit and according to family values. Family values also are an obstacle to their plans and so must also be destroyed and then parental rights removed. The first step is to have "birth ceremonies" (We already do. They are called Christenings) and forcing parents to agree to "work in partnership with the state" to bring up newborns. The future resources and uneducated slaves of their new world order.

But back to Christmas. The think-tank makes this statement.
'If we are going to continue as a nation to mark Christmas - and it would be very hard to expunge it from our national life even if we wanted to - then public organisations should mark other religious festivals too"

And in this second statement they reveal why they thing they can now move forward with the destruction of Our Country.
"We can no longer define ourselves as a Christian nation, nor an especially religious one in any sense.

"The empire is gone, church attendance is at historically low levels, and the Second World War is inexorably slipping from memory."

There it is. The Second World War is slipping from memory. And it is. But worse for Our Country is that the people who fought in that war or lived through it are the last of us who truly remember the meaning of freedom and why it is has to be protected and sadly paid for in blood to keep.

But they may get hoist by their own petard with regards to the banning of Christmas lights in Our Towns and Cities.

Because the Moslems now demand festival equality with the Christians and in their usual way have indicated what might happen should they not get their way.
“The Muslim community and the whole of Rochdale takes pride in the fact that we have the resources and facilities to put up the Eid lights. It would be very damaging for community relations if the council decides not to put up the lights again.

“The lights are the best way that the Muslim community can demonstrate how we celebrate Eid to the wider community and the lights are very popular. We celebrate Christmas in Rochdale and it’s only right that we celebrate Eid in a similar way.

What they do not say though, is that Christmas is a religious festival and not the celebration of being able to have dinner a little later in the day or to remember a murderous attack carried out on some travelling merchants by a Dead Paedophile and cult followers centuries ago.

Neither do they say anything about the increasing police costs in policing the Eid festivals. So dangerous are they now becoming that even some of the turnips stay away from them and according to a recent poll 41% of the Muslim Readership of the British Asian News think that the police measure taken are still not adequate despite the massive increase of policing at this excuse to riot on the streets.

And what is Moslem way of showing how "damaging to community relations" they can be?

Madrid murderers showing their remorse by laughing at the casualties they caused in their efforts to show Islam as a true Religion Of Peace

In Madrid, shortly after 7.30am on Thursday March 11, 2004, ten bombs ripped through four trains packed with commuters and schoolchildren as they headed into the city centre of.

The blasts tore gaping holes in the carriages and left hundreds of mutilated bodies, including young children and babies, lying in the wreckage at three of the capital's stations.

As well as 191 murdered people, hundreds more were crippled and disabled. Their lives and the lives of their families destroyed because a bunch of sexually frustrated maniacs followed the teachings of evil and believed the ratings of an illiterate madman spawned in hell.

Well the elections will come. And the people will have one last chance to have their voice heard. Let us hope they have learned enough to realise that there is only one political party that can now save them and their children's future. A party of the people that does not forget the sacrifices made by our ancestors. The British National Party.


Yorkshirelass. said...

Ban smoking to prevent the cultural get together in pubs.
Under the pretence that bacon butties or a nice chunk of ham washed down with a few glasses of wine can cause cancer.
Ban Christmas because it just might be the wrong thing to do in a CHRISTIAN country.
Am i having a nightmare full of creeping islamnization speeding up here?
What next football, clubs,TV unless sanctioned by the MCB?
Don't laugh who'd have said just a few short years ago, they'd even try to ban Christmas.bacon ham or any of the other Marxist crap the politicians think they can force onto us?
72% on the last census said that they were Christian i think that still makes the UK majority Christian.
We don't remember the last war?
They wish!
How can we forget, when we're still fighting plans laid out at that time, the flaming EU and the wrecking of the UK?
I'm afraid they mis-judge their brainwashing, it's bypassed many of us ESPECIALLY THOSE THAT VOTE FOR AND SUPPORT THE BNP.

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Brill Green I will as ever pass this on. WE really are governed by brainless spineless fucking idiots.

That picture of the Moslem bombers really does sum up the imiage I have of the paedo followers in my head. They are remorseless, and the death penalty is what they deserve and then fed to wild Boar

Anonymous said...

The elections have absolutely nothing to do with who will get into power, its been that way since the 60's. They serve to give the uneducated masses (and by that I mean uneducated in the ways of the world, not how many degrees they hold) the image that they have choice and some control over their nations destiny. I really dont think we do have the power to change things any longer either, perhaps the Bible is right when it shows the last days of civilisation as man's enslavement to the "anti-Christ", or better described as the opposite to decency, humane behaviour, order and caring for the things that matter, which seperate us from beasts (new world order?), after all is losing cultural or personal identity not part of enslavement. something extremely "evil" is happenning, and importing Islam was part of the plan, though ultimately I think they will be victims of this world takeover as much as us-they are nothing but the foot soldiers, the buffer in the attack on our culture. We really could do with divine help!

Anonymous said...

Have any of you seen this, I bet it will interest you a lot!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
so your the infamous Green Arrow from this months Searchlight.

I see what they mean.
Then you need to read this!

The Green Arrow said...

Anon, thanks for the link.

I posted about this act of treason here:
in October with the title "Will the next General Election be the last".

With regards to Searchlight. I do not subscribe to it but would appreciate knowing what they are blathering about.

Anonymous said...

That was not Anon but me! here is another link!

Anonymous said...

This Country is Ours, it is Bought and Paid for by the blood of Our Ancestors, Parliament are hoping we do not realise this, but consitutionally it is true, Our Common Rights Predate Parliament.
The land is Ours, It belongs to our children.
Currently it is being given away for the cost of a £40.00 Immigration Pack.
Surendered Illegally to the EU Soviet, that is Corrupt, having not filed accounts for 9 yrs.
It has been voted Out by the French and Dutch Voters and it is Constitutionally Treason for Anyone, Parliament OR the Queen to Surrender Sovereignty to a Foreign Power.
This has largely been forgotten and needs be disseminated to as many people as posssible.
Immigration is simply to drown out our National Identity (and our vote), welfare and housing is the lure.

There are many dead ends, Welsh, Scottish, English Devolution is a Blind alley, a distraction, what use is devolution if 80% of British Laws are made in Brussels.

Since the law was passed legalising Abortions, 6 Million have been carried out, now why If we
ever needed More people in this country so Badly could we not have given our welfare to support
those children. we are being drowned out of Existance,
what was it Jack Straw said.....ah yes....'The British are not worth saving as a race'

This land is Ours, we must Unite and act while we are still the Vast Majority.

It is a divide and conquer strategy, we must do the Opposite, Unite....Blog, email,

Buy British, Eat British, Wear British, Put out those flags, wear that crucifix, celebrate Christmas, go to church, if only once a month, make a small donation.Visit, Scotish, Welsh, English heritage sites for the weekend, take the family.

This land is ours. it belongs to our children.

Blog these links to other sites, Police sites, Military sites, Football sites, Sport, TV entertainment is a distraction, just like the roman emperors use to do with their citizens.
Wake people up...Unite.

Start a campaign aganst PC, attack them from all fronts. It is a house of cards, bring it down.

Anonymous said...

Oh for a well-ordered citizens' militia!