Sunday, 25 November 2007

End of Islamic Awareness Week

Of course it is.

So it is the end of Islamic Awareness Week. Well it is for the turnips but never for us. The True Owners of this Country. For us it is Islamic Awareness Week, every week of the year. And will be until we make all of our fellow citizens aware of the evil of Islam.

Today is a link day to one particular site that has collected some of the most horrific images and videos that, should you choose to view reveal the truth of Islam.

I warn you that these videos are truly sickening and SHOULD NOT be viewed by children or people with weak stomaches. If you are using Firefox as your brower and have difficulty in viewing some of the clips then switch to Internet Explorer and you should be fine. I suspect you will view only one or two. I managed three but had to stop after Inhumane treatment.

A recent Populus survey showed that an overwhelming 93 percent of British Muslims think that attacks on civilians in the UK cannot be justified and 86 percent rejected targeting military establishments.

Given that there are over 2 million moslems living in Our Country, from those figures, we can extrapolate the following information.

  • 7 % of Muslims think that attacks on civilians in the UK can be justified - 140,000 possible bombers
  • 14 % of Muslims approve of targeting military establishments - 280,00 possible bombers

Frightened? You should be. Do you want an end to this fear? Then do something about it. Join the British National Party. Let them deport the preachers of hatred and the people who wish to kill us in the same way they killed the victims in the gruesome links above.


najistani said...

More Muslim sadism reported at

"Imagine an EU country in which one could be kidnapped and tortured for daring to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and where that torture consisted of being tied to a chair, stabbed repeatedly with a knife in the buttocks, testicles, stomach and back, and having fingers and toes sliced like a cucumber; where one dies the agonising death of a thousand cuts before your tormentors from hell mercifully slice your throat from ear to ear, virtually decapitating you.

This is not some middle-eastern Islamic fundamentalist country tyrannically presided over by a mad mullah, but a country that professes the virtues of secularism, practises democracy, preaches the tolerance of the Enlightenment, and aspires to join the Christian community of nations known as the European Union. The country is Turkey, which Jack Straw is insisting must be admitted to the Union to prove that 'Christian and Muslims can live together'.

The Green Arrow said...

Sorry anon. Please edit your comment without insults and confine yourself to debating in a rational manner and resubmit.

Anonymous said...

GA: there werent any insults! the debate was rational. you are doing exactly what I said you would do in misrepresenting my comments. this makes you every bit as unfair as i suggested last week that you would be. I dont think you are "sorry" at all! and there was nothing on my comment which was untrue or insulting. worse, if you are going to abstain from allowing people to practice freedom of speech, why did you not have the balls to question bfb when he was incredibly rude and suggestive to me last week. I had a solicitor check your website out last week who told me that i have perfect grounds to have it shut down. i said that i didnt want to pursue that line because i wanted you to be able to practice your right to freedom of speech. and even though you have just done this to me, i still wont pursue that line precisely because my thinking that you have the right to practice freedom of speech supercedes my opinions of the harm that you are causing. are you going to ask Bfb to apologise to me as well now since you are practising such stringent editing of comments only on those people who disagree with you? do you know how stupid this confirms you to be?!

The Green Arrow said...

Anon, I have enabled comment moderation because unfortunately not everyone conducts themselves in a civilised manner.

I deleted that many comments without reading that that amoungst the chaff there was sure to have been wheat but that happens.

If you have a problem with BFB go visit his blog and take your protest up there.

I find your arrogance that YOU have the right to close me down breathtaking. Go ahead take your legal action. I would welcome the publicity and so would my cause.

Every thing I publish is the truth.
I notice you did not comment on the horrors of Islam that the links pointed to. Did you? Or is it too much for you - the truth.

Comment moderation will be restored when I feel like going around in circles again.

Anonymous said...

GA: Relax for goodness sake! Read what i actually said and then see if you are still outraged. I said that I WOULDNT pursue the reporting of your website to have you shut down! wouldnt as in will not, as in wont as in havent done it! Your notion of promoting freedom of speech in dissenters comments is nothing more than a case of whether you can or cannot be bothered to allow it. This is a human right we are talking about! Not an allowance for the people with the say-so to exercise at will! If you keep going around in circles, just ask yourself why that is happening?

Your response GA is indicative of what you keep on doing.....and that is to react to what is being posted rather to get on and actually answer the darn questions! It removes the dissenters right to sensible debate! Freedom of speech is a farce as far as your blog goes!

The Green Arrow said...

Anon, please get your yourself a blogger id. Not an account just an ID. Then I will know when I am talking to the same person. I have had enough trouble with false identities this week. It takes minutes to set up and then no other person can pretend to be you.

I am really busy. Will respond later.

najistani said...

Troll(s) full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous", yes the moderate appearing person who is purporting to enter into debate with you GA, is no other than a very far left LADY belonging to a very dark organisation. The purpose?, to prevent the freedom of speech of course, how?, by creating the conditions for you to stop the posting of anonymous comments. These left wing cretins are so full of hatred and fear for the BNP they will stop at nothing, especially if they are given the opportunity to come over as intellectual and humane, which anyone who has any knowledge of how they operate would agree they are neither. Ignore this person please, sensible dialogue and discussion is one thing, and to be welcomed, but entering into the games played by this person are below you. Funny how they never allow this kind of thing on their own websites?

Anonymous said...

GA,The fruitbats comments are bordering on obsessive and hysteria don't ya think ,can we apply to have it sectioned?It has a valid point though it's quite correct that before we can afford to disagree we have to be FREE to disagree it's just a shame its party of hysterical banner waving fascists aka the uaf disagree and oppose free speech.

pssst,i think its confused.


Anonymous said...

"GA: Relax for goodness sake! Read what i actually said"

The fact that you SAY you had a solicitor look at the site in the first place justifies GA's response.
Well I'll give you 10 out of 10 for utter gall, If you did show this site to a solicitor, which I doubt, I hope it cost you an arm and a leg, or maybe the cost of shutting a site down is too prohibitive for you.
You are a self absorbed, arrogant little twerp who is on a mission to harass GA.
If you really can't drag yourself away from here (and it appears not) and if you absolutely MUST post comments, make them about the topics and not the blog owner, for a change!


The Green Arrow said...

Right. Comment moderation is now off. I am afraid that I will not be able to respond to all comments but I will not be far away. True Brits will understand that there are more important things then indulging the UAF.

najistani said...

Paedo-worshipping vermin planning to nuke Scotland.

"Top police officer warns that nuclear attack is inevitable
By Rob Edwards, Environment Editor
Scotland must prepare for ‘absolute terror’

A NUCLEAR attack by terrorists causing widespread panic, chaos and death is inevitable and will happen soon, a senior Scottish police officer has warned.

Ian Dickinson, who leads the police response to chemical, biological and nuclear threats in Scotland, has painted the bleakest picture yet of the dangers the world now faces.

Efforts to prevent terrorist groups from obtaining materials that could be made into radioactive dirty bombs - or even crude nuclear explosives - are bound to fail, he said. And the result will be horror on an unprecedented scale.


BFB said...

GA said:"If you have a problem with BFB go visit his blog and take your protest up there"

Thanks, GA, but the fly NEVER accommodates the spider!

Anon....I'm waiting!

BFB said...


Did your balls suddenly fall off?


(I do like trolls with no spine...they cook quicker!)

Anonymous said...

I've sent you an email that's if you're still

watling said...

"End of Islamic Awareness Week".

I read that title quickly and thought it was "End of Islam Awareness Week".

Now, wouldn't that be something? Although, if Islam were ended, I think we'd need more than a week to celebrate. A few years perhaps?

Think of all those innocent people - many not even born yet - who could enjoy a long life without being murdered by Islamist nutters.

Anonymous said...

BFB: Your website isnt worth engaging with because its so poorly presented, is unclear, overly emotional, rude, and contains a lot of the rantings that you replicate here. So, if you want to engage with me, you can come here because at least GA is more helpful in terms of pointing people to postings and engaging in a more meaningful way with readers and commenters. I cant really see your arguments with any clarity because of your chaotic style. Even Bodicea is more polite than you (and thats saying something). I recommend that you all go and read the BNP recommendations about how to engage with people because you are putting your organisation to complete shame with your approach. Do you want me to give you their website? Whilst Griffin is struggling along to get freedom of speech raised on the agenda in Oxford today, your hatred is shining through and screwing up his efforts. Thats because people end up reacting more to your bully-boy style than to what you may be trying to get across. And wow, do you come across in the most terrible of ways. If you can be bothered, you can address this point (maybe under the BNP awareness week idea). However, I suspect youll just carry on with more polite insults like Bodicea's!

Anonymous said...

Watling:I read that title quickly and thought it was "End of Islam Awareness Week".
Heady thoughts indeed!

Anonymous said...

GA: Should the BNP hold an awareness week to highlight the cause and to educate on policies and actions being suggested by the BNP? Louise.

Ronbo said...

As a fine old British writer said in the novel, "The Heart of Darkness" -- "The horror! The horror!"

I have posted this article on blog at:

We Anglo-Saxons, in whatever country we call home, simply must unite to destroy this barbarism! ISLAM MUST BE DESTROYED!!!

Cheers, Cousin Ronbo, USA

Anonymous said...

Careful cousin ronbo, we cant ask you how youre planning to destroy islam but in the UK, filthy comments like that constitute incitement of hatred. GA wants to maintain this website for freedom of speech but freedom of speech exists most keenly when it doesnt deny others their freedom of speech. if you destroy islam, you are doing just that. maybe this website isnt for you but there are probably other more extreme ones that will welcome your hatred. "Destroy barbarism" (Cousin Ronbo, 2007), An oxymoron of the highest order!