Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Trade Unions right to expel BNP members

After the European Court of Human Rights smashed a fist into the face of freedom of speech by overruling the 1992 UK Act which prohibits the expulsion of a union member because of their membership of a political party. A new Employment Bill has been given to the British to rubber stamp to allow them, the Trade Unions to kick out anyone they like or rather dislike.

The reds are wetting themselves with excitement at the prospect of having a real witch hunt against their opponents in the shrinking British workforce.

So now the trade unions have or think they have what they want. The means to expel any person who does not adhere to their political way of thinking.

What they do not realise, is that now, this two edge sword can also be used against them by Trade Union Leaders should they campaign against them for what ever reasons. Of you go Tom, you were in the SWP. Of you go Dick, you were in the Communist Party. Of you go Harry, you face doesn't fit.

The only winner here is Eurabia, who through law, has now ensured that the current crop of Quisling trade union leaders will remain in place and keep the The True British Workers under their heel.

Fortunately for the remaining True British Workers who have had enough of seeing their union take actions contrary to their wishes. There is now a real patriotic trade union that is there ready for them to join. Solidarity.


Dylan said...

Time to expel the lablibcon!


Nice one from Heffer:

najistani said...

Trade Unionists (along with any remaining Christians and Jews) are among the most persecuted sections of society in Islamic countries . The vicious, elitist, sadistic and depraved Ulema - the Muslim priesthood - regard Trades Union organisers as much a threat to their power as the kaffirs and apostates.

Check out Working Class Trades Union rights in such Islamic paradises as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan

So why do Labour politicians and the Trades Union bosses ally themselves with such an oppressive, supremacist ideology as Islam?

Why do leaders like Gordon Brownlips kiss Muslim arse? Aren't these champions of the common man betraying their British Christian Socialist working-class heritage?

Well actually, no. Their heritage is neither British, nor Christian, nor socialist except in the Stalinist sense. And it certainly isn't working class.

It is very true that the original Labour movement owes far more to Methodism than Marxism, to the Sermon on the Mount than Das Kapital. It was a strong Christian faith that nurtured the Tolpuddle Martyrs in their struggle for workers' rights in the face of the bosses' wage cuts to below starvation level. "Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, the labourer is worthy of his reward."

The early history of Trades Unionism in Australia was also inspired by Christianity.

But all that has changed . Since the 1980's, the leadership of the trades union movement and Labour party have been hijacked by European-inspired atheist Marxist functionaries, many of whom have never done a productive day's work in their lives. The career path from University Social Studies department to Westminster or Congress House , with no intervening gainful employment, is all too common .

To paraphrase Gibbon: To the gullible all religions are equally true, to the skeptical all religions are equally false, and to the politicians all religions are equally useful.

So is it any wonder that Marxist Labour neglect and indeed despise the real British working class? With their rapidly multiplying new-found Muslim friends, they have people who share many of their objectives - an unquestionable totalitarian social system, destruction of free expression, control of all aspects of life, and an unnaccountable, undemocratic superstate (Caliphate/EU) . Of course push will eventually come to shove and the Marxists and Muslims will some day be at one anothers' throats in a bloody continent-wide civil war, but by that time most of the rest of us will long since have been
airbrushed out of Orwellian history.

Anonymous said...

I think that this shows that the Unions are simply an adjunct of the political establishment. If you are serious about Nationalism and saving our country you should not support them with dues. There is only one Union which Nationalists should join - Solidarity. It has been the subject of smear and attack precisely because the Reds and bureaucrats fear its potential. I've just voted in elections to its Executive.

These were open to all members and independently scrutinised. The ballot was accompanied by a full-colour leaflet giving each candidate 150 words and a picture.
I am impressed by the professionalism of our Union. It is only small (about two hundred members at present) but it is growing. All worker Nationalists should join now.