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BNP By-election results 2007/2008

I have decided to try and maintain a list of British National Party by-election results since the May 2007 local elections. For ease of readability it will just be date, Council and percentage won.

Those wishing more information can visit here.

  • 7th Maldon Burnham 10.6%
  • 7th West Sussex CC Petworth 10.6%
  • 14th Newcastle-upon Wingrove 1.7%
  • 14th Torbay Berry Head 5.1%
  • 14th Calderdale Warley 11.6%
  • 14th Havering St Andrew's 18.7%
  • 14th Manchester Charlestown 25%
  • 14th Lincolnshire Brigg & Wolds 4.2%
  • 14th Rochford Hockley North 29.3%
  • 28th Pendle Craven 16.5%
  • 28th Sandwell Charlemont 22.5%
  • 28th Nuneaton Slough 27.3%
  • 28th Barnoldswick Craven 18.1%
  • 5th Oldham Saddleworth 12.2%
  • 5th Gateshead Dunston & Teams 10.2%
  • 12th Rotherham Valley 19.5%
  • 19th Swansea Llansamlet 10.8%
  • 19th Sedgefield 8.9%
  • 30th Loughton Alderton 32.1%
  • 6th York Heworth without 3.2%
  • 13th Rossendale Goodshaw 7.5%
  • 13th Rossendale Irwell 27.5%
  • 13th Rossendale Whitewell 7.2%
  • 13th Conwy Mochdre 5.2%
  • 20th Nuneaton Abbey 21.4%
  • 20th Birmingham Brandwood 6.2%
  • 20th West orcester St Clement 11.6%
  • 20th Wigan West Wigan 13.7%
  • 20th Copeland Harbour 22.7%
  • 20th Southend-on-Sea Shoeburyness 13.9%
  • 27th Northamptonshire CC Lloyds 13.0%
  • 27th Chester Chester Central 9.4%
  • 4th Leices Shepshed 20.0%
  • 11th Horsham Holbrook West 11.9%
  • 18th S.Derbyshire Church Gresley 35.4%
  • 25th Sefton Manor 4.1%
  • 25th Waltham Abbey Honey Lane 28.5%
  • 1st Ashfield Sutton West 13.6%
  • 8th Tamworth Castle 13.6%
  • 15th Lincolnshire Heighington 8.9%
  • 22nd Conwy CbC, Rhiw 4.9%
  • 6th Sandwell 314 18.96%
  • 13th Harrow, Canons 2.6%
  • 20th Castle Point DC, St Marys 20.4%
  • 20th Shepshed TC, East 21.8%
  • 3rd Welwyn Hatfield, 214 16.2%
  • 10th Ibstock & Heather, NWLC, 637 28.2%
  • 31st Calne TC, Lickhill, 84 10.6%

  • 7th Wyre DC, Victoria
Con 769 (51.9;-10.1), Lab 339 (22.9;+1.1), BNP 222 (15.0;+15.0), UKIP 151 (10.2;-6.0).
Majority 430. Turnout not known. Con hold. Last fought 2007.
  • 14th East Staffordshire DC, Stretton
Con 661 (36.9;-11.6), Lab 366 (20.4;-7.2), BNP 327 (18.2;+18.2), Popular Alliance 233 (13.0;-10.9), Lib Dem 205 (11.4;+11.4).
Majority 295. Turnout 28%. Con hold. Last fought 2007.

Lab 724 (33.8;-7.9), Con 723 (33.7;+4.7), BNP 313 (14.6;+14.6), Lib Dem 235 (11.0;-3.3), Green 148 (6.9;+6.9), [Ind (0.0;-15.0)].
Majority 1. Turnout 28.9%. Lab hold. Last fought 2005.

Harrow LBC, Marlborough
Lab 972 (41.4;-2.1), Lib Dem 628 (26.7;+3.1), Con 507 (21.6;-11.3), BNP 97 (4.1;+4.1), Ind 74 (3.2;+3.2), Green 71 (3.0;+3.0)
Majority 344. Turnout 29.6%. Lab hold. Last fought 2006.

Middlesbrough UA, Gresham
Lab 584 (47.9;-1.4), Ind 377 (31.0;+31.0), BNP 135 (11.1;+11.1), Lib Dem 78 (6.4;+6.4), Con 44 (3.6;+3.6) [Middlesbrough Inds (0.0;-50.7)]
Majority 207. Turnout 20.6%. Lab hold. Last fought 2007.

Middlesbrough UA, Marton West
Con 993 (63.0;+13.5), Lab 413 (26.2;-4.5), BNP 170 (10.8;+10.8) [Lib Dem 0.0;-19.8)]
Majority 580. Turnout 39.2%. Con hold. Last fought 2007.

Arun DC, Yapton
Con 620 (59.8;-4.8), Lib Dem 212 (20.4;-2.4), BNP 205 (19.8;+19.8), [Lab (0.0;-12.7)]
Majority 408. Con hold.% change since May 2007.

Havering LBC, Gooshays
BNP 865 (38.0;+9.8), Lab 741 (32.5;+6.6), Con 489 (21.5;-5.5), UKIP 70 (3.1;-7.6), National Liberal Party 62 (2.7;+2.7), Lib Dem 52 (2.3;+2.3) [Residents (0.0;-5.6), Ind (0.0;-2.5)]
Majority 124. Turnout 22.6%. BNP hold.% change since May 2006

Hinckley and Bosworth BC, Hinckley CastleLib Dem 802 (57.0;-10.0), BNP 264 (18.8;+18.8), Con 226 (16.1;-8.7), Lab 116 (8.2;+0.0).
Majority 538. Turnout 29.6%. Lib Dem hold. (Percentage change since May 2007).

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Anonymous said...

Maybe record the BNP average percentage in the by-elections.

najistani said...


Anonymous said...

Let me guess anon,you own a holiday home in Manningham lane,does this provide you with the diversity you crave?i'm sure your concern and sentiment is recipricated by your extended family and they appreciate your concern for their well-being.

Did you miss the recent leftist demo with the anti-semite placards on view for all to see?I'd say they made your position on said subject quite clear.Pehaps it's your quasi comrades you should be interrogating.

bye bye....

BFB said...

Considering the BNP are the most oppressed political party in British history and are constantly denied the oxygen of publicity I think these are fantastic results.

GA, you wouldn't happen to have figures for the pathetic SWP would you? I could do with a laugh.

I wonder how the UAF would fare if they had the balls to put themselves up for election. Maybe your resident troll can explain why they don't!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be rude above anonymous, but piss off. And now you can tell the world how uncouth us nasty BNP types are, with almost as bad a command of the English language as you lobotomised UAF types. There is no polite way of telling you to grow up, GA has on numerous occasions extended the limits of patience with you, debating and answering honestly your sometimes hazy grasp of what is going on in this country. Why are you asking about Jews, then going on to talk about the condemnation of Islam?...surely even someone as mixed up as yourself realises that you can only back one side in that arguement?. And anyone with even the remotest grasp of the situation would realise that when Sharia Law does eventually become commonplace here, that life for everyone not a believer, but more especially for Jews, will become intolerable. How do I know, well go on, ask me, you may be suprised by my answer, but none in the BNP would be, as I am sure that many Jews, MYSELF included, realise that when Sharia day does come, the BNP will be about the ones fighting my corner. Now how does that fit in with your narrow minded view of nationalism, do you not see the irony of calling me and my fellow patriots nazis?, or is irony wasted on you.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon. Jews? The BNP has a document on their website with regards to their position on both Jews and Israel.

There are good Jews and there are bad Jews. Simple.

Now Moslems are a different kettle of fish. There are no good Moslems and there are no bad Moslems. They are just Moslems. Cult followers of a Dead Paedophile.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Anon 15:06
Yes Irony is wasted on her.
She has been asked several times politely and rudely to shove off but doesn't seem to get the message. I've seen rhino's with thinner skin.
She obviously gets some weird kick out of attempting to convert us or prefers to use a keyboard to self harm rather than a blade, maybe a hemophobic.

Anonymous said...

time to use comment approval GA im getting bored of reading louise the troll posts.

if she was funny or clever it would be another matter but shes just boring!

no platform - works both ways

The Green Arrow said...

Anon 17:01

One of the things that makes the British National Party different to all other parties, is that we do genuinely believe in free speech.

We are not frightened to listen to alternative ideas in case they corrupt our minds. However boring, foolish or not thought out they may be.

We read, we research and we debate and then decide. The alliance of the NO PLATFORM alliance of Lib/Lab/con dare not listen to our messages because they would have to admit the world was round. They are frightened of the truth.

We welcome them to debate with us on our forums. When they finally allow us onto theirs we will defeat their arguments there also.

statistics buff said...

The average support for the BNP is a very respectable 14.59%. For comparison, the Danish People's Party won 13.9% of the votes in the recent Danish national elections and the Swiss People's Party won 29% of the votes in the recent Swiss national elections.

najistani said...

More about BNP Joooooooooooooooz

From the Mohammedan website

"A few decades ago, it would have been unthinkable to imagine any Jewish person finding common cause with the British National Party (BNP).

This is not only because of the anti-Semitism rampant in the party's ranks but also because life in a post WW2 world is one in which the Holocaust reigns supreme in the mind of every person of Jewish heritage.

Recently, however, there has been a dramatic development in what appears to be one of the most unlikely of alliances. Yes, the BNP has Jewish members and a Jewish councillor!

It is true that early on when Mr Nick Griffin launched his campaign to take over the BNP in the 1990s, he made some anti-Semitic remarks. However, last year I was somewhat surprised to see that when the All-Party Parliamentary Report on Anti-Semitism was published, in September 2006, it talked at length about anti-Semitism among Muslims but contained noticeably little about the BNP leader. In other quarters meanwhile, Griffin's 1998 comments were still being cited as current examples of anti-Semitism.

Now, having read subsequent statements issued by the BNP, a rather worrying picture begins to emerge. In answer to the statement: "Your leader is on record denying the Holocaust ever happened and claiming that Jews control the media - you are clearly an anti-Semitic party," the BNP website responds with the following:

"Not at all. Dredging up quotes from 10, 15, 20 years ago is really pathetic and, in a sense, rather fascist. Everyone knows that people's political philosophies evolve and change as they develop - at least three Labour ministers were previously Communist Party members, for instance - and Nick Griffin has repeatedly stated that he has changed his views since then. The BNP is in no way anti-Semitic nor do we deny the Holocaust. We have many Jewish members and are pleased to have a Jewish councillor in Epping, who is, indeed, the group leader there."

The Jewish councillor in question is one Patricia Richardson (née Feldman), who won her seat in Epping Forest and is now councillor for the Loughton Fairmead ward. Her husband, also a BNP candidate, won the nearby ward of Loughton Broadway. Mrs Richardson grew up in Stoke Newington in north London and was one of three children born to Jewish parents. Her father came from Romania while her mother was born in London's East End and came from a family of Lithuanian descent.

One may be able to explain this away as one rogue family whose members do not understand what they are doing or the consequences of their actions but, two weeks ago, another incident involving the BNP caught my attention. This time it was the BBC reporting that First Direct, Vodafone, Virgin Media, the AA, Halifax and the Prudential had all withdrawn ads from Facebook to "protect their brand".

The advertisements had appeared on a rotating basis on the BNP Facebook web space. One would think that if the founder and CEO of a very successful website were Jewish (Mark Zuckerberg was raised in Westchester County, New York, into a good Jewish family), he would use his position for good and not be tolerant of an organisation like the BNP. Astonishingly though, instead of cancelling the BNP's account, the only solution offered by Zuckerberg was for UK companies to opt out of having their ads run on the BNP Facebook page. The BNP therefore continues to be allowed to promote itself on Facebook.

These incidents may amount to nothing more than political self interest and a detachment of business from ethics. On the other hand, given the new Jewish-friendly attitude of the BNP, it is certainly a cause for concern among Muslims, especially when there seems to be a correlation between this dramatic, Jewish-friendly transformation, and the BNP's tightening of its focus on Islam and intensifying of its rhetoric against Muslims in Britain."

G_d is Great!!!
Allah is Crap

BFB said...

Good post Najistani,

I know I don't have an anti-Semetic bone in my body and frankly, I don't care if anyone says I do.

I raise myself above 'people who call me names'...doesn't make me what they call me, makes them name-calling PRATS!

Over to you, Louise...(or is it 'Anon'?)

Anonymous said...

Najistani: Have you got ANY comments to make that aren't posts from other sites? Do you have your own thoughts or a decent knowledge base that you can draw upon without 'having' to resort to all sorts of other sources all of the time?

BFB: Youre not actually making that much sense at the moment. But when you have time, have a look at the etymology of the word 'semite' before you consider whether you are pro or anti semite. Semitic-speaking peoples include the Arabs, Arameans, Babylonians, Carthaginians, Ethiopians, Hebrews, and Phoenicians. Granted, common parlence is reserved for the Jewish peoples but you are failing miserably in your efforts here and presumably impressing no one. Why dont you stop wasting GAs space and go to your own website. Maybe Najistani and johnoddybnp can join you too?

BFB said...


Since you are on a blog with numerous commenters why don't you introduce yourself with a simple question: one which requires a simple 'Yes' or 'No' answer?

I have a question for you which requires a simple Y/N answer.

Who is the more 'fascistic': the BNP (who are democratically supported) or the UAF (who get no public support whatsoever)?

You may need a few years ( and beers) to think about it, so take your time.

And whilst your at it, TROLL, can I have a photo of your minge...It'll keep the kids away from the fire!

BFB said...

"But when you have time, have a look at the etymology of the word 'semite' before you consider whether you are pro or anti semite."

Thanks, TROLL, but I didn't need a UAF fascist to tell me I don't hate Jews!

Are you gonna post anything remotely un-patronizing, or are you gonna wait till the heroine wears off?

BFB said...

"Sexualised comments and your suggestive style make you come across as a mysogenist. They make people cringe at you and its embarrasing for you."

Are people unable to think for themselves? Do they really need you to speak for them?

How PATHETIC are you?

defender said...

We share a common enemy with the Jews, they have never been our enemy and have always respected the British way of life.
That means very much to us and we sympathise with Isreal.
The Jews have had a nation long before the Christian religion and much longer than muslims have been in existance. We support their right to their homeland.

Anonymous said...

Defender: Good, I am glad that you suport the Jews. It is indeed the case that the Jewish peoples have always made a case of their right to a homeland. And frankly, the treatment of the jewish people by the nazis and plenty of others and their racist discrimination of the jewish has added to their claim and need for a homeland. It isnt actually relevant as to how long the Jewish 'nation' has existed for, what is important is that they are allowed to exist. Just the same for all other groupings such as the Christians, the Muslims and all other religious and ethnic groups of peoples. Is it bareface hypocrisy that you promote your support of the Jewish peoples and deny the right of existance in the UK for muslims however?

Anonymous said...


There is just one small problem with your last sentence. Because it is incumbent on all muslims to kill the jews "the descendants of apes and pigs" as they are referred to in the Qu'ran. It is also encumbent upon them to wage war against dar al harb until fitnah is abolished and the world is dar al islam. This is comanded by Allah himself and repeated bhy mohammed on his death bed.

And as muslims adhere to sharia, this means girls marrying at 9 years of age, women treated as second class citizens and who can be beaten by their husbands not to mnention death by stoning for adultery - but only for a woman. And let's not forget apostasy, the penalty for which is death under sharin.

The problem for you then is how to support the existence of people who wish to exterminate the jews and all non-believers. How to support the existence of a law and people that abuse women and children. How to support the existence of laws that condemn to death people who reject their Islamic faith.

As you clearly do support the muslim's right to exist and to practise their faith, then you also suppport the extermination of jews and all kuffars, the stoning and abuse of women and the sexual abuse of children. And the killing of apostates.

But of course, you are a coward who only attacks those that draw attention to Islamic barbarity and who would stamp it out because you lack the courage to fight and condemn the Islamic filth who so freely abuse human rights in the name of a paedophile prophet and his sock puppet monstrosity.

Enogh of your nonsense. Let those who possess the courage to defend human rights by fighting the evil of Islam get on with the battle without your assinine interruptions.


Anonymous said...


I do not support the extermination or forced movement of anyone, regardless of their identity! You need to read my previous postings to understand this.

1. I disagree that all Muslims seek to destroy all other peoples. Indeed, the fact that so many Muslims practice their faith without harming anyone is proof enough that you are wrong in your assertion. My Muslim friends who live alongside their Jewish friends will stand as examples of this. Countless others also achieve this around the world. If all Muslims behave in the ways that you suggest, there would be no other peoples in existence!

2. I did not support the holocaust and I have never supported the extermination of Jews (though you might want to go and look at the history of the National Front and of the Nazi uprising).

3. I have never denied the monstrous events that happened to the Jewish people. Similarly, I have not denied the fact that the rights of Muslims, Christians and Jews who live in occupied territories in Palestine are violated with alarming regularity. Don’t forget the involvement in forces such as the IDF who are also funded by the White House, USA - amongst others. And before you start, it is equally unacceptable when Jews are destroyed including when it occurs as retaliation. Violence towards anyone is unacceptable.

4. I have not sought to take to the stage with a man who denies or reduces the claims that Jews make about the extent of their victimisation by others (not just in Germany but across and around the world). You need to look a little closer for that to your esteemed "leader" Mr Griffin.

And my bottom line:

5. If people engage in racist, discriminatory behaviour, it is not acceptable. It matters not who the violators are, it is still unacceptable. Your behaviour on these websites is appalling as so called supporters of the BNP. You can fling accusations at me all day long but eventually you must be responsible for what you write here on this website.

6. I will not be drawn into your racist rants about others. The history of the rise and fall of the BNP party has been littered with inconsistent and contradictory positions with regards to so called non-indigenous-white-British people. Your party line has sought the switch from discrimination against Jews to supporting Jews apparently on the basis of your greater hatred for Muslims. It is nothing more than that.

I have a question: I am assuming of course that the Jews who seek to migrate to the UK or enter as asylum seekers as policies screw more and more up in Israel and Palestine will be afforded their human rights to do so in your utopia of indigenous British whiteness? I jolly well hope so!

I don’t think you have much courage. Certainly, your "courage" to defend human rights has not shone through with any impressive or coherent structure. If you want to defend human rights, stop sanctioning discrimination towards people who you regard with hatred and start mobilising yourselves with some decent policies that aren’t all about creating a white nation. The policies are racist by default. Deal with it because the world has been there before and no one benefited.

You see you just wasted everyone’s time with that futile attempt. GA: Cant you get someone in with better arguments than anon? The quality of debate from BNP supporters is dreadful.

BFB said...


Tribalism. Is it "unacceptable" as you would put it?

Yorkielass. said...

As posted at Gates of Vienna:

Back in September I wrote about the Anonymous Group of Democratic and Free Thinking, an anti-jihad action organization in Germany.The group has struck again, veiling statues and sculptures in an overnight operation to draw attention to the consequences facing Europe if Islamization is not reversed. Photos of the results are here.

This time the Anonymous Group of Democratic and Free Thinking extended their operation to cover all the German-speaking areas of Europe. Below is their press release, which was emailed to Gates of Vienna early this morning.

Democracy - how long will it remain?

Veiling of public statues in German-speaking areas

On 27 November 2007, we continued our precious campaign of veiling statues to inform the public about the threat of Islamisation to our democratic and liberal values. With this repeated action in the cities of Zurich, Innsbruck, Vienna, Cologne, Berlin, Heidelberg, Wuppertal, Munich, Osnabrück, and Mönchengladbach, we expanded to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

11 statues were veiled with a Burqa or a head scarf.
The statues also bear a sash inscribed with a question all German, Swiss and Austrian citizens have to ask themselves: Democracy - how long will it remain?
Each statue bears two printed signboards which draw a comparison between the German, Austrian and Swiss constitutions on the one hand and the Quran otherwise. Thus these statues convey the message that many citizens are afraid to say.


Yorkielass said...

We in America cloak ourselves in a certain smugness. While we look down at what our European counterparts have done with their continent - abandoning it to Muslim immigration in pursuit of of a Euro/Arab axis (Eurabia), we delude ourselves into believing we are different. They drove their countries to absolute ruination in two generations and we won’t.

Take little comfort. The jihad is coming quietly to American by the intentional building of Muslim populations in small to medium American cities. Whole communities are being importing from countries like Somalia with the tacit approval of the State Department and the complicity of companies like Clintonista backed Tyson Foods.
Those pesky BNPers are getting everywhere spreading lies to the AMERICANS NOW.........

defender said...

anoynimouse " Is it bareface hypocrisy that you promote your support of the Jewish peoples and deny the right of existance in the UK for muslims however?"

Just to make the point lassie, I DO NOT extend the same feelings for muslims as I do for the Jewish nation and people. As I said in my earlier post the muslims see us infidels as the enemy and I take them at their word, they are therefore my enemy. I am honouring the threat

Anonymous said...

defender: So the right of the jewish to their homeland is sanctioned by you because you have positive feelings towards them?! But because you dont extend your "feelings" to muslims, they dont have rights to live in the UK? And all of this based on your view that all muslims are the "enemy"? Grow up "defender". This isnt playschool.

defender said...

I take them at their word, they have declared many many times that we, including you and me, are the infidel, we must either submit, become muslims or die. That is what they say,do you not believe what they say?
Whatever rights we give them here in the UK is not receprocated in muslim lands, no churches, no democracy, no alchol, you girls have to wear the burka, you girls are 1/2 the worth of men, halal meat. If I was a muslim man and you were my wife I am allowed to give you a good smaking if I thought you deserved it, determine when and where you go, you would have to put up with my other 3 wives or I would batter you, you would be my property.
I dont believe I want people who find this kind of behavour normal in this country. I cant obviously speak for you and if you dont mind a bit of that going on thats your choice but dont ever demand equality or rights for yourself if you dont want them for all.

Anonymous said...


Do your muslim friends ACTIVELY push for a reform of sharia law to uphold human rights? And do you think its wise to have friends who worship a man who sexually abused a 9 year old little girl and who personally behaded little boys?

And do you harrass the muslims about sharia law the way you harrass BNP supporters? And if so many muslms are peaceful, where are their voices demnading reform and the abolition of sharia, equal rights for women, and the end to the mandatory jihad against dar al harb? WHERE ARE THEY? Publish a cartoon and they demonstrate in their millions and kill. Blow up buses and trains killing innocents - sorry, kuffars - and their silence is deafening. But yeah, they all practise their faith peacefully don't they? ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. And louder than apologists.

As far as I'm concerned, you support muslims, you support sharia, you support the abuse of women and children and you support the killing of apostates. Islam and sharia law is nothing less than fascism and is responsible for the deaths of men, women and children every day wherever Islam rears its ugly head. Ergo, you are a fascist.

The BNP are a legal party with support from the people. They are the voice of the indiginous British people and they in no way compare to the evil monsters you defend. Your moral compass is way off.

You may be comfortable with appeasing abusers and killers because you lack the courage to fight it. We in the BNP have a zero tolernace to abusers and killers who use a deity to hide behind. It works with the weak-willed and faint hearted, it will never work with us.


G.O.V. said...


Briefing No 40, 27 January 2006


Divided along ethnic and sectarian lines, Muslims are nevertheless united by their creed, their law and the powerful concept of the umma, the totality of Muslims worldwide.

The process of migrating and establishing a Muslim community in a non-Muslim context has an important place in Islamic theology. The word hijra is used to describe such a migration, in particular the migration of Muhammad and his followers in 622 AD from Mecca where they were persecuted to Medina where they established the first Islamic state. Eight years earlier another hijra had occurred when Muslim refugees found freedom of worship in the Christian kingdom of Abyssinia.

Muslims see the establishment of a Muslim community in the UK as a contemporary hijra. But an important question concerns which seventh century hijra they compare it to: the hijra to Abyssinia in which the Muslims became contented and loyal subjects of a Christian king or the hijra to Medina where they seized political and military power.

While the Muslim scholar Imtiaz Ahmed Hussain has indicated that he looks to the Abyssinian model, many other Muslims seem to look to the Medinan model. A book published in 1980 by the Islamic Council of Europe gives instructions for how Muslim minorities are to work towards achieving domination of European countries through a policy of concentration in geographical areas.

The Muslim writer, Amir Taheri, tackling the question of “Why Paris is Burning”, described how France’s policy of assimilation began to fail when (Muslim) immigrants grouped themselves in concentrated areas. The resulting alienation, says Taheri, opens the way for radical Islamists to promote religious and cultural apartheid. Some are even calling for Muslim-majority areas to become like an Ottoman millet i.e. to organise their own social, cultural and educational life in accordance with their religious beliefs. In parts of France, says Taheri, a de facto millet system is already in place, seen in Islamic head-dress, Islamic beards, Islamic control of the administration, and the elimination of cinemas, dance-halls and shops selling alcohol and pork.

The Muslim community in France is well on the way to becoming a millet, a state within a state. The only substantive goal still outstanding is the implementation of Islamic law (shari’a) instead of French law.

Muslims in France have by and large rejected the concept of the integration of individuals and are working instead for the integration of communities. The same is happening in the UK, where the concept of multiculturalism has long been popular.

Two other Islamic principles are important subjects of debate amongst contemporary Muslims. The first concerns “sacred space”. Islam is a territorial religion. Any space once gained is considered sacred and should belong to the umma for ever. Any lost space must be regained - even by force if necessary. Migrant Muslim communities in the West are constantly engaged in sacralising new areas, first the inner private spaces of their homes and mosques, and latterly whole neighbourhoods (e.g. in Birmingham) by means of marches and processions. So the ultimate end of sacred space theology is autonomy for Muslims of the UK under Islamic law.

Radical Muslims hope for the re-establishment of the Caliphate, abolished by Atatürk in 1924. The possibility of a Southern Europe Caliphate and a North Sea Caliphate has been raised.

The other important principle is the classic Islamic division of the world into Dar al-Islam (the house of Islam) where Muslims rule and Dar al-Harb (the house of war). The sinister name for non-Muslim territory indicates that Muslims have an obligation to wage war until it becomes Dar al-Islam. There is much debate within Islam today as to whether or not the West is Dar al-Harb. Non-Muslims can be thankful for alternatives such as Dar al-Sulh (House of Truce) and Dar al-‘Ahd (House of Treaty).

Some radical British Muslims used to believe in a “covenant of security” which forbids Muslims living in the UK from engaging in military action within the country. Preposterous though it seems, they held that, were it not for this “covenant”, they would be duty-bound to attack the majority community. Most now believe the covenant to be null and void because of the UK’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But the most radical of all hold that the covenant of security applied only to Muslims who had sought refuge in Britain, not to those who were born here. In the words of Hassan Butt, “They [the British-born] owe nothing to the Government. They did not ask to be born here; neither did they ask to be protected by Britain.”

In Britain we have already many examples of Muslim violence. Some are within the community – ethnic violence such as Kurds against Pakistanis in Peterborough or so-called “honour killings”. Some are between Muslims and other communities such as the blacks vs Asian Muslims in Birmingham or the armed black Muslim gang-members in south London threatening to kill those who will not convert to Islam. Will we see the same patterns of sectarian violence as in Pakistan, the homeland of so many British Muslims? Shias and Sunnis killing each other, and the persecution of Ahmadiyyas by Sunnis?

Most alarming of all is the prospect of Muslim secessionist violence in the UK as in Kosovo, the Philippines, Thailand and elsewhere (Huntington’s much-reviled “bloody borders of Islam”). Now this is happening – apparently – in France. A radical Muslim preaching at Hyde Park Corner on 6th November called for what had happened in France to repeated here. He urged all Muslims to move into Muslim areas, after which any churches would be expelled. He told his audience that Europe had once been Muslim and called on them to make it Muslim again.

Many British cities already have concentrated Muslim communities. Conservative estimates based on census returns indicate that Bradford had a Muslim population of just under 49,000 in 1991, rising to over 75,000 in 2005. But Sher Azam, President of the Bradford Council of Mosques, claims that 100,000 Muslims in Bradford attend mosque each week, suggesting a total Muslim population in Bradford far in excess of this. Whatever the true figures, it is clear that within a few years, Bradford and many other British cities will have Muslim majorities. It is also clear that the often-quoted figure of 1.6 million for the total British Muslim population must be a gross underestimate.

Islamic enclaves would be defined by Islamic values, education, politics, religious practice and above all law. They would be “cleansed” of any non-Muslim presence. This cleansing is already beginning by means of threats and violence to isolated churches in Muslim-majority areas. Even Islamic law is already semi-established, in that a multitude of shari’a councils and shari’a courts exist which deal with family issues, effectively creating an unofficial parallel legal system within the UK.

Unless the multiculturalist policy, which has been indirectly facilitating the separatist agenda of radical Islamists, is reversed immediately, we shall wake up and find we have sleepwalked into a situation of apartheid and segregation. If we sleep long enough we may even wake up to find that, like Paris, London is burning. Or that we are living in an Islamic state.

© Dr Patrick Sookhdeo ISIC.
EX MUSLIM.................

BFB said...


Why won't you answer my question?

Is 'Tribalism' perfectly natural?

Anonymous said...

Yes Defender...I am suprised that you are not a muslim (according to your incorrect understanding) precisely because you would probably like nothing more than to give me a "good smacking". I expect that my attempts to challenge you are urging you in your nasty proclivity towards insulting talk. Are you simply trying to mimic BFB and his harrasing and sexualised/bordering domestic violent talk? Careful your true colours are shining through.

Anonymous said...

The arrogance of this troll are quite staggering, even for a liberal apologist. Do please educate us - and all the other "misunderstanders" including those who adehere to sharia law to the letter - of the correct understanding.

What next, that Mohammed was a peaceful tolerant man who adored children?

The only one who misunderstands Islam is you. The only one who supports fascism in this discussion is you. The only one who is aiding the abuse of women and children is you.

But please do correct us, I can't wait to hear your explanation. With supporting evidence as you no doubt have.


The Green Arrow said...

Ask a Dhimmi these questions.

Q. Are men and women equal?
A. Yes

Q. Are all cultures equal?
A. Yes

Q. Are men and women equal in all cultures?

A. None.

defender said...

so if you think I am acting like a muslem, and you find that deplorable as you have expressed, would you want anything to do with the likes of me?
I really cant imagine you being able to see true colours in any case.
never mind, I hope this exchange has perhaps opened your eyes to the fact that maybe you will look carefully at what is happening with the muslims in this world and maybe understand that there are those who will defend this nation against what we see as a vile and wicked religion.

Anonymous said...

Anon: Your rantings about muslims are not founded becuase you make essentialist statements and involve 'all' muslims. Since other religions and ethnic groups have been involved in violence it is clearly not the unique behaviour of muslims.

You cant swamp everyone with your labelling. Despite your protestations, the BNP has engaged in racial discrimination. the BNP has a disgusting set of criminal convictions to prove it and you should never ever deny the history of violence from your party.

With regards to the BNP I also have the voice of a British person. It is different to your voice as a British person. We both have engaged in our (liberal) right to freedom of speech. You can do nothing about my right to speak out to defend human rights. After all, despite my massive disagreement with you and despite the harrasing name calling that I have experienced over the last couple of weeks, I have even spoken out for your right to freedom of speech. That is courage and you can deny it as much as you like. Because courage doesnt concede to denial from others. Its an internal drive. You can attempt to beat it down, bully it down, be rude about it or make fear driven mthyical claims, but in the end, we will see that violence never wins and that discrimination is futile. If you cant see the negative and ironic position you are in, that is your problem.

defender said...

so you will fight to stop discrimination by anyone, excellent.
what about discrimination against you, would you fight for that as fervently?
what if someone discriminated about you being an unbeliver and a woman?

BFB said...


Is 'Tribalism' perfectly natural?

I don't mean to keep clubbing you with this but you are clearly the most IGNORANT of individuals, as your refusal to answer a simple question demonstrates.

Anonymous said...

"the BNP has a disgusting set of criminal convictions to prove it and you should never ever deny the history of violence from your party."

List them, I'll wager they cannot compete in any way shape or form
to the lib, lab, con, trio's
extremely long list.. Here's the first page..

there's lots more.

"You can do nothing about my right to speak out to defend human rights"

Nobody has tried to take your right away, it's not compulsory to listen to you though.

"that discrimination is futile"

So why does it matter so much to YOU.

Anonymous said...


The difference is that violence against non-believers is endorsed both in the Qu'ran and in the example of its prophet. When other religions kill, they go against their religion.

And even if other religions are the worst of the worst, it in no way excuses the horrors of Islam.

Courage is needed when you oppose those who want to fight you. It certainly doesn't extend to apologists like you who talk about much without saying anything and who try to equalize everything in an attempt to justify fascism.

No othet religion advocstes marriage for 9 year old girls by law. As you support the right of this "religion" to exist, not only do you endorse fascism you endorse paedophilia.

I'm still waiting for you to correct our misunderstaning with supporting evidencce. If you have any.

Answer me this: Your child is 9 years of age and a muslim asks for her hand in Islamic marriage. Do you agree to let your child to marry a grown muslim male?


yorkielass said...

OFF TOPIC..Interesting though.
The photograph accompanying this was of young USA kids doing the nazi salute which was normal in USA pre Hitlers rise.
piccy includes a young President Kennedy.

Thursday, November 29, 2007
That Fascist Pledge of Allegiance
by Baron Bodissey

Fascism and Nazism have deep roots, even in the United States of America.

A compelling demonstration of this sad fact can be found in the seemingly innocuous Pledge of Allegiance, which was originated in 1892 by Francis Bellamy. Many Americans are unaware of the fascist origins of the Pledge.

The photos at the left show American schoolchildren saying the Pledge of Allegiance during the first half of the 20th century. In those days, as you can see, pledging the flag included a gesture known as the “Bellamy Salute”, which was identical to the “Sieg Heil” salute made notorious by Hitler’s Nazi regime!

Untold thousands of American schoolchildren were corrupted by this devious indoctrination until the U.S. government became aware of the practice and put a stop to it.

According to the Veterans’ Administration website:

Originally, the pledge was said with the hand in the so-called “Bellamy Salute,” with the hand resting first outward from the chest, then the arm extending out from the body. Once Hitler came to power in Europe, some Americans were concerned that this position of the arm and hand resembled the salute rendered by the Nazi military. In 1942, Congress established the current practice of rendering the pledge with the right hand placed flat over the heart.

Obviously, anybody who ever engaged in this kind of proto-Nazi behavior has been tainted by the practice and should be considered unfit for any decision-making position in our nation’s public affairs. Most Americans are unaware of — and would be shocked by — how many of their respected political leaders have engaged in this repugnant practice.
- - - - - - - - -
Historians have tentatively identified at least two current political leaders in the above photos. In the top photo, the boy who is second from the left (in the back) appears to be Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI). In the bottom photo, the seventh child in the fifth row back is thought to be none other than Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA).

Citizens should demand that the leadership of our country be cleansed of former proto-Nazis. There is no place in public office for anyone with this kind of stain on his or her record.

Anonymous said...

Hey Trollouise

I asked you a question. Would you let your 9 year old daughter marry an adult male?

Come on, answer me, you can do it it isn't that hard.

For someone so mouthy you've gone awfully quiet. I wonder why?


Anonymous said...


Do you know Alex Jones websites and infowars.
you should find loads of stuff on there relating to the US nazi connection, but if you watch this google videoclip from "endgame" you will see major general Smedley Butler testifying to congress of an attempt to recruit him to lead a coup to overthrow the goverment and form a facist one.

There are 14 clips from this you tube member if you want to watch it all but it's on google video in it's entirety.. here's that link

It's not loading for me at the moment, I think it's my browser.

The link below also has much evidence of the Bush family connection to Nazis.

Jack Africa said...

I am a Christian and would feel safe living in Israel. I would not feel the same in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iran or any other Islamic country.
Why is that so we all no why but some people will not admit the truth.

British Patriot said...

Interesting Article about the Slow Islamification of the West
And how it came about.