Tuesday, 20 November 2007

The real face of the UAF

The following was posted over on the Urinate Against Freedom site where they are having a rare old time ripping into each other and for such a laid back bunch having a go at the homosexuals as well. Visit the site soon before they remove the posts. Just in case though here is one and a bit I grabbed earlier.

I was there (albeit only for an hour) and to be quite candid I was fairly depressed with our turnout.

When the NF tried marching in Blackpool in 1981 we managed to get a really angry fired-up demonstration of 1000 plus and chased the fash all the way from North Pier to the Pleasure Beach and we didn't stop til they'd got on their coaches and cleared off.

We literally ran them out of town.So we had we had what? When I was there, maybe 70 - 80 demonstrators hanging around, going through the motions without much passion.In the late 70s/early 80s we'd have had 500 -1000 and we'd have stormed that hotel and given Griffin a right royal kicking. He'd be the first to admit it too. No joke.

Seriously. Back then, we'd have stopped that conference and cracked a few heads open in the process. If the cops had tried to stop us, we'd have battered their dozy heads too.The fash had a couple of hundred in there on Sunday, and, let's not forget, not any old fash could turn up like in the old days.

So they outnumbered our open to all demo with a ticket only limited event only open to the BNP's lickspittle tendancy.

Piss poor show on our part.I blame the SWP. Why aren't they taking the fascists seriously and mobilising properly?

Believe me, the fash are gaining in confidence now and back in the day, this would never have been allowed to happen. Back then, the SWP were our best streetfighters. Now? Forget about it.

And where were our Asian comrades. Could RESPECT in Preston not have sorted something out? Congrats to those comrades who made the effort and shame on those who didn't.

And as BNP activists have learned in the past, the UAF are not above a little bit of vandalism. If you cannot argue with the man then do the next best thing. Slash his car tyres. Cowards all of them.

The biggest hangover on Sunday morning must have been the hated Collett whose passenger side car tires was slashed.

Urinate Against Freedom is about right for these leftovers from the past still dreaming of a Marxist led World.

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Anonymous said...

GA: You see, this stuff from that you posted is appalling! Im so glad that the Respect party did not engage in violence. Im also relieved the SWP werent up for violence too. You see, not everyone who is against the BNP is pro violence towards the BNP. This doesnt make any of the hatred your site pedals right but it does highlight the age old point that violence is usually accompanied with utter mindlessness, regardless of whose pedalling it! So for the first time, I am reading about problems in perceived dominance amongst key BNP members. Is that stuff right? (geniune question, not a piss take).

MrSmith said...

"does highlight the age old point that violence is usually accompanied with utter mindlessness"

Because so many tyrants and murderers have been stopped by letters to Amnesty International...

BFB said...


I for one am getting pretty cheesed of with your 'peddling hatred' crap. What better way to stifle debate?

No-one here has accused you of 'peddling hatred' against the BNP, so if you can't engage in rational, intelligent, adult debate then at least open a blog of your own so we can all flood it with groundless, childish allegations of 'hate-monger'.

At least we would then have a level playing field!

Anonymous said...

MrsSmith, what is your point?!

Dear BFB

Why are you getting cheesed off with it? Youre the people that are doing it! If youre cheesed off with it, deal with it because your racism and extremism arent my problem in terms of my experience of the world and the beautiful and colourful diversity therein.

Yesterday, you were making points succintly. Today youre just having a pop. If youre getting angry after some of my comments, what hope on earth do you have of convincing anyone as to any basis for your arguments? Is your patience with someone who dares to question you that short? Wow. Tolerance really isnt your strong point! (though luckily, you dont claim to be tolerant).

The difference between BNP Hatred to anyone who isnt agreeing with you and my questionning of your tactics is that I DO know what hatred means. More appropriately, Im not afraid to use the term. I can categorically tell you that if you havent understood that I have an intense dislike of the way you present such utter ill informed rants, then youre command of the english language and comprehension is questionable.

I wont call you names or write slurs about you BFB because this isnt how I operate. Also, I know that people observe these websites. I dont want GA to have his website shut down because of anything that Im saying. I do believe in freedom of speech and I believe in being responsible as to how I exercise that freedom of speech. Thus, I wouldnt seek to be nasty to you just becuase I could. Like I said, im against violence. Your followers have clearly resorted to this but I wont be pulled into it. Its too easy and its lazy! Now, if you think that constitutes childishness and if youre bothered that I am questionning your humanity in my allegations then thats what you think! I cannot defend what you think. But, I can defend what I think.

I dont need to open a blog because I have the perfect forum here. And in a sense, GAs website is an excellent place to do it! Besides, you can flood me with all the comments you like right here and now. It may take me time to get through them but I would do my best in time. Why doesnt GA give me my own page and you can flood me at your own free will? (now theres an idea, you and me BFB in a beautiful, open debate;)) However, since I dont have a blog and the above is most unlikely, I'll stay here.

With regards to level playing fields, you have a bit of a cheek BFB! you have the strength here because you have the followers - A bunch of people who rant but make few actual articulate points. You also have the backing of your 'white is right' policies. I dont belong to a religious group and Im not assigned to any of the other political groups that you hate so much. Its just me and I aint moaning about it! Considering the above weight of the dynamics, I think that makes me less level than you doesnt it.

If you disagree, tell me why you think this isnt a level playing ground? Is it simply because I have the gall to come onto your website and place comments? Or, is it because you dont get to control the way that I do it?

You know jolly well that preventing general comments messes up GAs previous insistence on open posting. You also know that your hatred peddling leader talks on the very subject of freedom of speech. If you are seeking to stop open comments then thats up to you folks. And you know darn well that in that case, youre basically saying that you have lost the plot and responded emotionally to being questioned. Theres nothing worse than an adult who feels so passionately about a cause they cannot even articulate clearly who simply has to shut down a perfectly good channel of communication.

BFB said...

Anon:"experience of the world and the beautiful and colourful diversity therein"

The last time I witnessed the 'colouful diversity' you refer to I was arrested for vomiting in a public place!

What you perceive as 'colourful' and 'diverse 'could equally be interpreted as 'an upset stomach'.

When was the last time you looked at vomit on the pavement and thought: "Wow, how wonderfully diverse"?

"Lots of different ingredients there...GIMEE MORE"!

'Diversity' doesn't automatically = 'Good'.

Stop pretending it does!

Anonymous said...

Dear BFB,

When youre ready to get back on target, send a posting, then we can debate.

Why do you think that diversity automatically = bad?

Ive never had a problem with diversity or integration or living side by side by all sorts of people (and yes, all over the world, including the UK).

You clearly do have a problem with it. Why?

BFB said...

Anon (is it too much to ask that you 'Anons' give yourselves some sort of tag, this is getting tedious):

For every point of view there is an exact opposite point of view.

Welcome to the real world!

Anonymous said...

BFB, and your point was what?! I asked you why you had a problem with diversity. You didnt answer. This is a usual situation for you isnt it?

Anonymous said...


You don't seem to be answering any of the qusetions put to you. Are you unable to, or have you just worked out that you can not!!

Is that the real world for you?

Another anon.

Anonymous said...

It depends how you define diversity does'nt it.I won't deny there are positives involved but if you view DIVERSITY/multiculturalism as a benevolent ideology to join the world together as one big happy family/to spread wealth/to benefit ALL with healthcare and prosperity/to force incompatible cultures together and destroy an existing culture then you're seriously deluded.


Anonymous said...


How can it mean "one big happy family" when there are people like you and your party about. However, having said that how about for all the people that it dose mean one big happy family, we learn to share and the bigoted people can take there nasty mean spirits off.

Another anon

Anonymous said...


Okay, you are almost there. I dont view diversity in alignment with the ideology that you suggest to clear that one up.

But, L14, to be clear,...you say that there are some positives to diversity.

What are the positives?

Anonymous said...

Anon:people like meThat's a tad prejudiced don't you think.

Do you know me?ermmm no!!

and your partyWhere have i said "i'm a bnp member?"I'm not!!

You see your just as guilty as the very people you claim to despise and accuse of jumping to conclusions.oh the irony.


Thought Criminal 14 said...


The 14 at the end of your screenname, would that be the 14 you find in David's Lane?

Anonymous said...


I don’t know you and as far as I can see have not said you are a BNP member, you are correct, but I do not see you posting any thing that may be seen as off message in accordance with the BNP.

Another anon

BFB said...

Anon "I asked you why you had a problem with diversity. You didnt answer"

It's a bit like asking me why I don't like sprouts. I just don't! And I don't feel the need to justify myself to you.

BFB said...

Another Anon:

Ask me a specific question and I am more than happy to answer it.

May I ask you a question? Do you have a name? Because this 'Anon' stuff is making reasonable debate extremely difficult.

Felicity K said...

I like diversity I have to travel to admire and absorb. I dont like my homeland flooded with it and held up as acceptable or even more desireable. I wasn't always a supporter of the Ultra Right but I am now, at least until some kind of balance is redressed ie when politicians resist the urge to visit mosques in the immediatre aftermath of some Islamic atrocity like 7/7?
Women spent too long under the heels of their fathers brothers and husbands in THIS land without embracing neanderthals from another culture spawned in less enlightened times.