Monday, 5 November 2007

Poppy Day and The BNP

The BNP does not forget. Nor will they ever

There are no depths that the establishment via its cats paws will not sink to in order to discredit the patriotic people that make up the supporters and members of the British National Party.

The Scottish Sunday Mail has published an article attacking the BNP because that Party, Our Party has, unlike many others remembered the sacrifices made by Our Ancestors in defending Our Freedom. Something the BNP still does, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For some sick reason, the Scottish Sunday Mail, find the following statement made by the BNP to be racist.
"We should be at the front of the queue volunteering to do our bit as we understand better than most the patriotic sacrifice made by those serving and ex-service men and women."

Probably by misrepresenting the intentions of the BNP to Poppy Scotland they managed to elicit the following response from Jim Panton, their Chief Executive.
"It's outrageous for any organisation or group to try to hijack the poppy for their own benefit or gain. "It is a misuse and misrepresentation of the sentiment of the appeal and we would take a strong line against that.
Then dragging out Neil Griffiths a member of the Royal British Legion, they managed to get what they wanted. A verbal attack on the BNP.
"We abhor any association with the BNP. I worked most ofmy military career with Gurkhas and feel angry by any level of racism when I encounter it.
A well made bullet and aimed well. But one that missed the target because of the truth.

You see the BNP, these days has large numbers of ex-servicemen within its ranks who have seen action in many parts of this world in both legal and illegal wars and they know the truth as do their friends and families. No one has more right to buy and sell Poppies then them and because of them, the BNP.

This Sunday, I will be at my British Legion Club along with my brothers. Three of us will be wearing Our Medals and Our Poppies with pride. Aden, Northern Ireland, The Falklands. We have been there. We have earned our rights to wear the Poppy.

Sadly our father will not be with us this year. His blazer weighted down with Medals from his service to Our Country and we, his sons as well as his old comrades will miss him sorely.

He died, wondering why he had bothered to run up a beach called Sword many years ago to defend something the current crop of corrupt politicians have thrown away. Our Freedom. Well Dad, you know your boys. We will help get it back.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

I am just sorry I do not have my BNP membership badge yet. Because I would wear it with as much pride as both my poppy and medal.


Aberdeen Patriot said...

I will have my NI medal. Poppy and BNP badge on in Aberdeen this Sunday. Two of my ex comrades have been killed over the last three months in Iraq. I will remember them. No IRA supporting paper like the Scottish Sunday Mail will stop me. And in the article the SNP who supported Hitler and Germany during WW2 were quick to have a kick at the BNP. The SNP were stay at home cowards and supported all Scots who refused to fight. How dare they even comment.

Anonymous said...

Take comfort from the fact there are thousands of us out here who will never forget current or past servicemen.

Anonymous said...

"Norman Silvester" what kind of name is that?, oh I know, its one of those renegade reds who belittle anything that our forefathers achieved, the type that because to his own perceived inadequacy, probably due to growing up an outcast homosexual, hates everything that is decent. No Norman, I support Remembrance day as I honour my father who fought to keep Britain a supposedly free country so that misfits like you can live your debased little lives as you want, which given that the deviants have taken over and pervade every aspect of our existence nowadays, was certainly a mistake. I support the BNP too, because they are the only honourable and honest party left, and have the good of the sons and grandsons of the veterans at heart, and will put the indigenous people first, and certainly wouldnt evict wounded servicemen from their homes after returning from active duty like your Labour Liberal chums have recently done. So sod of you little deviant, I hope one day that sycophantic little media creeps like you are punished for their anti British behaviour.