Thursday, 22 November 2007

I wonder, yes I wonder!

Let us hope they make the new tenants welcome!

Just a small piece that got me wondering. Hence the title of the post. They are knocking down the Blue Ball pub in Greenham to make way for 16 flats and adjacent car parking.

Now this pub has been in the headlines a couple of times. Once because apparently the patriotic British National Party had been using it for meetings and social nights before its closure. Although why the fact that the BNP uses a particular location for meetings is newsworthy is beyond me. The BNP is after all a legal political party.

Well thanks to the establishments grand plan of stopping people gathering in places where they might plot treason and sedition by stopping smoking and pricing pub beer out of reach of all but the wealthy they also gain something else in their goal to flood Our Country with colonisers.

The government needs land to build homes for our replacers and so another 16 flats should come in handy. I wonder who will get these new homes? Just curious.

However,if the flats do go to the enrichers, then I hope that the second thing the pub is famous for happens. The Blue Ball has been a public house since 1830 (lets knock down our past) and is supposedly haunted. I hope that the ghosts of our angry ancestors come back and drive them screaming from the pub and Our Land.

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