Monday, 5 November 2007

Raped for being a Christian

The price of being a Christian in Pakistan - soon the U.K.

Who knows whether that statement is the truth or just an excuse for the sick followers of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile to justify their sick and violent behaviour.

Over in Pakistan, the country that is rushing into complete anarchy as a result of Islam, a young Christian woman was abducted and held for ten days and repeatedy raped before being forced to convert to Islam.

The Pakistani police, as usual are reluctant to arrest the rapist because of the "Religious element" to the kidnap and rapes.

Just another day in the living hell of Islam for non muslims and in a country where normal rules of a civilised society do not apply. A way of life that the True Brits are having to learn to live with now that the colonisers have arrived in force.

Check out The UK Enrichment News site and click on the category "Rape" to see how enrichment has worked out for some of the women in Our Country.


Anonymous said...

If 80% of British Laws are to be made in Brussels, then how does Devolution work.
Dedvolution must be a Socialist EU Trojan Horse.
Headed for an EU Soviet type Police State.

Anonymous said...

be neutral and try to portray the facts instead of lie. Just let me know how many Muslim womens have been raped all over the world by your so called Christian. You never posted any pictures where American and british raping iraqi, Kashmiri, Bosnian girls. Shame on you you piece of shit.