Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Searchlight - Love is a riot


Searchlight, the red rag that is funded by trade unions and muslims, exists only to attack the British National Party and provide a nice little earner for their paid staff have put their foot in it again.

You can read the details of their previous muck ups here, but their latest is another classic, even for them.

Constantly harping on about the so called violent BNP and how they the true fascists love peace, they have released details of their 2008 Calendar, titled Love is a Riot. The blurb beneath it, goes onto waffle about Love not Hate. Anyhow you be the judge as whether their calendar cover is a plea for peace, riots or gay sex or maybe a combination of all. Pathetic Calendar, Pathetic People.


Anonymous said...

Its quite difficult to get hold of searchlight information to check this posting out. Your link doesnt take you to any blurb so commenters cannot check out the validity of your point. But hang on a minute...your post looks like you are complaining about an organisation that:

1. exists to attack others (verbally)
2. has made previous errors (or muck ups)
3. constantly harps on about issues.

Again, its this mirror situation isnt it? Someone could present your website with the same criticisms (I have already spotted four glaring contradictions between the material that you have posted in the last 48 hours).

Shouldnt you stop worrying about these types of criticisms (since they are applicable to you as well so its kinda in your best interests)?!

Im actually enjoying immensely my new found education. I welcome the fact that your commenters have engaged in feedback though apart from you, I am disappointed in the quality of their responses but at least we are engaging in commentary so thats productive I suppose. I would be disappointed if someone shut down your website even though it peddles such insecurity and fear and hatred. Thats because I like the freedom of speech it offers. So who gives a damn if Searchlight are doing exactly the same low quality stuff as you? Bravo. Lets see it!

The Green Arrow said...

OK Anon, I have done my chores. I run four blogs and post prolifically all over the net leaving links.

I think a little detective work is in order here. I suspect your from Ripe and you flew in from York University although the fact that you have an inquiring mind may preclude that.

The next things I say are so you can understand the things that follow after. I have no fear, I have no hatred. Hatred is a word I would never use and is wrong. The only time I might use it is to direct others peoples towards the politicians who are at fault for the mess they are creating in their attempts to create first Eurabia and then the New World Order.

A man should always be true to himself. I know what sort of man I am and I know what I do is right.

I quite often take a newspaper article attacking the BNP and by swapping just a few words and phrases turn it into a glowing tribute.

But I digress. This site is aimed at the nonacademics. It is not for the philosophers. It is for people who are worried about their country and yes I use the same tactics as the enemy. In wars both sides tend to use guns. But in this war we are on the side of truth and justice.

OK you stopped me working. Happy now.

The Green Arrow said...

One last thing anon. I fully expect to be arrested one day in the future and will not regret it because when they start locking the bloggers up then perhaps more of my countrymen will wake up to the danger we are in.

Anonymous said...

How anyone can compare the vile rantings of the "antifash" with this website, or any that back the BNP for that matter, is utterly beyond me...the lefty knuckledraggers have barely a command of the language, let alone any original ideas. I myself always enjoy reading posts left by these cretins, as there is always some veiled threat or demand for the supression of freedom, usually ours, though they dont seem to appreciate that by taking away our s they also do away with their own. Neither am I anti homosexual (dont ask dont tell), but at the same time I do find it offensive to see images of their sexual acts being pushed as normality. Which is probably why the Urinate Against Freedom chose that picture, as it highlights their whole perception of what is right, and lets face it, one look at their dwindling ranks is better than a thousand words-they arent fit to be acknowledged as mainstream society, but fringe lunatics in league with foreign invaders intent on taking our lands.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1620

Please feel free to provide us with a link to your blog site.

GA;You have the patience of a saint, ;-)


Normal nationalist said...

Patience of a saint?

The man is a lunatic and quite obviously needs medication.

Anonymous said...

Normal nationalist...err wots one of dem then???? lol. Oh YES, of course, someone who votes for an "allowed" nationalist party, like the SNP, Plaid Islam or similar, why not just give your vote to those who want to take your country off you, and produce their own nationalism, under their customs and their legal systems...doh numpty

Anonymous said...

GA: Thank you for your response. I was suprised that you responded because you said you wouldnt be responding anymore. I wasnt aiming to stop you working, I was simply commenting on your article. You already said that was what the comment box was for!

Earlier, I commented that feedom of speech is essential. I also said that I would like very much to see your website continue . Unless you are involved in criminal activity, I most certainly hope that you are not arrested for blogging!

To clear up a few insecurities and questions: No one is asking you to do anything more than you feel to be right as a man GA. Equally, I am not an academic, Im not a man, Im not a pervert, Im not sick, Ive never been accussed of insanity, Im not on medication, Im not a troll or a philosopher or anything else that Im probably about to be accused of being. So far, all I have done is raise questions and make some comments. If your fellow commenters are falling down so quickly and can only call me names, I still cannot get to the bottom of their arguments!

But GA, my biggest question of all based on your response is to ask what is meant be 'hatred' and 'fear'. You deny that you 'hate' and yet you intensely dislike huge demographics of people whether they are "reds", "moslems", the "cancer of islam" and so on. Please forgive me for pointing out the blindingly obvious but those postings are ALL about intense dislike! We are all normal brits here today and presumably all with similar ranges of intelligence but surely you must know that some of your statements 'represent' statements of hatred?! And if you cant see that, may I suggest that you pick up a Dictionary and look up the words so that you may use them accurately in the future?

I would feel uncomfortable saying that to you becuase you have been helpful AND patient with me. But, because the points you raise are so important with such ramifications, its so essential for us to know and understand what we mean. Your website peddles hatred. Dont insult your own intelligence by denying your understanding of the words you use. Jeesse, at least the Muslims I know have an excellent command of English! And so far, the Muslims that I have met in the Middle east and in the UK absolutely love their non-Muslim counterparts. And, for your interest (or not), they would stand up for your right to your freedom of speech, even if it did not agree with their perspectives. You see its as unhelpful to tar everyone with the same brush as it is to assume that calling someone names will intimidate them into submission. That comment is not aimed at you GA but is aimed at people who want to try to cause me offence, rather than make a substantive supportive point of the BNP aim or objective.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon. I am more than capable of seeing two sides, even yours. I cannot be insulted or offended by words. But so there can be no misunderstanding, the BNP is going to reclaim Our Country for Our Children no matter what it costs.

The only way to stop us will be to either imprison us or kill us but we will prevail.

If my site ferments hatred then that is to be regretted. But we are fighting for Our Country. One day you will have to make a choice.

The best thing I can suggest for you, should you interested in what makes a patriot tick is to contact your local BNP. Go to a meeting. Listen and then talk to the members afterwards. Come back when you have done that. By the way you are totally wrong on the origins of zero.

Anonymous said...

Anon ;Where is the link to your blog?

Considered dislike is not hatred it's all about freedom of choice,i understand only too well what i dislike and it would appear many others share my concern.You're one dimensional and a tad tedious,GA answered your questions so why don't you move on and find a more appropriate blog,perhaps one with a pretty picture of a mosque on it would be more suitable.


Anonymous said...

Dear GA

Thanks for your response. Forgive me for jumping to your response, its just that youre more helpful! I still cannot make sense of Llamedos14's points. L14 began by making sense but quickly jumps into intent to insult (again!). So, I completely understand that you dont owe me anymore time GA but Im going to comment to raise a question (and no L14, GA has categorically not answered all of my questions! - just commented on a few - not the same thing!).

GA, you state the following:
"But so there can be no misunderstanding, the BNP is going to reclaim Our Country for Our Children no matter what it costs.

The only way to stop us will be to either imprison us or kill us but we will prevail.

If my site ferments hatred then that is to be regretted. But we are fighting for Our Country. One day you will have to make a choice. " (Green Arrow, 2007).

GA, this is better than earlier because you are providing an obscure statement of intent. We are getting nearer to addressing my questions here.

My questions are:

1. How are you going to reclaim the country?

2. When are you going to reclaim the country?

3. Who are you goign to reclaim it from?

4. Dont you have claim to the country already? (eg you are part of it or not? - surely so if you are a True Brit and Patriot)

5. Why are you worried about being imprisoned or killed? (I dont understand, I thought you werent about violence or hatred?)

6. When will I have to make a choice?

7. What is my choice?

8. Isnt your telling me that I HAVE to make a choice contradictory to the act of choosing? Surely, I should engage in such a thing at my own free will?

Granted, point 8 is less concern to me until questions 1-7 are addressed but im deeply curious as to what is meant here.

I would love to go to a BNP meeting but if I was met with the hostility, downright rudeness and utter facile name calling of your other commenters today, I would be too scared to go to a meeting to ask questions. How does one support any BNP points that may exist if you cant get decent answers. No doubt one of your commenters will come on next to confirm my point with more insults! A meeting in a pub with GA would be more useful I expect!

Anonymous said...

That calenders been around for a while Ga. Gable's favourite dyke has had it on Voice of Treason for weeks

The Green Arrow said...

1. How are you going to reclaim the country?

Politically via the ballot box

2. When are you going to reclaim the country?

When we can form a government no matter how long it takes.

3. Who are you goign to reclaim it from?

The alliance between global capitalism and international marxism and the corrupt politicians.

4. Dont you have claim to the country already? (eg you are part of it or not? - surely so if you are a True Brit and Patriot)

Yes I have CLAIM to it. All I have to do now is retake it.

5. Why are you worried about being imprisoned or killed? (I dont understand, I thought you werent about violence or hatred?)

Governments all over the world are imprisoning bloggers for telling the truth. Italy is about to pass a law that will make it nigh on impossible to operate one. I see that as a tester for the rest of europe. I have received numerous threats from the Moslems.

If you know the history of Kosovo you should know that in the 1940s the Muslim population was around 10%. Prior to the west illegal bombings of Belgrade their population had risen to around 40% and the terror campaign had really taken off and their was civil war.
That WILL happen in this country if the BNP are not succesful. The moslem population of Kosovo is 95% and the remaining christains are in extreme danger. That is the future for europe.

6. When will I have to make a choice?

You will only have to make a choice if we reach a Kosovo type situation.

7. What is my choice?

Leave the country. Fight for your country or fight against it. There will be no neutral. Sad but true.

8. isn't your telling me that I HAVE to make a choice contradictory to the act of choosing? Surely, I should engage in such a thing at my own free will?

Sometimes sadly you have no choice but to choose.
In civil wars, people fight for a variety of reasons. You must find your own.

Let us hope the BNP succeed, otherwise the future is too awful to contemplate.

If you met BNP members you would be surprised at what ordinary decent people they are. If they were not, I would not support them. They will debate with anyone.

Anonymous said...

Searchlight has always been about hatred. It delights in publishing personal attacks and details (car number plates, pictures, even addresses). In personal attacks it takes an extremely reactionary position on issues of sexuality and class. It uses fascist tactics and language but claims to be fighting fascism! Progressives are soiled by any association with these unsavoury people.

BFB said...

Searchlight (and their ilk) never put themselves up for election because they know they would get fewer votes than they have members.

'Members' being the operative word (as in suck my m****r).

Anonymous said...

For goodness sake BFB, you must be groutchy today!

Its quite disappointing to see that you make a reasonable claim about your feelings on searchlight and then add something a few hours later that offers a very personal attack (re the trite member comment).

This is an enduring and entrenched issue with you folks! Can you not just make the point without resorting to insults?

BFB said...

Anon:"Can you not just make the point without resorting to insults?"

Was that another cleverly veiled attempt at a 'compliment'? (Note 'compliment' as opposed to 'complement'...a common mistake quite rightly attributed to 'the ignorant').

BTW, it's actually spelled 'Grouchy', not that I'm into 'patronization' myself.

'Patronize' me one more time and I will be forced (Allah allowing) to resort to telling your self-righteous arse where to get it's kicks!

Anon, back down whilst you still have some 'credibility' left (how 'patronizing' is that?)

Now,suck my 'm****r'!

Anonymous said...

Bfb you seem to have lost you way with anon, picking up on spelling mistakes dose not constitute a debut.
Could you please get back to justifying your manifestation of fear?

A different Anon.

Anonymous said...

Dear 'A different Anon'

Thank you! Good point raised, and clearly case closed.

Like you, I am deeply curious about what the manifestation of fear is and how it is justified!

Anonymous said...

Dear BFB

I have pointed out already that I will make spelling mistakes and other types of errors. This will go on because that is part of my dyslexia. You can equate dyslexia to all sorts of weaknesses and fire accusations at me all day long. I dont actually care and you must surely know my feelings about insulting people rather than providing a decent justification of your arguments in the first place! This is your approach so you deal with it.

Regarding your other point, why are you telling me to "back down"? Because Im challenging you? Come Come. Mr Griffin is an elected representative of the BNP is he not? Despite the apparant rumbles of instability in the leadership structure that GA pointed me to in his searchlight posting, I thought that you are claiming rights to be democratically elected. You certainly have enjoyed your right to engage in freedom of speech. So, why should I back down? We havent even properly begun because you still havent made any clear points.

And BTW: I dont feel patronised by your telling me to back down. Obviously, I am made of sturdier stuff than that!

Similarly, I dont particularly feel compelled to suck any part of you or anything that has any connection to you! The males that I engage with physically are nothing like you!

But interestingly, to some your comment would not only be offensive but also deeply damaging to the points you are making about other groups (eg muslims). How dare you categorise all muslim males as abusing women when you say "Now,suck my 'm****r'" (BFB, 2007) to me! The comment in itself was really disgusting. I would like you to apologise for it. If you have the guts and humanity to, that is.

BFB said...

Anon (no, not you, Anon, but the other one; y'know, the first one (or was it the second one?)Jeez, this is hard work!

"picking up on spelling mistakes dose not constitute a debut"

If I knew what a 'debut' was I would engage, but I'm naturally averse to wasting my own time.

"Could you please get back to justifying your manifestation of fear?"

"Fear" is a natural response to a "threat"...it's a survival mechanism common to all living organisms. If you don't "fear" you will die very young.

BFB said...

Anyone else need a lesson on the F*****G obvious?

Sorry for lowering the tone, GA, but Jeez, are these 'Anons' for real?

The Green Arrow said...

Carry on Battler. I am afraid you have more patience than I.

I think it is pointless trying to make some people see reason. You try, try, try again and then give up.

Our work is to get the fence sitters to fall on our side.

Anon(s) is clearly on the other side of the fence and is not big enough to look over it.

Let them do their worst for rest assured we shall do ours in return.

Anonymous said...


Being a dyslexic affords me the intelligence to see what the other anon meant...

S/he said:

"Bfb you seem to have lost you way with anon, picking up on spelling mistakes dose not constitute a debut"

Quite obviously, s/he meant:


Are you just attacking everyone else's intellect because I wiped the floor with your shoddy arguments the other day and you had to resort to calling me names and saying disgusting things to me?!

This forum is for comments. Why dont you start making some serious ones instead of slapping each other on the back for all your hatred peddling?

All the time this tactic is taking the debate further from the point!

BFB said...

Anon (here we go again...sigh):

I don't recall having been used as a mop by you or anyone else...at least not recently. Refresh my memory, please.

'Debut' could just as easily be interpreted as , well, 'Debut'...as in 'first major performance' (Google it).

Don't try and be smart with me, Nonny, you will be outsmarted every time.

Jeff Marshall said...

You were originally asking whether the Searchlight calendar cover was a plea for peace, riots, or gay sex...?

This particular image comes from David Hoffmann's collection, and shows a couple (punk and heterosexual, as far as I can see) who were photographed in the vortex of the anti-Poll Tax demonstration/riot in Trafalgar Square, March 1990.

Standing there & kissing like that was no mean feat as a force of the mounted police had just charged down Duncannon Street from Charing Cross mainline station, and were now busily truncheoning the protesters in the the centre of the square itself. (An enlarged version of the picture shows the National Gallery behind the couple.)

Hoffmann has also produced powerful portraits of the old National Front and the 1990s Rights for Whites BNP (Webster, Tyndall, etc.) as well as strong images of riots - such as the standoffs between West Indian blacks and police in the Brixton riots of 1981.

Powerful, romantic images amidst the chaos, or cheerful-looking (white or Asian) children shown amidst the grime of the 1970s East End were his forte.

David Hoffman is Jewish, and left wing, but - at least to my eyes - his portraits of the old far right are as good, and as sympathetic, as anything else he has done.

His work appears in Searchlight, and why not? Respect a man for clearly knowing what side he is on. But he's an artist too - and as a result his images go way beyond straightforward and over-simplified propanganda.