Sunday, 11 November 2007

Poetry and the Religion of Peace

I had not intended to post today. It is Remembrance Day and I thought a day off to contemplate the sacrifices made by those of Our Countrymen who gave their all for us, would be in order.

But then I read some poetry and realised that there can be no Christmas game of football for us in this new war forced upon us by evil politicians and greedy capitalists. The following poems are the work of Samina Malik who has just been found guilty under the new terrorism laws.

Then I compared her works of evil to the words remembering Our Dead in the previous post and picked up my pen. There can be no peace or rest until the enemy is driven from Our Land.


Wolfblood said...

Religion peace and Bari's comments -

No doubt the "antifascists" and pc brigade will find excuses for Bari's filth!

Antifascists -

Wolfblood said...

Fidothedog said...

Now we know where Douglas Adams got the idea for Vogon poetry from.

bernard said...

Good one, Fido!
Had no idea someone could remember back that far.

Anonymous said...

This is not fair, samina is but a kid, she was convicted by the racist act not terrorist act, what if samina was a white christian girl writing about her desire to turn to a vampire drinking blood and eating children for instance? of course her defence would have convinced the jury that she is a silly young girl who is trying to act revolutionary "we all did when we were at her age"! u know what? she would have never been arrested even.
what a racist verdict